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on steven universe and the toxicity of its fandom

alternate title: this is why we can’t have nice things

steven universe is one of the best, most influential, and progressive children’s shows on television today, and its fandom finds every moment it can to point out shit that’s not there or relevant.

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jerseydevious  asked:

okay okay forgive me but i won't be able to sleep until i get this out: i was just thinking about it, but i think dipper parallels stanley in more than just personality; he parallels him in hierarchy, too. forgive me for this, but all of gravity falls seems to have a running theme for dipper and mabel, and it's that if mabel 'has' it, dipper can't. mabel has an awesome relationship with grunkle stan, who she closely identifies with, but dipper can't have the same awesome relationship (cont)

because ford is a toxic influence. mabel can have great social skills and be good at things like dating, but the one time dipper shows prowess in it, it’s because he’s getting the wrong advice. dipper may be smart, but his intelligence is generally pushed aside; he’s better than math than i am, but he comes up with ladder shoes to try and climb a tree? mabel, though, can think of things on the fly that work. dipper’s weak, mabel’s strong. mabel has friends, dipper gets one episode to the group of teenagers and then never hangs out with them again.

at a glance, mabel just seems to be great at everything; funny, cute, good with people, charming, golden-hearted, a quick thinker, the list goes on. dipper was even born second. the ‘alpha twin’ indeed. i think stanford had that same hierarchy over stanley, too. (dipper has all of stanley’s self-doubt and self-hatred, with all of stanford’s obsessive tendencies and paranoia; one comes from being siblings with the best of the best and another comes from curiosity and the stuff found because of it).

i think that gravity falls has gone out of its way to make sure that all of dipper’s faults look even worse, because dipper’s constantly apologizing for things he doesn’t need to apologize for, and nobody’s called him out on it. not only that, but when dipper does screw up, it’s twice as bad as it is when any other character does - or, at least, we assume it is, because we see dipper being hard on himself afterwards and think, ‘oh, wow, that must’ve been really bad.’

and also, all of dipper’s really creative and smart moments are because of the journal. and maybe all of this is part of why he latches on to the journal so much - what does he have that makes him special, just like mabel is? (at least, that’s what he’s thinking.) just to add insult to injury, dipper’s kind of the butt of every joke. his story in bottomless pit literally breaks my heart. but, even knowing that it does actually bother him teasing like that keeps happening even all the way down in season two.

what’s worse, mabel even recognizes it, but hasn’t made a move to apologize for it at all. and, a lot of stuff points to dipper having been bullied in the past, too, which makes the whole 'family teasing’ deal even worse. and all of this bad stuff shows - he’s reckless with his own life, he’s starting to show some signs of some serious self-hate, and he’s constantly beating himself up over everything. 

and nobody is saying anything; not even a little hint to show that they’ve noticed. it’s like sock opera with nobody noticing that dipper was definitely not dipper, even though it was obvious. but if they didn’t notice in sock opera, than they’re decidedly not going to notice now, when everything is a hell of a lot more subtle. anyway. my dipper feelings are running away from me. i’ve spent, like, a day and a half being incredibly salty that no one has told dipper, “hey, it’s not always your fault even though you take responsibility for it,” yet.

okay, back to the point: TL;DR, stanley probably went through a lot of the same stuff because of his family and the people around him when he was a kid, minus a lot of the demonic possession and oh, just the apocalypse. i think i just used your inbox to rant about dipper pines, sorry about that, i’ll just end this with the idea that i am hella hype to see if we can get some stanley/dipper bonding that brings this idea up heyoooooo

I’ve never seen a more perfect set of asks, Jersey, omfg. You just summed up all of my feelings for Dipper right here. You hit all the nails on the head.

The villains even treat Mabel as being more important than Dipper. They see her as a queen, something powerful and to be feared. Bill even has Mabel knocked out and locked in a guarded cage right now most likely because he’s afraid she’ll defeat him like she has before.

The villains don’t worry about Dipper. Oh, he’s just something pathetic standing between them and Mabel. Just a little pawn, according to Bill. Unimportant. Not a threat. He’s nothing without the journals. Nothing without his sister. Nothing on his own. Dipper’s nothing

[and this is how I think the Stan twins are viewed as well. Stanford is the king, and Stanley’s just a pawn, useless without his sibling.]

And unfortunately Dipper seems to believe he’s nothing too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he wants to save Mabel more than anything else, but its kind of heartbreaking to realize he was just gonna let Bill wreck everything until he found her again, that he doesn’t believe he’s capable of doing much on his own. Dipper was lost until he spotted Mabel’s cage in the distance. Then his confidence to fight came back.

Dipper always seems to be making a mess of everything, while Mabel swoops in and saves the day in some totally amazing, creative way. Something that reminded me a lot of their dynamic was the beginning of the Stanchurian Candidate, when Ford invents a new lightbulb and Stan goes to the store to buy one. Mabel is the one coming up with some totally ingenious way of solving a problem that makes everyone ooh and aah. Dipper’s the one driving to the store (except his car probably breaks down on the way there and then he has to wait for his car to be towed, and hike miserably the rest of the way there if he can’t catch a bus. ‘Seriously?’). Dipper Pines is the definition of an underdog.

I need someone to let him know that everything that goes wrong isn’t his fault. I need someone to realize that this child is really struggling. He really is falling into some unhealthy states of mind, and I worry for him, especially because it doesn’t look like the narrative is going to be making things any better for him in the future. I just foresee a new round of guilt and self-hatred when he realizes how wrong he was to listen to Ford and keep Mabel in the dark about everything apocalypse-related.

I would seriously love to see Stanley and Dipper bonding over all this omfg my two little snarky self-deprecating underdogs. I think it’d be so great for the both of them, just like how they bonded a bit in Roadside Attraction.