omfg i may or may not have done a thing

okie dokie, so i’m gonna try to keep this as short and sweet as possible. but, being my luck, this is about to get long, redundant, and sappy as fuck. so, buckle in kiddies and i’m sorry in advance lmao. but, hey! here’s to another year on this hellhole of a website, right??? (^: then again, no matter what–i can’t help but say that i’ve actually met and/or got to write with so many great people this year! hell, even if we don’t really talk a lot, if we just became mutuals, or if we’ve known each other since the beginning; i’d just like to say that i appreciate ALL of you guys SO fucking much omfg. i honestly can’t say that enough. it doesn’t matter if you’re on this list or if i accidentally forgot to slip you in there, just know that i’m ALWAYS so grateful to interact with and witness so many great writers! and, shit, even if we haven’t gotten a chance to write yet, then that’s alright. we can always try to write something together this coming year!

but, no matter what, i’m so fucking thankful for you all?? i don’t think i’d still even be here if it wasn’t for you guys. i’m always so honored to skim through all the writing i get so see on my dash, and i’m always stoked whenever i get to write with all of my super talented rp partners–or when i just get to read everyone’s shit in general tbqh. now i know i’m not very good with these sort of things since i just babble a lot, but EVERYONE, just keep up the grade A writing, and here’s to hoping for a great time this coming year! so, and with most of the sappy stuff out of the way–

i hope y’all have had a merry christmas and a happy new year!

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