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Voltron Family AU: Keith and/or Shiro prank the kids with Jimmy Kimmel's "I ate all your Halloween Candy" prank

OMFG I know this is a lil bit late for Halloween but I am crying just thinking about it. So let’s do it per kids. :)))) Shiro and Keith take turns to prank their kids the next day after Halloween when they woke up. [The Voltron Family]


Shiro: I… I ate all your candy, sweetheart. Your Daddy Keith and I were hungry while watching a movie so we ate them.
Pidge: You’re kidding me.
Shiro: *shakes head* I really am not. I’m sorry.
Pidge: *clenches her fist* *turns around and crosses her arms*
Shiro: A-Are you mad at me?
Pidge: I am.
Shiro: Do you still love me?
Pidge: I don’t like you anymore, Daddy Shiro but I still love you.
Shiro: *is very touched* Aww, I love you too, Pidge.
Pidge: That wasn’t very nice of you. *sniffs* *turns around* Why would you do that to me? I… *sobs* I thought you love me??!!! *cries* *sits on the floor and rubs her eyes* I… I worked hard on getting those candies last night!!
Shiro: *squats beside Pidge* I know. Bad Daddy is bad.
Pidge: *cries even more* *hugs Shiro* Why would you do that?!!! 
Shiro: *tries not to laugh* *hugs back* We were hungry and we saw your candies and… well…
Pidge: *cries even more while holding onto Shiro’s shirt*


Hunk: Daddy Keith, have you seen my candies? *looks around* I can’t find them anymore. My pumpkin is empty. *frowns*
Keith: Baby, I need to confess something. *bites lips*
Hunk: *holds Keith’s hand* What is it?
Keith: *looks at Hunk seriously* I… I ate all your candy.
Hunk: *lets go of Keith’s hand* *stares at him*
Keith: Hunk… I’m sorry. *tries not to laugh*
Hunk: *shakes his head in disbelief*
Keith: Baby…
Hunk: *takes a deep breath* T-That’s okay.
Keith: That’s okay?
Hunk: *tries to smile* Y-yeah. T-that’s okay, Daddy Keith. *weak laugh* You were probably hungry so you ate them.
Keith: *nods* I was. I really was.It was really delicious, too.
Hunk: *takes Keith’s hand again* We can still get candies from the candy store right? *hopeful face*
Keith: Of course, anything for you. *kisses Hunk*


Lance: Daddy Shiroooooooooooooo!!!!! Daddy Keith stole my candies!!!!!!! *screams* *runs to Shiro*
Shiro: No, he didn’t. I ate them, Lance.
Lance: *stares at Shiro and face plants on the floor with a THUD*
Shiro: *tries not to laugh* Are you—-
Lance: *screams while still face planted on the floor* *thumps his hands and feet on the floor*
Shiro: Lance, I’m really—-
Lance: I HATE YOUU!!!! I HATE YOUU!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!! 
Shiro: Captain, I’m—
Lance: *stands up and tries to attack Shiro*
Shiro: *on the verge of laughter* *runs away from Lance* Oh my god!!!
Lance: YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR MY CANDIES DADDY SHIRO!! *chases Shiro while crying* THOSE WERE MINE!!!!!!
Shiro: *laughs* *runs around the house* MAD BABY ON THE LOSE!! KEITH SAVE MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!