omfg his thighs

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how would monsta x react to you asking them to ride their thigh? 🤔

yesss this is the kind of shit I was waiting for!!

Shownu: Wouldn’t admit it but he had already thought of the idea, but was just too shy to ask, thinking that you would decline. But once you asked him, he felt really relieved, glad that you were the one to bring it up first. 

Wonho: He’s a kinky shit and is down to try anything so he pretty much obliges right away and boy would it be hot. As soon as you mentioned it, he imagined you grinding on his leg, gripping his shoulder, and moaning his name. Let’s just say he was quick to make that a reality

Minhyuk: A bit hesitant at first, but once you convinced him to let you do it, there’s no stopping him. He almost climaxes just at the sight of you. Seriously regrets not trying this sooner

Kihyun: Another member who was a bit unsure, not feeling confident enough about his body, but once you tried it and he saw how much pleasure you were in, he was so glad you suggested it

Hyungwon: His immediate response was “Of course!”. Hyungwon’s main focus in the bedroom was to pleasure you and if this was something you wanted to try out, then sure, why not? would also be the type to hold you hips and grind them on his thigh omfg ive gone too far

Jooheon: Would fucking love the idea. You’ve probably expressed how much you love his thighs before (how can you not) so he wasn’t really surprised when you asked. Thigh riding eventually becomes a regular for you two

I.M: Thought you were joking, but when you told him you were 100% serious, it didn’t take him long to agree. I can picture Changkyun as the type who can’t keep his hands off you during sex so the image of him sitting in a chair, you on his lap grinding against his thigh, his hands roaming all over your body drove him insane. How can he say no to that? changkyun wrecks me byeeee