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Workout (Eisuke x MC)

“Eisuke, please, if you wont do it for yourself then at least do it for me.” I pleaded to my boyfriend of nearly 3 years.

“Trust me, I know plenty of ways I can exercise without going to a gym.” He said grinning at me. I just gave him an unamused stare.

“Fine, but only under one condition… You have to go with me.” There was a hint of disappointment in his tone of voice.

Finally after months of pleading and begging I managed to get Eisuke to work out. The doctor had been telling him recently that yes, he was healthy, but in order to keep his health he needed to workout and keep a healthy diet. I was always the one to cook for him, and when I did, it was 9 times out of 10 very healthy.  But he did really need to start working out in order to keep his health.

“Okay so how about we start going this Tuesday?”

“Going? No need. I’ll have a personal gym built somewhere. I think that you should know by now that it’s not a good idea for me to go in public for long periods of time.”

“Oh… yeah. I didn’t even think about that.”

“Then Tuesday it is.”

He said as he opened his laptop back up to get to work. Tuesdays was the only day when he had a little bit less work and could actually make time. I’m pretty excited about doing this with him. I think that it might be nice to start working out again.


It was only about 30 minutes until we had to leave to go to his “personal gym” he had built. I walked into our bedroom and started to get changed into black spandex shorts, my Nike’s, a razor back shirt, a very visible sports bra, and a high ponytail. I grabbed my phone and headphones as I left to meet up with Eisuke in front of Tres Spades.

I walked down the stairs that led to the penthouse living room, not planning for anyone to be there since I wasn’t wearing the most modest clothes. Immediately I spotted a mischievous looking Ota grinning at his phone while walking to the elevator as well.

“Oh, hey______! What’s up?  … whoa.” He said surprised, looking up from his phone when he realized I was also heading to towards the elevator.

“Uh hey Ota, nothin’ much. Just heading to the front to meet up with Eisuke.”

“Dressed like that?”

“What’s wrong with this?”

“Well for one, Eisuke will probably have to beat all the guys off of you with a bat, and secondly, if you’re meeting with him to go somewhere your usually wearing something super formal.”

“Eh? Was that a complement? Anyways where you headed to?”

“Ahh, I’m not too sure, but probably just the studio.” For some reason he still looked on edge and awkward around me. Maybe I really should have thought twice about these clothes.


“Whelp, see ya’ later Ota!”

I said with a smile as I waved and he waved back. He didn’t sound to sure of himself when he said that he was headed to the studio, I wonder what he’s actually up to…

As I continued to walk towards the front of the building, getting many open mouthed stares by people (mostly guys) passing by. Oh god, Eisuke is gonna be so pissed if he sees all these people staring at what he would call “his woman.” Ugh. I hated when he called me that. Anyways, I spotted Eisuke toward the front of the building still wearing his sexy ass suit while checking his watch. Damn, he’s one fine ass man. I furiously started walking towards him, near running, when I remembered what we were fully about to do.

When I was about a foot away from him I jumped into his arms since I haven’t spent any good quality time or even seen him much for a few days. The look on his face was shocked and when I saw it I immediately started to giggle. Unfortunately his face soon contorted into a mischievous grin and he wrapped his arms around my lower back while drawing small circles with his thumbs.

“Ei- Eisuke! What are you doing, were in public?!?!” I slapped his arm off me and got my footing on the ground again. He slowly slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me in towards him while he pressed his fingers into my waist slightly. He then moved his lips to my ear and whispered causing a chill to run down my back.

“______, what are wearing? Do you know how many men are staring at you right now?”

“U-ah, Eisuke please stop doing th- that. And also, I honestly didn’t think that it would attract that much attention.”

I could feel a low rumble in his chest as he growled at me.

“Come on babe, let’s go already.” I said hoping to cool off his anger at the men surrounding us.

We walked to his expensive looking car and he drove us to his new gym. On the way we talked about miniscule things and also about me and Ota’s awkward run-in.

Finally we got to the gym, which by the way, was so freaking glamorous with its colorful and chic interior, lined with weights and machines. I’m pretty sure I looked like a child in a candy store when I walked around looking at the unique colors and machines. It was so much different than any other gym I had ever been to. I couldn’t wait to work out here.

“Well, you seem to like it.” He said with his smirk and took his bag full of his change of clothes and all to the bathroom to get changed.

