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RWBY in a nutshell

100 points for guessing the one above the Reese’s chocolate 

The Day Marinette Majorly Snaps

Chat Noir: I can’t believe it.

Alya: Why not?

Chat Noir: Be-claws-

Marinette: *hits Chat with a guitar over the head* nO PUNS TODAY

Alya: omfg marinette what did you do?!

Marinette: i cant tAKE IT ANYMORE! *screams and repeatedly hits Chat’s limp body with the guitar*

rachel–me replied to your post: harry-dumbledore-and-voldemort-are

Personally, I think Dumbledore symbolized Death. And the modern brothers were Voldemort (died for power/wand), Snape (died for love/stone), and Harry greeted death as an old friend - Harry meeting Dumbledore at King’s Cross.

brilliant!! this is it. jk rowling you amazing amazing writer. i love how after all these many years, we’re still finding little things in hp

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