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I want Diana to be introduced to super girls group and for literally everyone to be like "oh my god shes a goddess and so strong and beautiful hOLY shit" except for mon hel (who is intimidated by strong women because he hates women) who proceeds to get his ass kicked by Diana and Diana literally throws him in a trash can and breaks one of his arms. Mon hel bitches about it for months but shuts up every time Diana enters the room.


Kara: Mon-El can you please hand me the dung bell over there?

Mon-Ew: well I would, if some crazy bitch hadn’t broken my fucking arm!

*Beautiful, amazing, insanely muscular Diana Prince walks in*

Diana: Hello, Manuel, healing slowly and painfully I hope?

Yawn-El: *sweats* yes! I mean, sure! I gotta go! *runs away*

Alex: *sees white bread running off crying and sprints to the training room*

Alex: DEE! You didn’t tell me you were here! Hold out your arm I want to do pull ups on them!!

Podcast time... again?

Like I wrote a post about a week ago or so. And never a post of mine had receive such likes and reblogs (there aren’t many, but for me they are a lot. I have like 20 followers and most of them are not real people, and I’m at 70 or more notes) So if people like this, why shouldn’t I write more? This isn’t going to become a weekly thing, because even if I wanted I get obsessed with things too often. Like I only listen podcast for two weeks and then I stop and see like 10 seasons of 6 different series, or 20 movies per week, or 3 books a day (the book thing happens scarscely, usually on holidays). Well, here I go again.

If you want, you can skip to the interesting part, I don’t mind people not reading my rantings.

Podcasts I’m listenting to:

-Alice isn’t Dead, written by one of the creator of Night Vale. It promises to be as strange as Night Vale is, and I have to admit it creeps me out a bit, but other podcast is almost giving me nightmares.

-D&D is For Nerds, just listened to the first episode, mostly it is an easy listening (does that expression make sense?) It’s just a group of friends having fun.

-EOS 10, I finished the first season and I love it. I can’t bring myself to listen to the second one because we still don’t know when the third season will start. Honestly I don’t think I’ll be able to resist so I’ll probably have finished it by the next update I’ll post.

-Hello From the Magic Tavern, this was actually a recommendation I got from tumblr (thank you, @elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey​ ) And it is just pure, unadulteraed fun. It is improvised and the main cast are just three but they have guests in almost every episode. It’s a fantastic comedy, quite literally.

-Kakos Industries, I listen to it when I want to stop thinking It’s quite regular i its format, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It can be a bit monotonous but it works. I like it.

-King Falls AM, it’s so easy to fall in love with King Falls AM. I’ve previously compared it with Night Vale, and maybe the concept seems similar but the actual show isn’t. Whereas Night Vale is a creepy town which I would be scared to live in, I actually would love living in King Falls. Just listent to it.

-Limetown, waiting for the second season.

-Lore, creepy as always but I’m actually a bit disappointed with the last episode because it seemed more like an addition to the first episode than anything.

-The Black Tapes, remember when I said before ‘other podcast is almost giving me nightmares’? Well this is it, between this and Lore, these two week I’ve scared of everything, I’m like 8 years old again and I can’t be without a light on. Pathetic, right? I was actually kind of bored mid-season because they never really closed a case and most of the information given I could do wihout, even when Alex *SPOILER ALERT* realises that everything is connected, which honestly wasn’t such a big a revelation, it was a rather weak plot twist. Ok, it kind of got me mad, because it was kind of stupid. (Ok, sorry for ranting, sorry Black Tapes, I like you a lot really)

-Welcome to Night Vale, I still need to listen to the last two episodes so nothing new to report

-Wolf 359, only listened to the first three episodes but so far, so good. I love Eiffel antics and how he distrusts basically every other character.

List of to-listen: Tanis, Pleasure Town, Our Fair City, The Message, Serial, Sayer, The Secret World, We’re Alive and Presidential.


Hamiltrash. My friend @xxiristhesmolxx and I are trash. The other person is one of my best friends @ask-einjeru-hatake who I blacked out for privacy.

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Just some quick things I have to say to everyone in this fandom

