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Hey hey ♡ I have a little request for you since I fell in love with your writings. How would the RFA, Searan and V react if fem!MC would call them "master" ? I'd love a NSFW version :)

okay so the context for this is basically MC works at a maid cafe and ‘accidentally’ says that to them 

also NSFW lmao i can try but- y’all know i’m bad at sin xD


  • he walked through the door expecting the more than normal “hello” from MC but
  • instead it was “Good day, Master~”
  • one of those big anime “EHHHH?!” things
  • he can’t even form words like omfg what the heck just happened? 
  • he immediately starts blushing because he’s really turned on and he just covers his mouth in embarrassment 
  • Knees weak and slightly shaking he makes his way over to MC and just literally f a l l s into her arms cuz he’s so. damn. lightheaded from MC’s simple, less than provocative words
  • “M-MC.. please give me a heads up before you do something like that, my heart can’t go from doki doki to heart ATTACK.”
  • MC: ??? did i do something do i need to call ambulance


  • He just came back from a run
  • Nice and sweaty… steamin’ hot, really.
  • Anyway he’s like taking a sip from his water bottle when he opens the door 
  • “Welcome, Master!”
  • he just cHOKES 
  • he’s over there like coughing cuz water almost got into his lungs all the while MC is still pouncing around in her fricken (work) clothes
    • which is hella kawaii btw 
  • and he’s feeling it man
  • it’s now or never 
  • so he promptly recovers from his coughing fit and picks up MC bridal style 
  • “EW you’re getting my costume all sweaty and gross”
  • “How can you say that to your “Master”?“
  • *MC’s face turns flush red when she realizes what her slip up has now caused
  • weoo not complaining for what’s to happen next though ;))


  • I thought we promised to keep it PG 
  • but not today honey, not today
  • Jaehee was working (the usual) 
  • MC brought in some coffee so she could stay alive awake
  • and as she sets down the cup, MC just asks as if it were natural
  • “Master, would you like me to draw a cat on top of your latte?”
  • The only thing Jaehee could see atm was MC in a freaking a kitty lingerie outfit
  • she’d never liked cats more before
  • snapping back into reality she saw MC’s face staring at her dumbfounded
  • cuz she ain’t a perv like u baehee 
  • And she gives Jaehee a peck on the lips before she gets pulled under by Jaehee’s naughty, naughty thoughts


  • it was Sunday morning and he was playing with Elly as usual
  • MC was in the kitchen making some kitty shaped pancakes for the two of them but what Jumin didn’t know was that MC dressed up as a maid for the fun of it (since he never got to see her in it)
  • “Master~ breakfast is served” she announced as she left the kitchen looking SUPER ADORABLE in her outfit 
  • Jumin just stares at her and a sly smile begins to form on his lips
  • “Did you wear that for me?”
  • MC gives him a little wink and
  • He snickers a little and leaves Elly to play alone
  • *kabedon MC against the wall*
  • you can choose a pose (but tbh i think pose #4 is just perfect)
  • “would i get in trouble for ripping this?” he says has he tugs roughly at her skirt


  • so he was just playing on his computer and suddenly MC just spins his chair around
  • his eyes widen at the sight of her in a maid outfit
  • “How do I look, Master?”
  • then he starts getting r e a l e x c i t e d
  • to MC’s dismay, he decides to hold a maid outfit challenge
  • and they literally have to Skype call all of the RFA to get votes
  • also did i mention Zen voted for Seven lmfao
  • sorry MC, no sexy time for you - Seven’s just… being Seven


  • He was just tryna get some new socks okay
  • little cinnamon bun innocent as hell but
  • he accidentally walked in on MC changing out of her work clothes
  • “M-MC?”
  • unconsciously she answers “Yes, master?”
  • whoop 
  • there he goes, red as a tomato
  • “M-master?”
  • MC looks at him kinda confused like why is he so red-
  • ohhhh
  • so she decides to play with this cute bby a little more
  • she leans in real close man so close he can feel her hot breath on his neck
  • “Or should I say… my saviour?”


