omfg i am screaming this is amazing

I am so in love with this commission made by the wonderful @istehlurvz oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much for this :’) I am truly going to appreciate this…ahhhh!! ; v ;

You…you’re here… aren’t you…
Your Name - Kallura

Jumping on the bandwagon here. If you haven’t seen Kimi no Na wa… just… sigh it’s amazing. It’s heartwrenching and perfect and man. I kept getting kallura feels the entire time (sorry my kidge followers! i really am multishipping trash) also freaking Allura with short hair *screams*

I saw an edit for Your Name on google somewhere and drew inspiration from there. I’ll probably keep drawing Your Name au’s and stuff. (i also may have outlined an actual Your Name AU for Kallura/Pidgance……….. im sorry. not)

edit: someone mentioned I colored Allura too lightly and whitewashed her so I fixed that. hopefully.

EDIT: So I’ve received some asks and have seen some reblogs about this whole “whitewashing” discourse, and honestly? I’ve decided to switch the colors back to a little more the tone I had in mind. Why? because i honestly only did the tone switch because I felt like I had genuinely been wrong in applying the color I did, but after some serious looks here and even going back to the original colors found from screencaps and source pictures (i searched for a picture that was closest to Allura’s skin tone given the lighting) I’ve decided that this latest version’s skin was not the tone I wanted to convey. So. There. Not as white and not as dark. I think this tone fits better. Thank you all for the support! I’m so pleased that there were so many people who backed me up despite this circumstance. :)

Turbulence in Houston

Okay Omfg I’m dying for one!!! I need to talk about Jinyoung because this boy lawd!!

Sorry if its a bit long!

When I made it to Houston my anxiety just got really bad. I thought i wasn’t going to make it to the fanmeet. But I fought through it and I’m glad i did! 

First off when i left my hotel there was was this Asian guy in valet. Let me tell you he would not stop staring at me! Like he was smiling and kept turning around I’m pretty sure I was red.

Okay once i got to the venue it was horrible. The staff were rude and kept sending me into the back of the line even though that wasn’t where I was suppose to be. It’s like they were doing it on purpose. I thought I wasn’t going to get my Hi Touch in the end. But I found nicer staff who guided me to the right place. And we started over an HOUR late. It was so cold outside. But it was worth it in the end. This fan meet was amazing Like the crowd was hype,loud sing the songs. It was great and Got7 really seemed to have a great time. I am just gonna talk about each member because I can’t remember for the like of me the order *Sorry*

First off Like Jackson was killing us! This boy was ‘answering’ fan questions and HE SAID “M-A-R-K why Are you so hot” then he said Just kidding! Don’t you know that boy turned around and SAID “MARK WHY ARE YOU SO DADDY”…………..LIKE OMFG *DEAD* NKFJBRFKBKRK. I screamed my head off Like no you didn’t!!! Jackson please!!! 

Things that nearly killed me during this fan meet

**Jackson calling a fanboy Daddy! 

**Jackson giving Jinyoung a lap dance cause Jinyoung said he wanted to be Jackson for a day so he could feel his thighs. All the members chose Jackson because of his body!! Lordy Lordy!!

**Yugyeom dancing so hard that his button of his shirt came undone. I feel attacked!

**Mark going to hug disabled Igot7! It was so sweet!

**Crowd chanting for JB and he seemed so touched.

**Yugyeom’s Sexy dancing.Grinding on the floor  That boy wooooo!!! He too much for me to bear!!

**If you do In slow Mo like fudgeeeeee!!!!

**Jinyoung.. That’s all Lol That boy is just KDHIJKDHS. The message he prepared for Us had me so emotional he seemed touched with the outcome of fans. His English is so good!

**Got7 being so extra and Youngjae is just the cutest!!

**BamBam being Bambam!! 

During the fanmeet me and this other girl stood towards the back of p2 cause we’re smol lol and it was better to see. So we stood out a bit.  When they were leaving Jinyoung came over to our side and I refused for him not to say bye to me lmao so I was waving a my light stick like a idiot and jumping and he smiled and waved at me! i’m pretty sure at one point i had the stupidest look on my face fangirling cause he laughed at me. 

Then Yugyeom came over there and and was pointing at my hat. he liked it! i’m so glad!!!! Gosh i wish I had video but my phone crashed on me for no reason! So much happened between me and the boys my brain can’t even process it!

Hi Touch!! ( Not in Order)

~JB was about to say something to me but he stopped and just stared. Them eye brows lifted then he just smiled at me. *Dead*

~Youngjae just looked shocked. He was cheesing after that! 

~Bambam smiled he tried to hold onto my hand I’m just like please  please lawd!!

~Yugyeom pointed at my hat again but he was turning red when i smiled at him 

~Jackson stopped and his eyes got big and he was like wooow. He also tried to hold my hand 

~Mark was last and when i got to him he did the same as Jackson and he he mouthed woah. he looked at me up and down and just smirked saying Thank you ( I nearly lost my footing )

~JinyoungJinyoung! This boy was trying to take souls! He was more confident this time around. I walked up to him and HE LEANED IN CLOSER TO ME! LIKE SO DANG CLOSE.  LIKE HEY I NEED TO BE IN ONCE PIECE FOR THE OTHER MEMBERS. He got so close and he tried to hold onto my hand but the staff was rushing everyone. He was so flirty then i looked back and he was just looking like boyy stop before i jump over this table to you!!!!! It don’t help that he my bias like i could not deal!!! Next time I hope I get closer and will be able to film. 

I was nervous about posting this(anxiety) but i love this page so much I had to share!!

Love this page!!! It gives me such confidence!



Happy Birthday to my lovely friend [and a mermaid in disguise] , Ari! @arikafd

She is such a lovely person and I’m so so glad to have met her! She is an awesome artist and a very funny and beautiful person! She deserves so much love! Thank you, Ari for being such an amazing artist and such an amazing friend to have! Happy birthday!

khaleesimimi  asked:

Today I was out and about cosplaying with some friends, and met this one new guy. We started talking about DP, and he was like "are you familiar with Promsien's art on tumblr" and my immediate response was "AM I FAMILIAR?!?! HA!!" I think it's so amazing your art brings people together pretty much IRL!! :)

Omfg dont do that to me in real life ill scream and run away but thats amazing :O