omfg how have i never seen this before

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HEADCANNON OK so hear me out but, kevin price is horrible at keeping things clean and organized, his whole life he had his mom do all that stuff for him because "he had to focus on the church" so he has no clue how to do any kind of cleaning, he was amazed when conner showed him how to work a vacuum

What a fucking dork omfg 

He’d be like “You mean I just have to PUSH IT AROUND AND IT SUCKS UP ALL THE DIRT??!!??” 

And Connor is so confused because he’s never seen a vacuum before?? Has he ever done any cleaning in his life?? 

Like one Kevin got put on wiping up duty and he just blinks at Connor like “wtf is that?” 

So I just got this warning that my computer is low on space…like really? I have had it less than 6 months, and don’t computers hold like a shit ton of GBs of stuff?

I blame Jensen Ackles…I mean look at him

He is so fucking perfect and gorgeous and hot and sexy and like of course I have to screen cap every episode of Supernatural then there is all of those edits and gifs…

Then if I go to look up a certain picture of him from like an event or convention I can’t stop. I will literally go looking for one certain picture and four hours later I have a thousand or so more saved because every single picture of him is so….omfg I can’t.

Then you add like Misha and Jared and jfc I need to delete some stuff before Season 10 starts but how can I delete the pics they are so hot. I’ll have to get some external memory thing and like store all this on but it will probably fucking explode from all the hotness (my dropbox is full too, it only holds 2 GB)

But like….how is he even real?? He is so fucking hot in EVERY  picture I have NEVER seen a not perfect picture of him

Did I ever tell you about the time my dad fixed the Winchester's car?

Well sit your asses down, motherfuckers- it’s story time

So back in the Stone Age when my dad was young he used to fix up cars. He wasn’t an official mechanic, more like the friendly neighborhood teen dude who does stuff for cheap.


He walked when I was watching Supernatural and goes “Hey I fixed up a car like that when I was younger! 1967 Chevy Implala, right? Same color, same everything.”

Okay so by now I was starting to seriously fangirl because Supernatural reasons, right, but just when I thought things couldn’t get better he says “Some guy named John came in with it. I think that was his name.”

So there I was, shitting my freaking pants because my dad’s never seen an episode of Supernatural before and there would be no freaking way he could know this without it having actually happened. Which can only conclude that Supernatural is real so you motherfuckers better start carrying holy water and shit because that means all those other things like demons and spirits are real too.

And there it is ladies and gentlemen. The story of how my dad fixed up Baby.