  • MC just came back from work and he can’t see her outfit because he’s freaking blind ok
  • but he can smell her perfume
  • “MC, you’re home!”
  • he walks over to give her a hug
  • “Yes, Master~”
  • he kinda stiffens like 
  • what did she just say?
  • MC goes in for a tight hug and he can feel all the frilly fabric 
  • and his breath hitches a bit because she smells like cotton candy and 
  • he’s suddenly a little choked man he’s gotta loosen the non-existent tie around his neck to calm the f down
  • and he like clears his throat a little
  • BUT THEN MC goes in for a kiss and he just cannot anymore 
  • “MC let’s go to the room to finish this”

LOL i wanted to add pics cuz it’s more fun lmao 

also sorry this is very SFW

~Cherry L.

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“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” was amazing!

Alright, so my boyfriend’s first review of the movie was that it was “a movie for people with ADHD, made by people with ADHD”, because he thought the pacing and action was crazy fast, and he could barely follow what was happening at times.  Lol!

And, while he is right that the pacing and action was pretty intense, this is one of the things I just loved about this movie!  The regular jumping back and forth between narration and cut-scenes with the fast paced music (and often great visuals).  Then again, I do have ADHD, so maybe he was onto something there.  Lol!

To me, it’s a movie that falls more or less into the “Tron: Legacy” category.  i.e. a feast for the senses that doesn’t need to have a solid plot or even remotely make sense to be enjoyed.  And the 3D on that one is superb! 

My immediate reaction when it ended was pretty much to go: “OMFG! This was so much fun and awesome!  Can we watch it again?  Like now.  Now would be good.  I need that soundtrack.” (While my boyfriend’s was something a little closer to “I need a moment to catch my breath and to process this.  What just happened?”  Lol!)

Also, I can’t help but be amused by the fact that Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) was raised in a brothel, and I think someone (Bedivere, possibly) mentions at some point in front of Goosefat Bill (Aidan Gillen) how much he’s blossomed (or filled out…  Can’t remember what term was used exactly) since the last time he saw him.

Now, most of you probably know Aidan Gillen as “Littlefinger” (a.k.a. Petyr Baelish) on “Game of Thrones”.

But Gillen also played Stuart Jones on UK’s “Queer As Folk”.  Where a then 18-year-old Charlie Hunnam played Stuart’s 15-year-old lover, Nathan Maloney.

So, seeing Bill basically assessing Arthur / checking him out in that scene, where he and Bedivere are wondering what he can do with that sword, and having one of them comment on the fact that Arthur’s more or less all grown up now…

Let’s say it was a little difficult to refrain from smiling.

I’m guessing old “Queer As Folk” fans are probably going to be having a field day with this movie, and “Arthur/Bill” shippers will be glad to know there’s plenty of steamy material for them out there.

Should you ever wonder what would have happened if a younger Bill had ever come to that brothel when Arthur was 18, and shared an intimate moment with him?  Wonder no more!  YouTube has the answers you seek.

More seriously though, Hunnam and Gillen both gave very solid performances in their respective roles, and Gillen even managed to make me completely forget about Littlefinger, which is quite a feat!

BTS Reactions To You Being Pregnant


I think Seokjin would be really happy when he found out that you were pregnant. He’d become much more protective of you, he wouldn’t want anything to happen that could potentially harm you or the baby’s health. He’d fuss over you a lot! Always asking whether you needed something or wanted something. He’d be quick to get you whatever it was that you were craving and give your feet massages when the weight started to put a strain. If he had to go on tour while you were pregnant, he’d be so worried tbh. He’d worry the whole time, constantly be calling you and facetiming to make sure you were okay and had everything you needed. He wouldn’t want to miss the day his child was born but if it did happen he would be devastated. 

