omfg i love the idea of her knowing how to use a sword

So ngl, this might be a huge reach but


Now before any of you judge or make any comment claiming this is a reach and I should stop, hear me out. I’ve thought about this a lot, and send a lot of time on this to make you people understand why I feel this way. And I’m normally not very good at that, no thanks to my brain and adhd. I’ve even explained how I think Shiro disappeared and what really happened.

To begin with, we didn’t really get a proper insight into anyone’s character this season and there was very little character growth. I’m so salty about that, but the season wasn’t that bad, so imma just not mention that again. Now about the Clone Shiro theories. There were a lot of them, and some of them stated that Kuron may not even know that he’s a clone. And I feel that this is what’s happening with Kuron here. I’m sure that Kuron himself thinks he’s Shiro. 

But while memories make up an important part of your personality, it’s not everything. There’s a lot we learn from our own thoughts on certain things, the way we make observations which might be linked with our memories, but are not a part of our memories. That’s what’s going on with Kuron here. He has Shiro’s memories, he knows how Shiro behaves, he knows how he’s supposed to behave (since he believes he’s Shiro), but that’s the thing - he’s not Shiro.

With many memories, we tend to have feelings associated with them. Feelings are an abstract thing, so I’m not sure they were copied when Shiro’s memories were implanted in Kuron. But Kuron still knows how he’s supposed to be, because he’s living in Shiro’s life, in Shiro’s memories, with Shiro’s memories, so even if he doesn’t have feelings, thoughts or opinions associated with those memories, he still knows.

It’s kind of like with kids (and occasionally teens too). They tend to look up to certain people - parents, siblings, role models, classmates, celebrities, etc - and imitate them (knowingly or unknowingly). And they do it so well, when they don’t even have memories of this person, just the ones they’ve seen and the memories they were in. But Kuron here, has 25 years of Shiro’s experience and life and he might not even know he’s a clone. That’s actually really sad, because when all’s said and done, in the end he’s not Shiro. Even if they’ve “led” the same life. He cannot be Shiro.

This is gonna be kinda long, and I might be wrong but I wanted to put this out there.

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tarra21blog  asked:

Angsty 84 :DDD with mikkey dying in the bed. I love your fics! XD thank you for your hardwork!

84. “I’m dying.”

Had two ideas for this but I went with the more angsty one hehe Based on last week’s amazing ep by UFOtable~!

Prompt List 1 - List 2

Sorey had never appreciated his life privilege in Izuchi as much as he did when he felt the pain and hatred of the fallen humans. 

He had lived a carefree life before, not knowing what pain was aside from falling from a tree branch or ruin traps or getting swept away by a raging river. Human agony was something different. The pain was not physical, but it was mentally damaging. It left a scar Sorey knew would never heal. 

And he felt and heard all of it. Every ounce of sadness, every cry for help, every plea they begged, every hatred born from anger, jealousy and sinful crimes. 

He knew it was not a good idea to purify more than one human at a time but the situation was dire. He needed to protect his friends and his fellow humans. Sorey thought he could take it. He almost did but–

One person’s feelings in particular resonated with Sorey’s soul. He saw a memory of a young woman crying as she held the hand of a sickly man. The feelings she had for her beloved were in sync with Sorey’s heart. He knew exactly how she felt for her dying loved one. Because the way she felt for him… was what Sorey felt for Mikleo. 

An unyielding presence, a light that would never fade in their life. Mikleo was his one and only. And he could never imagine what losing him would feel like. But something wanted to show him exactly that. Whether it was he himself or the malevolence, he could not tell. 

Sorey was suddenly in the woman’s place, holding a familiar pale hand. He knew those fingers by heart. And he felt a chill run down his spine when he looked up. 


Sorey could hear his heart beating fast. He wanted to deny it. He really did. But Mikleo looked and felt too real. His skin was whiter than usual, eyes sunken and lifeless, limbs too weak to even squeeze Sorey’s hand properly. 

“I’m dying…” Mikleo whispered hoarsely before he coughed violently. 

“No… No, Mikleo!”

Sorey gripped Mikleo’s hand and held it to his chest, “Please don’t leave me!”

Mikleo smiled sadly, “I’m sorry.”

