omfg i love this moment

after my text that mentioned keith’s “pining playlist” i legit was about to go on youtube & make one to post here but THERE ARE LIKE 23479 PINING PLAYLISTS SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR KEITH ALREADY???

please go search “pining playlist” on youtube it is a klance goldmine u won’t regret it ok thank u for ur time


#that little smile on this face#he has literally never seen a girl like her#he believed in her and she did it!!??!!#look !!! at his face !! he looks so in awe of her#he loves her so damn much i’m??????#and the slow mo like ???? kill me rn#i’m d ead

Also, like……

my OTP is too perfect.

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omfg I got one T_T I love this moment so much too lol but like why did gyu and hoya react like a second late???? and myungsoo actually starts laughing hahaha woohyun looks pissed, dongwoo looks annoyed, and sungjong is utterly surprised it’s perfect! 


@benlaxton said: One of my favourite Carisi moments was when Fin and him went undercover in that prison and he was mopping the floor… I had to pause the show because I was laughing so hard

I gotta admit I don’t remember this scene much from when I first watched it, except that it was kind crazy but after watching it frame by frame, I’m literally dying. D.Y.I.N.G!! Can we pause for a moment and talk about the awesomeness that is the Scanavino? LOL!! Who else on this show has done such crazy shit as this?? WHO?

My bb works so hard. lol.

Thanks for this!! I have a few more in the ask box to work on…anyone others to request?? Drop me an “ask”.

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Game of Thrones

  • favorite character: sansa
  • second favorite character: jaime
  • least favorite character: ramsay? or maybe joffrey
  • the character I’m most like: i’m a lot like sansa in the later seasons
  • favorite pairing: jaime/brienne
  • least favorite pairing: jaime/cersei maybeeeee??
  • favorite moment: omfg there’s so many? i love the snowcastle scene in 4x07, the godswood scene in 6x10, the arya and gendry goodbye???/ there’s a lot
  • rating out of 10: 10

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I feel like vixx needs to interact more with women because their entire being literally screams “how to vagina” and I just can’t.