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I'm a bit confused. Two girls are running this account?

Hey!! So the two of us (Bridge and Krish) are besties and late last year in the middle of one of our lectures we were like “hey let’s make a SJM tumblr” and then dorianthekinkymf was born

Just some housekeeping:

  • Asks: whoever is answering will use #krish or #bridge so you kinda know who it is
  • Posts: if there is a long tag rant LOL we will use #krish or #bridge
  • DMs: with private messages, whoever starts the conversation will state whoever you are speaking to at the start, and then that one person will continue the conversation. There won’t be any switching hahah coz that would be confusing af 

Introducing ourselves!! 


So if you’ve been around our blog a bit you will have noticed that there are a lot of Dorian obsession/love posts. I take full responsibility for these. He is my husband. He is my princeling. We are in love. I also love my crackship Fenrian and quietly cackle to myself as i create random af text posts about them. 

I absolutely adore SJM’s writing style. Like i opened TOG and immediately knew that I had arrived at my new obsession. After reading about 2 chapters of TOG i proceeded to buy the rest of the series. Also her STRONG. BADASS. FEMALE. CHARACTERS. The confidence that Celaena has in herself gives me life. We need more characters who don’t need the confirmation of men to think they’re pretty and smart and funny and perfect just the way they are!!

Random things about me: I am obsessed with period dramas (Jane Austen and Downton Abbey are my faves), TV shows in general, tennis, the Royal Family (UK), and just love hanging with all my friends and making new ones!! So feel free to shoot me a message or tag me in stuff because it makes me happy <3


Hey! I’m Bridge! If you notice a long rant in the tags about Rowan, its 10000% likely that was me. I’m in love with him all the things he says and his actions, and “to whatever end” omfg he is so sexy and sweet and I’m already about to cry tears of happiness and pain already.  

ANYWAY my Rowan obsession aside I fell in love with SJM books through Celaena and Aelin and just how much of a badass character she is and her confidence in herself which i absolutely love! 

I also wrote the alternative ACOWAR HC, so I formally apologise for my sadistic side, I just really love endings that are just heatbreakingly tragic sometimes. 

Some things that you should know about me are that I love all things Disney and pink (basically I’m a 8 years old at heart) play a few instruments and am really into music and love my friends more than anything else in this world! Please say hi! I love meeting new ppl here!

  • Jimin: i hate hearing 'you have gained a lot of weight' the most
  • Jimin: *gains weight and starts eating only a meal a day*
  • some fans: omg jimin pls dont starve yourself #pleasebehealthyjimin
  • Jimin: *reveals abs*
  • me: what the-