omfg how do you even do that

Things artists hate hearing:

“You can draw?! I can’t even draw stick figures!”

“Omfg, you’re so talented - can you draw me?”

“You’re gonna be poor if you do freelance art.”

“You wanna study art? Huh, is that, like a serious thing?”

“OMG Teach me!!!”

“Anyone can do that.”

“Wow. You’re so lucky to be so talented.”

“I wish I could draw like that!”

“You’re so lucky you don’t have to work. you can relax and draw all day. So lucky, man.”

“Your classes must be so easy!”

“Isn’t art just a hobby?”

“Did you draw that?”


“How much money do you want for that?” - “OMG THAT MUCH?! But it’s like, not a lot of work? wtf.”

Yeah. I’m just a bit bitter. 


@shallowseamermaid OK LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. I secretly have a really big thing for drarry+cars. I love when they are just like

“Omfg Draco you don’t even have a license!”
“How does this thing even work? WHY DO MUGGLES DO THIS?”
But then they drive around and have fun and sometimes like in that one fic I last read and loved they just go on long quiet trips and it’s just so good.


“This is American Gods, and we are all obsessed with Melissa McBride. So how much do you love her and why? And do you love her more than me? I don’t think you do.”
                                    - Bryan Fuller asks the cast of The Walking Dead at SDCC 2016


I have no sense of being famous - you’re just working. And then you’ll have a random day in London when you’ll do some press and it creeps into your awareness that this goes out - that what you do every day goes out to televisions right across the country.” - Karen Gillan


Okay so, where do I even bEGIN WITH YOU? You are a fantastic writer and I just!! I really super love your stuff to bits (the slight foreshadows you do, tHE CHARACTERIZATION IS SO GOODD! I enjoy seeing your work and how you’ve improved with each work and new chapter).

Gosh and just, your general personality makes me smile alot! So chill and very agreeable, and aslo such a memester and you make me laugh alot (omfg esp your tags on some things). 

Generally, your presence on my dash and this fandom is refreshing and I’m so glad you exist. I know we dont talk like, ever, but I do enjoy seeing you around and I’m always looking forward to your content \(^u^)/

More tags hehe

THANKS @shady-adventurer LUV YOU
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Nickname: uh lex, bubby, lexi, and uh probably others
Gender: Female
Starsign: Aries
Height: 5'8
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Favourite Character: There’s so many how do I choose? (Thor is no. 1)
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Animal: Alligator
Average Hours of Sleep: 8 hours
Cat or Dog person: DOG
Number of Blankets I sleep with: It’s always 6, and one of them is a heated blanket 
Favourite Singer/Band: One direction, twenty one pilots, the 1975, all time low, and FOB
Dream Job: Anything to do with animals. Or biology. I love bio
When was your blog created: 2012? Maybe.
What made you join tumblr: I don’t even remember. Probably an internet friend

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Do you ever realize how BLESSED you are for having such an amazing RP partner and be so open with them and have so many ships with them you could cry because they all turn into your children who need attention and every thread makes you so incredibly happy and I LOVE @enigmvd SO MUCH AND OUR SHIPS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME <33333

SVTFOE + GF [HG Sims4]

*The horn thing sounds off*

Woooooow,, you fucking failure

Bill wanted Dippy-Fresh to stop cock-blocking and stay outta this

You all failed this generation especially you Ford.

Oh look early Lesbian action my favorite

Well damn son.

Dip I thought you’ve always wanted her attention now suddenly,, you fucking don’t 

And Tom you should’ve murdered that fucking gremlin JUST DO IT


Okay how is this not funny though??

WaIT HOW the FucK did U DIE?????

Ha, gay.

Okay That’s Really GAy Stop.


How the fuck do you die from fucking thirst YOU are a FUCKing Demon for crying out loud and look you traumatized your BF You one-eyed JERK

WTF did she do to you???

They obviously don’t know the disappointment I am feeling right now.


What’s funny about this is that they are the last three alive.

btw Robbie died because he was an idiot while trying to work with a landmine


Random Contest

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I BLAME drhu0806 AND trulycertain FOR THIS.

So you know how templars wear those weird skirt things? WHAT IS THE WEIRDEST NAME YOU CAN COME UP WITH FOR THEM?

We already have “billowy leg curtains” and “knee drapes.”

Winner receives… recognition for their creativity, courtesy of my weirdo friends and myself?

The whole week I was sick and just lying in bed while watching Youtube videos in my tablet and what do you know

Delirious and his friends made me laugh so hard even without my voice lmaoooo

SO NOW I did a fanart! XD Was listening to some of the bgm they used on their GTA videos while drawing this lmaoooo

P.S. I have NO idea if his GTA character’s eyes has blue eyes but I’m just following what most the fanarts did lmaaao 

5sos dancing

thrust thrust thrust

i swear to god they cant even dance they just thrust


they’re so cute





i cant

i fucking love them



what a cutie

look at his arms omg

they’re in sync aw 

omfg cake

one macca two macca three maccarena 

oh my jesus 

how long do you think they practiced that?

why do i even like this band

fuck yeah grandpa calum

this is my favourite thing ever

Actually i wanted to draw this for trafalgarscan because she is/was sick and i wanted her to feel better but i was busy because of work and i got carried away with the colors soooo i’m sorry i’m too late!!!!

Just click for a better view okay? Thank you ♥


as the song approaches its ending,
my heart starts to crumble

~Seunghoon x Color Ring~

omfg, i’m watching prisoner of askaban with my little siblings, and they haven’t even read through order of the phoenix yet, and i do not understand how to interact with people who don’t possess encyclopedic knowledge of harry potter. like, how can you watch this movie without sobbing, do you understand how much marauder’s subplot is in here? do you understand that remus and sirius only get to be reunited for like two years before sirius dies? how can you appreciate prisoner of askaban without knowing everything that happens after it?

they don’t understand. how do i make them understand?

For the record: Everyone is problematic. No one is put in to the world already knowing how to be PC in every situation.

You have probably misgendered someone, you have probably assumed someone was straight when they’re not, you’ve probably laughed at a joke that was so far beyond PC that even George Carlin was like “Woah, calm down”. Does that make you a horrible person? No. Not unless you keep doing it and refuse to change.

Fandom has a hella fun time pointing out when people are doing/saying problematic things, but doesn’t seem as worried about following up and teaching people why they’re problematic (and I mean in a calm, patient way, not the “OMFG U TRASH, GO DIE” way).

Remember: Not everyone knows what you know, not everyone has lived how you’ve lived. If someone’s doing something offensive, don’t just write them off as a hopeless case and bitch about it in your tags. Pay it forward, help someone grow, and maybe they’ll help correct someone else down the line.