Sorey felt it, the malevolence in the corner of his heart, eating away his sanity. He was in despair. But even more so, he was angry. And he didn’t fight it. He didn’t want to. It gave him strength to fight for Mikleo’s sake. He knew it was his best option. 

All of a sudden, Mikleo’s cold hands cupped his cheeks.


“Come back, Sorey.” Mikleo ordered, “Come back.”

Then, he heard it, faint cries from behind him.

“….come back!…. Sorey please! Come back to us!”

Sorey looked back, “Mikleo?”


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Walker Stalker Atlanta 2015

Okay so, this is going to be a ridiculously long post. No like, RIDICULOUSLY. In addition, it will probably make no sense whatsoever, because my brain is nothing but a giant pile of overstimulated mush after the explosion of amazing that was this entire experience. So if all of that sounds like your jam, definitely click the read more, but I don’t blame anyone who can’t make it through more than three sentences. Lulz, onward!

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Carmilla Week Thirteen!

Jesus hell we only have 10 episodes of carmillaseries left and I’m not ok. Buckle up creampuffs, this is long and I get analytical.
(thanks for editing again, lettheweirdnessin)


Ep 25 starts off where we were left on Thursgay - LaF being attacked by Jeep.

cackling. bad nerd indeed. but you diiiiiiiid starve him, so….

Yeah be a little less vigorous with the bloodlust and more sincere with the apologies. So, while I would love to continue looking at the hilarious facial expressions on everyone, I have a question: Where’s Perry?
Probably off being possessed. Probably off cleaning up more of LaF’s blood, as she does. But really, where is she? In the preview, Laura is sleeping alone downstairs, and it looks like Carm and Mattie are getting ready to leave. So that leaves Laura alone and unprotected. Perfect time for a) the reveal of Perry as the Dean or b) surprise visit from Baron Voldemort and his goons to fuck shit up.

Carmilla points out that it’s NOT a good idea to starve vampires and Laura disagrees because she’s Laura and still wants to know what Mattie is up to.

OMFG. Nice attempt at a save there, Hollis. And look at the Look Mattie gives Carmilla. SHE KNOWS.

Carmilla agrees that yeah, it might be good to share the knowledge around, and I agree since they’re, y’know, being hunted and there are supernatural goons running around and all that fun stuff.


Carmilla makes a good point though - Mattie’s current plan is hiding and that’s not doing them a whole lot of good. So she relents and tells them what she can.

So Corvae are an all-powerful scary corporation that hire vampires and demigods (isn’t that how most corporations operate?). She seems to think they didn’t cut a deal with Vordie, and I might believe her on that.

Mattie also mentions that the sword is in the pit. FUCK YES. I have been wondering where the fuck that went to. It’s probably stuck under Lophii’s arse. So it seems the sword is still in play and we might “see” it again. Is this like the Sword of Gryffindor/horcrux thing? They gonna use this to kill something mega? Mattie doesn’t know about the gates though (still thinking it’s the Seven Gates of Hell but what do I know).

LAF NO. Wait. LaF, maybe. So here’s the thing. The apples keep popping up on Twitter and Danny’s acting shifty. So there’s something with the apples. Are they drugged? Truth serum? Good ‘ol fashioned poison? It could be anything, but it’s probably something bad. This little tidbit of info from Mattie could be useful in creating, say, an antidote. Or something to make a human immortal. Or make an immortal human. Or maybe something fancy to be used in an exorcism. I’m just spitballin’ here. Bottom line: the apples are Something Bad, Danny is in on it and is helping that play out and holy shit that is HUGE. Why? Because Laura has her up on such a fucking pedestal. Like, higher than Carmilla even. And what’s something that can completely and utterly crush Laura’s black and white worldview? A betrayal from someone she admires, respects and cares for. If Danny does something that Laura sees is wrong, that last tiny piece of her that’s clinging to right/wrong, good/bad, black/white will be annihilated. I am curious about where Danny as a character will end up. The Romeo and Juliet reference at the start was foreshadowing. Maybe she and Kirsch die? My money is still on Perry, then Kirsch, then Danny.

so how you gonna stop El Baron? (under a cut ‘cause i go off on a rant and get all analytical about relationships)

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