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I think Yoongi would be shocked at first, unless you guys had planned it of course. He’d wouldn’t show it at first, but he’d be extremely happy to find out that you were pregnant. As there was no one better he saw fit to be the mother of his child. He’d always be giving you massages and pamper you to the max. He’d always rub and pat your belly and I can see him being the type to talk to his baby while it’s still in the mother’s stomach. I can also see him taking pictures of your belly every month so you guys could later make a time lapse. He’d get so unbelievably excited when the baby began to kick, but it’d make him nervous at the same time. He’d be worried about whether he’d make a good father or not, but after having you reassure him, he’d relax again. He’d be such a softie towards you and would try to be as patient as possible when you were having mood swings.

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Omfg this boy would scream. He’d be so ecstatic. When you told him, he’d smile so hard and start laughing out of joy, quickly enveloping you in a hug chanting that he was going to be a dad. I think as soon as Hoseok found out about the gender of the child, he’d be quick to start buying things for him/her. Such as: clothes, toys, a carriage. He’d worry over even the slightest things! If you so much as let out a gasp, when you felt the baby kick he’d be quick to rush to your side and ask you what was wrong. Whenever you were having a mood swing he’d try his hardest to cheer you up and would never leave you alone, unless that’s what you wanted. He’d also be more than happy to pick you up whatever you wanted, regardless of the time and would always try to leave practice early to come see you. 

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Namjoon, like all of the boys would be incredibly happy. He’d do so much research omfg…he’d want to make sure he knew what to do during every step of the way. I feel like you’d have to occasionally tell him to calm down, because he could become too much at times, but he’d immediately understand. Namjoon would do anything for you! Always open the doors, never let you go around alone if he could help it, buy you anything you wanted or thought you might want or need. He’d be both nervous and excited to be a dad. You’d probably both spend a lot of time discussing the future and how your life was going to change in a  good way; what you both wanted for the child and comprising if there was a need to. I feel like he’d really want to be the one to name the child, but if you didn’t like the name he’d either try to think of another one or convince you. 

Originally posted by baebsaes


Ahhh this ball of fluff. He would be so overwhelmed by the news I feel like there’s a possibility he may even cry. He’d kiss you over and over again, trying to express how much he loved you and was ready to be there for you. I feel like he’d be really cautious of letting you do anything that may affect you or the baby’s health. He’d pamper you so much, and prioritize your happiness over anything else. He’d try to be there every step of the way if he could. If you had an appointment for an ultrasound and he had practice that day, he’d try to get out of going so he could come with you. If there were any times you got unsure of yourself, and started doubting how good you’d be of a mother, he’d be quick to reassure you and tell you all the reasons why you’d be the perfect mother. 

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I think we all know how much Taehyung loves kids and would want kids of his own someday. So, because of this, he would be so unbelievably happy. Like it’d take him a couple of moments to process what you had said before he rushed to you and picked you up with a joyful glee, shouting in pure happiness that you were going to be parents. Taehyung would constantly put his ear to your belly and talk to your baby. Whenever you felt it kick, he’d sing to him/her. He’d constantly be singing to him/her tbh. Even before he/she was born, Taehyung would already be telling them how much he loved them. He’s the type to help paint and decorate the room for his future child. He’d do whatever you asked of him, wanting to make sure you had no complications. When the time came, Taehyung would be such an emotional mess and he’d cry from happiness the first time he laid eyes on your baby.

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Jungkook I feel would be really nervous. Like he’d force a smile on his face when you told him, but he’d be really worried about everything. This is mainly because he’s young and I don’t think he’s ready to have a child. He’d be quick to fall in love with the idea of being someone’s dad though! He’d soon become extremely excited and constantly argue with you about what to name him/her haha. During the times he got insecure, you’d have to reassure him and during the times you got insecure, he’d reassure you. He’d constantly be telling you how much he loved you and how everything was going to be ok. He’d start making a lot of decisions, keeping the child in mind. Whenever he didn’t know what to do, he’d call his parents  or the other members. When the time came, poor boy would be so freaked out but the second he saw the baby he’d smile so much. He wouldn’t stop gushing.

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Ⓢⓒⓔⓝⓐⓡⓘⓞ: The Thing about Bachellorette Parties

Summary: It was one of those inevitable things that Jumin had to face. He was not angry or upset at the situation at hand since the invitation had not been extended unto him. Whoever decided to start having parties only for women to celebrate their last night of being single was just a recipe for trouble.

