omfg i should be doing my homework


I just hit 200 followers yesterday so I thought I’d make a small follow forever, I just wanted to say thankyou to my favourite blogs for making my dash amazing and actually giving me stuff to reblog!

bloodsexandrocknroll vampirephan phanscuddles forphansake spookylesterhowell prettyinhotpunk bennydick-cumberfuck this-is-phanoween phanizhed unicornlester sarcasticphan beware-phangirl boophan interrupted-by-phan phan-ftw phan-you-not philspenis pumphanpatch skelephan skeledan spirithowell phanisgay hi-will-you-be-my-friend

omfgdanshobbithair > you were the first person I ever really talked to on here so thankyou so much for talking to me and making me feel more welcomed on tumblr :) you are amazing and so is your blog, ily ^_^ (plus you should all go follow this super awesome blog) :)

yes-just-jess > so thankyou for convincing me to join tumblr in the first place! Also thankyou so much for introducing me to dan and phil! (aswell as a lot of my other fandoms ^_^) (literally what would my life even be without dan and phil idek) you are the cutest most amazing person and ilysm, I consider you one of my best friends and I hope we can be friends for a long time (omfg I’m sorry I’m going so soppy, pls don’t hate me, you just mean a lot to me ok?)

Yeah so thankyou so much to all my followers (you guys should all come talk to me!) also thankyou to everyone I’m following and I’m sorry if I missed anyone out:) thanks for the amazing experience on tumblr so far:) (I’ll shut up now sorry)