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a thing; the hero fam love to go to cons and surprise everyone but also love to drag their one beloved friend to cosplay with them and it’s a fun yet dangerous tyme


Thank you Jennifer, Ginnifer, Josh, Jared, Rebecca and Emilie for these six magical years together. ❤️

The 12x20 promo…

Dean: “If he did something wrong but he thought it was for the right reasons, I got it. But last night, when I looked at him, I did NOT recognize the guy staring back at me.”

Oh my goodness, observe Dean’s whole demeanor (and his UNDERSTANDING of Cas’ normal “I-must-keep-you-safe-by-doing-the-wrong-thing” behaviour) vs Sam’s quiet despair. Dean’s visibly and vocally anxious/frustrated/angry that the baby’s powers are influencing Cas. Once again, Dean - not Sam - knows Cas well enough to surefire conclude that Cas isn’t himself – that this ‘Super Mario Power-Up’ Cas “isn’t the man I fell in love with! The baby isn’t even born yet and Cas is slipping away from me! We have to act fast!”

Dean must make Cas “see straight”. He needs to get him back.


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Seemed to think I cared more about winning the Cup than I do about you staying alive. Just because I told her I didn’t care if it threw you off, as long as you caught the Snitch on it first.”

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@toxicgummy jumped in, swinging a mighty pen, and magically summoned that beautifully becoming baby, Blunt!! After this they’ll prolly set out the milk and cookies for Snoop Dogg & wait for him to come down the chimney


Super old BnHa fanart I drew last summer. I decided to clean some up because I caught up with the manga today. It’s one of my favorite series!


I know A LOT of you wanted this book and its on sale on amazon for $25.27! I dont know when this ends but its a steal! I think every Zelda fan should have this book its so amazing. I highly recommend it! 

Here is the link —> Hyrule Historia

Well since pining Keith is a Thing™ now, gotta join the bandwagon and who am I kidding? I love pining Keith

-It’s already established but Lance is painfully oblivious like Lance is horrible at picking up signs when it comes to his relationship

-Keith hates every. second. of. it.

-Keith: Having a crush sucks. I’m gonna go die. *locks self in room and plays pining music*
Shiro: Keith, could you at least die to some good music?

-Ice-cream tubs mysteriously disappear in less than two days

-Shiro: *knocking on door* I know you took the ice-cream, Keith! Open up!
Keith: *raises volume to Mr. Brightside*
Shiro: KEITH

-Once Lance accidentally put his hand on top of Keith’s and Keith wouldn’t speak to him for a week

-Hunk: You should be ashamed of yourself.
Lance: Wha?
Pidge: Disgraceful.
Shiro: Unbelievable.
Allura: Keith deserves better.
Coran: Quite sad, indeed.
Lance: wHAT DiD i DOOOO????
*collective groans*

-You guys don’t understand how painfully oblivious Lance is.

-Lance: Hunk, I just realized something.
Hunk: Hm?
Lance: Keith is always really nervous around me. And he gets red all the time. He starts fidgeting and stuff.
Hunk: !!!!
Lance: Do you think…
Hunk: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lance: Keith is allergic to me?
Lance: Well, not me exactly. I started using some Altean shampoo Coran let me borrow so maybe-
Hunk: *looks into camera like in the office*

-Keith has done those crush things and love calculator on the internet. He got 95% BTW. He was grinning for weeks.

-Pidge: Don’t tell you actually believe those things.
Keith: *raises volume to Can’t Help Falling in Love*
Pidge: What are you, 50???

-He also checks their horoscopes, the dork

-He is so,,,,,,,in love with this boy,,,,,,,,you cannot imagine,,,,,,,the grin he gets,,,,,,,whenever Lance compliments him

-He kinda just hugs his pillow and thinks about it all night

-U got it bad by Usher