  •  “What time are you coming home?”
  •  “I think I will be back past midnight, Jumin.”
  •  “Take a bodyguard…or five, MC”
  • “We’re going to be in private hotel room, love. It’s very safe.”
  • “Are you sure I cannot come along?”
  •  “As much as I love to bring you along, darling. I cannot because it’s exclusively for women.”
  •  “…I can wait outside until you are done.”
  • “I don’t think having Driver Kim wait along side you is a good idea.”
  • “…I can drive…”
  •  “That is out of the question, Jumin.”
  • Never had MC ever met someone persistent as fuck as Han Jumin

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Holy crap, best birthday in a looong time! Hubby actually paid attention at last to my blatant hinting that I wanted a VR system for the PS4 (I was actually planning to buy one for myself if I didn’t get one for my birthday) and got me one, plus accessories, plus a Star Trek VR game and Wonder Woman on BluRay. And he took us out for lunch at a really nice restaurant.

We’ve spent the afternoon setting up the VR and so far I’ve only had a go on the VR Worlds game that comes with it but OMFG it’s amazing! It’s so immersive and realistic, it’s incredible!! And I had a go at playing SW: Battlefront on the VR headset instead of the screen and it makes the game so much more immediate!

In short, yay!! And if you need me any time soon, I’ll be plugged into my VR commanding a Federation starship… :D

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dive ball, quick ball, dream ball?

Dive Ball: Favorite water route/area in Pokémon

I liked being able to dive underwater in RSE/ORAS! I really liked being able to find pokemon underwater!!

Quick Ball: Luckiest Pokémon memory

In XY my friend traded me his shiny accelgor (because he knows how much I love shinies) and I still needed to breed a shelmet to complete my dex, so I go to breed the accelgor and literally the first one that hatched was a shiny! parent and child shiny ;u; still makes me happy to think about! Also, another memory is right after hatching a shiny in Sun, think it was smeargle (and it took forever omfg), I run around in the grass and immediately find a shiny alolan meowth!!

Dream Ball: Dream Pokémon Team

This question is so hard!! I’d say a team full of pink shinies, so stuff like shiny lopunny, shiny toxapex, shiny ribombee, shiny celebi, shiny jumpluff, shiny pachirisu, shiny dunsparce, etc…

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So the headcannon with Peter about him teasing and making his s/o cry... What if Warren did that? I mean he seems like the teasing type but I think that he would immediately pull them into his arms and just whisper how sorry he is and say super sweet things omfg I need Warren in my life and in my pants

“i need warren in my life and in my pants” OKAY ME

Alright, alright. It’s time for me to give love to a lot of you lovely human beings out there tbh. Yes, yes… it’s about to get mushy as fuck. But you know what? That’s alright! We need a little more love in this community. Even after everything that has happened within the past months, or weeks. But let us remind each other that we are a GREAT fucking community and that we are still family. I mean somewhat family? We should still try to look out for one another. I mean that’s always important. I’ve been in a few fandoms before from WWE, DC, TEEN WOLF & now GOT. And man, I’ve met amazing people in some of those fandoms, and some not so great? I mean happens to all of us right? Some people aren’t meant to RP I guess. *shrug* but that’s not the point. The point is, I have so much love for this fandom and have met, many ( MANY ) people who are such role models on this fandom. You’re all amazing at what you do, perfection on your muses. Each and every one of you should ALWAYS be proud of the way you portray your muse. Okay so let me go on and thank you peeps !


