omfg heartbreaker

i just got a new bed and it’s taller than my old one so i’ve had to lock my dog out of the room otherwise she’ll hurt herself trying to jump up and i can hear her on the other side of the door and it’s so heartbreaking omfg

Carmilla 2x29

Danny just killed Mattie AQKLJFDSQMJKGHFDSM by crushing her necklace. So now, Carmilla has not only lost the last shred of family and love she’s ever had, but she also knows that Laura was the only one to know how to kill Mattie.

The Giraffe shirt episode is definitely happening on Thursgay.

A succinct Blindspot jeller recap in 5 points:

  1. First episode back and starring front and centre, Mr Heart Eyes Weller. Welcome back. You’ve been missed
  2. I could write an academic thesis about the look on Kurt’s face after Jane says, “make it back” <insert internal scream>. They’re practically about to be gunned down at Heart Eyes Weller has time for some caszh smug.
  3. Hand holding in a plummeting vessel and I’m dead, literally going down with this ship aeroplane
  4. And just like that Zapata and Reade know what’s up. Kurt honey, you’re not even tryyyinnggg
  5. Kurt. Alone. Waiting

piena-ardentes  asked:

If Dipper was the one to be trapped in a bubble, I think that rather than growing, it would shrink and continue to do so due to his self hatred, and Mabel would have to find him and save him before he was crushed by the weight of his insecurities.

okay this is really true and heartbreaking omfg

The only monsters are your own inner demons, Dipper!

Dipper’s insecure yeah and he’s also not optimistic like Mabel is. He’s really paranoid. It’s easy for him to fall into pessimistic thinking, and once he does its hard for him to get out of that. His dreams probably wouldn’t be friendly to him at all. He’d be trying to get away from his imagination rather than make it grow. 

He’d be suffocated and crushed by all of his negative thoughts and feelings. He wouldn’t be able to control them.