He soon walked out in training sweatpants, Nike’s, and a towel around neck. Yes, that’s it, no shirt….. I guess this will be more difficult to even concentrate than I thought. I soon find myself in awe and staring at his body and practically drooling with absolutely no shame whatsoever. [ A/N: OMFG MEEEEE. I LUV U BBY]

“Are you just going to stare at me all day or are we gonna get to it?” He said snapping me out of my reverie.

“Uhh. Oh yeah…”

After stretching, I walked over the to the weights and grabbed a bar weight and began doing my squats. Eisuke got on the bench press and started to bench weight. God, could he get anymore beautiful? Just look at those beautiful and articulated muscles bulging. [A/N: *Nosebleeds]

Eisuke POV:

Wow… this isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. And getting to see _____ do squats is my main reason for agreeing to this. Damn, look at that ass.

Okay, I seriously need to stop looking at her squatting in those booty shorts or else it’s just going to give me a bon-     uh I mean problem.

She finally stopped and started walking to the mat on the floor. Thank God, maybe now I can focus on working out without getting turned on. Wait…. What?

She got on the mat and started doing Side Laying Leg lifts (laying on your side and lifting one leg and putting it back down over and over again).  OH MY GOD. Is she trying to turn me on? I can clearly see the inside of her beautiful tan thighs like I do when I’m making love to her. All I want to right now is fuck her senseless.

Soon I got an idea that decided to give a try. I’m going to see if I can arouse her. I got up and started walking to her. When I approached her I laid on the mat next to her and wrapped one arm around her waist and laid the other on her hip.

“Eisuke, quit. I can’t do my workout if you’re messing with me!” I loved when she got all angry at me and flustered like this. I pretty much ignored her comment and placed my head in the dip of her neck, and was basically forcefully spooning with her while she desperately tried to wiggle out of my grasp.

“I love you.” She finally quit moving when I said this and just turned her head to look behind her. I pressed a sweet kiss onto her lips, which soon became more than sweet. She licked my lower lip asking for entrance, and I willingly gave it to her. Our tongues battled for dominance and I of course won.

I flipped her over on the mat and pinned her arms above her head with one my hands and used the other to feel up her ass through her thin spandex shorts. As soon as I let her hands go she scraped her feminine nails all over my already naked chest. She slightly started working her hands down lower earning her a low growl. I saw her smirking and decided it was her turn. I flipped her over on all fours and started to grind my hips into her backside.

“Ei- Eisuke, please quit teasing me. Touch me already.” Damn I’ve always loved how she says what on her mind at all times and never holds back.

“Are you sure? You’ve turned me on so much today I don’t think that Ill be able to be sweet with you.”

“Ahah- that’s okay. You know I like it better rough anyways.” She said seductively, once again looking back at me with lustful eyes.

“As do I, my dear.” I flipped her over and we both started at each other with animalistic urges the whole night and never made it back.

~The Next Morning~

(Y/N) POV:

I woke up slowly fluttering my eyelashes, only to notice that I was lying naked next to Eisuke. Our clothes were aimlessly thrown in every corner of the windowless room.

This is really disgusting…. I think that this has to be the most disgusting way I’ve ever had sex. Eisuke started wake up.

“Good morning babe.” I said trying to hide my embarrassment.

“Well, at least we still got some type of workout in.” My boyfriend said with a smirk.


(3rd POV)

When Eisuke and _____ arrived back at the penthouse the following morning they were met with 4 other smiling faces (with the exception of my bby Sor-chan).

“I told you they wouldn’t make it back until the morning. Time to pay up Baba!!” Ota said holding out his hand.

“Fine. But I just want to mention it’s REALLY creepy how you just happened to know this.” Baba placed a few hundreds into Ota’s out-held hand.

“Well, I mean I’m obviously the only one who saw what _____ was wearing yesterday before she headed off with Boss.” Which brought everyone’s attention to the just retuned couple again.

“Seriously Ota, the whole outfit thing again?!?” Said _______.

“Your right ______, It does look a bit more wrinkled today.”

“That’s not at all what I trying to say!!!”

“Damn, Boss must be really good in bed or something, she cant even think clearly. Care to give a few tips Eisuke?” Baba said and _______ immediately started blushing and hid behind Eisuke who guided her to their bedroom.

A/N: Comment, PM, Requests, and whatever you want. I honestly did want to go further with the smuttiness, but I didn’t feel like having to make this Headcannon list have lemons yet so….. yeah. BUT REST ASSURED THERE WILL BE LEMONS AND MUCH SMUT IN FUTURE HEADCANONS!!!