omfg he was chewing


I friggen love this scene lakdshf.

aph russia headcanon: russia can swallow medicine without water. yep he’s one of those people wtf

knowing this fact, america is like “dude wtf no way” then challenged himself but failed.

aph america headcanon: he chews the medicine even if it’s not chewable because he refuses to drink water for the sake of “i don’t need water. russia can take meds without it why can’t i”

i remember i saved a bunch of anon messages from someone’s blog years ago during a discussion about what the all time low boys are like in bed because they all made me laugh so much and i thought maybe i should share

credit to whoever said any of these quotes soz but you were all anon

italics are the anons, non-italics is me, take all comments with a large pinch of salt pls.

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