                                      ▌☠ ▌Flayer, players & slayers. lovely baes  ▌☠ ▌

@agirlingrey .  @akingslayerx .  @applesrose@arcanemistrust  . @arthurxdayne . @born-to-be-admired . @bowtiedmadman . @bubblegumxmallets . @bullhecd . @cerseilionesslannister   . @claimantking . @coldhonovr . @davosshorthand . @dcthraki . @distrcss . @dreadfortsgirl . @fadetogrey . @fcllenangels . @fidcns . @firstxfhernxme . @forresterborn . @frozenconsort . @fuckthekiing . @gcntleking . @greyenvy . @halfahorseherself . @heartfound . @herunfailingkindness . @honourofwesterling . @jinglenee . @kennelmastersdaughter . @klllerwithin . @ladycrcw . @liiberum . @longmayshereign-cersei . @lordnegan . @lordofthewatch . @lordxfcoin . @louvereine . @luctatio . @machinaticns . @motherofasgard  . @malleableking . @meraxesrider . @mindfulqueen .  @nattienativity .  @neitherknightnorlady . @ofarrowsandfire . @ofbrokenmen . @ofpalletown@ofgcldenroses . @ofwolvesandroses . @onceporcelain . @pearlofruins . @pertenebras . @portectorisms . @predative . @quietbxy . @ravcnkiing . @rollinsstolechristmas . @roosebxltxn . @renuntiatum  @rosethornknight  . @royalsadist . @samoansanta . @secxndstark . @sleighbvlla . @songoffireandrevenge . @suvicn . @theblackcraven  . @thedragoninthesnow  . @thetimeladyandthetardis  .  @the-tenth-will-see-you-now .  @timelordcurse . @thelostwildwolf  . @unbxrnt . @watchdeserter . @winterskraken . @withthedog . @withwildfire . @wolf-queen-named-stark .  @wolvensteel . @worshipsonlydeath . @wxngedshadow . @yngwolfrobb .  @ycngrose .  @zaldrizotala . @zaldrizotresy  @undauntedlioness .

: Seriously I hope I didn’t miss any of you >_> I know some of y’all got yourself like 100 blogs. So I tried y’know. But anyaaaays.  You’re all amazing and have made the dash amazing. Everything you do for this community is something i will always remember tbh. You all bring something beautiful and different. You’re all creative at what you. Writing. Edits. All of the above. I honestly wish I can tell you how much I appreciate you all, without repeating the same things over and over.  I may not Roleplay with all of you, or talk to some of you ooc, but i do want you to know that even though we haven’t done anything or did ( but not anymore ) I still adore you all so much. Your muse ( canon or oc ) are lovely. I thank you for putting SO much work on your muses, & I thank you for gracing the dash with your beauty.  ❤️

Okay—- so, i do want to give a few shoutouts to people i talk with ooc, a lot. and i mean almost every day. and such ( people who have seen full satan side tbh )  ( ALSO WARNING AUTO PLAY OKAY )

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okay so let’s talk about meeting ryan haywood shall we? (& caleb!! caleb love)

as most of y’all know, i dressed as edgar that day, with the intention of seeing ryan in said cosplay. when we finally got to the front of the line, i walked up with dimlylitclown, and the first thing this man says is not ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ but “what are you doing out”

i got him to make a very small video saying hello to my friend (the ‘what are you doing out’ is included in this omfg) and then we were to the proper signing. he was very sweet (as was caleb!) and excited to sign our things.

he saw my shirt (the one pictured above) and immediately scrambled for a silver sharpie. he had one but needed another for caleb, naturally– so he quickly hurried aside and then came back with like ten more cradled between both hands, giving a triumphant cry.

he signed my shirt first, and had to pause mid-signing to just. “LOOK!!! LOOK THAT’S SO COOL!!!”, referring to how the ribs make the silver sharpie look more intense when the marker drags over them as opposed to the black. he was laughing and just so excited and kept bantering with me about edgar, seeing my ‘have you seen ryan?’ sign and deciding he wanted to sign it (”put that up here– i got this–”) all conspiratorially. his comment on my sign– “‘i miss him’? my cow wouldn’t say that.” i fucking giggled.

his hug felt great, and the photos turned out super nice. caleb’s was equally amazing! he was such a sweetheart tbh.

so yeah, ryan and caleb are giant nerds that let me and kez nerd with them. i am happ.

(also are we gonna talk about how he signed the fourth and fifth rib instead of near the emblem b/c the heart is actually there im crying)