  • @promiseleven you’re one of my greatest friends in the fandom and I will never get over just how completely sweet and kind you are, you’re always there for me to talk to and you’re one of the funniest people I know. You’re so talented and you make every day better for me
  • @raesberri Rae you’re the Randy to my Simon, the Cady to my Regina, the Scooby to my Shaggy, you’re such an unbelievably talented person and you’re so funny and kind and you make my life brighter every time you step into it
  • @supercomsandeggos You’re the most passionate person I know, I don’t know what it is about you, but you get so passionate and excited about everything from walking dead to spongebob that it makes me feel the same about everything. You’re one of my greatest friends, and you’re always there for me and you’re such a kind and funny person
  • @stranger-art-things Sofia you’re honestly the most talented person I’ve ever known. You’re an amazing artist, writer, singer, you play so many instruments, and hkw many languages do you know? English and Swedish, and I know at least ASL as well? You’re everything I strive to be, and through that you’re also one of the kindest and funniest people I know. You’re always there for me to talk to and you’re such an amazing person
  • @cloeggo Chloe you’re honestly the kindest person I’ve ever met in my entire life. I have no idea how you can be so amazing all the time, but you are. Every single day I stop and ask myself what would you do, and every day I try and be a little bit more like you, because your kindness inspires me constantly. Anyone would be lucky to be like you
  • @reedstrangerthings You’re the funniest person I’ve ever known. No one can make me laugh the way you do, and whenever I’m feeling down you can always make me smile. I have no idea how you’re always so funny all the time but you are, and it brings so much light into my life
  • @scienceisneat Yeet, you’re such an amazing friend I don’t even know where to begin. You always seem to have a wild story that cheers me up no matter what, and I think you’re the only person on earth who could text me saying you’re knee deep in classified CIA files and I would believe you. You’re a such a fun person and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you as my friend
  • @eggo-my-leggo As a writer, can I just say I’m perpetually in shock of how much you write?? You write so much so quickly, it’s like every time I refresh tumblr you have something new. You’re so talented and I wish I could write like you do
  • @jemmahearteyessimmons You’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. You’re such a great listener and you’re always there for me when I’m down, and I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have you as a friend
  • @stranger-th11ngs You were one of the first friends I made in this fandom, and you’re still one of my closest friends here. You’re such a sweet person, and I love talking to you. I feel like I can tell you everything and we have so many memories that mean the world to me.
  • @miliebobbybrown I don’t think we’ve ever talked before but I love your blog so so so much and I just want to let you know that!!! 
  • @milevenge I always see you in my notifications and I realized a couple weeks ago that I wasn’t following you and I literally gasped out loud because I love your blog so so so much. You’re such a kind person and I really wish I talked to you more 
  • @stevemossington you were one of the first fic writers I really got into in this fandom, and your writing inspired me to start as well. I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve influenced my writing, so thank you so much for that 
  • @theamiableanachronism can I just say???? I have such a big friend crush on you???? Okay yeah I love you’re blog and you seem so cool and yes let’s be friends 
  • @elevenknope VAL you’re a honestly such a kind person and you always go out of your way to make others happy??? Every time I post a rant or anything you always send me a quick message and I can’t begin to say how much that means to me. You’re an incredible person and you’re such a talented writer and I’m so grateful to have you as a friend 
  • @dadharbour you will forever be known to me as Winonas number 1 fan, but in all seriousness I have such a giant friend crush on you and I love talking to you, and this may sound really weird, but when I see you I see who I want to be. Every time you post something I’m always reminded that who you are is who I want to be for myself, and you’re such a kind person it blows me away 
  • @eggos-and-promises you’re headcanons are my favorite things on this earth, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve gone through your blog just because I need some thing to pick me up or just because I love your posts. You’re amazing 
  • @ghost-grantaire I love talking to you so much!!! You’re such a sweet person and every time I talk to you it makes my day 100000x better and I’d love to become closer with you 
  • @baileytsample you’re such a smart person it literally blows me away, and you’re angst is always perfect!! You’re a great friend and I’m so thankful to know you 
  • @cherrysconesandtea we don’t talk much, but when we do it always makes my day! You’re such a kind and amazing person and I’m so happy to have you as my friend 
  • @ashy-le-mashy you’re so nice and talented and an amazing friend and I honestly don’t know what to say other thank you for being my friend!!! 
  • @gaywillbyers can I just say, I don’t even ship byeler but your blog always gets me into them??? You’re so talented and your blog is incredible and I’m really in such awe of you okay 
  • @the-weirdo-on-maple-street EMMA you were one of my very first friends in this fandom and you’re such a kind and smart person and you motivate me to be a better person!! I’m so happy to be your friend, and can I just tell you I’ve literally been looking through your quote list every single day since you’ve sent it to me!! It’s so beautiful and it’s such perfect reflection of you because you’re such an amazing person 
  • @protectmike You were the very first person I ever talked to in this fandom, and when we were messaging I don’t know if you could tell but I was TERRIFIED, then you invited me to the gain train and externally I was trying to keep my cool but internally I was LOSING IT. I honestly would not be the same person if I hadn’t met you, and you’re so kind and funny and you make my life better just by being a part of it. And I just want to say your makeup is literal art and I’m literally in awe of how beautiful and talented you are 
  • @shesavedus syd you are???? The absolute coolest person I’ve ever met???? And I don’t understand how one person can be so cool??? Literally okay I don’t think I’ve ever told you this but even before I met you in gain train I remember seeing your selfies and stuff on tumblr and thinking about how cool you seemed and how much I wanted to be just like you and then I remember joining the gain train and the first time you sent a selfie and I’m like “WAIT THATS THE COOL PERSON” and also literally you have such great music taste??? I’ve been listening to your Spotify playlists constantly for like the past week and yeah you’re just such an awesome person and you’re so funny and an amazing friend and I strive to be like you 
  • @telekineticeggos where do I begin??? You’re such a fun person to be around and you make nighttime discord calls so much fun, I always look forward to talking to you!!! And you’re such a kind person, like with getting the donations for sweet relief and all the hard work you’re putting into the podcast, you’re amazing. You’re also so talented and your art blows me away SO MUCH! Aimee you’re just such a fun, kind, funny, and talented person and I’m still in shock that you’re friends with someone like me!! 
  • @flea-and-the-acrobat Sam I don’t even know what to say other than the fact that you’re such a funny and kind person and just by being your friend you’ve changed me so much!! You’ve impacted my interests in different movies and stuff like that and you’ve changed a lot about how I view things! I’m so grateful to have you as a friend 
  • @petersparker you’re one of the funniest people I know!! You literally have a meme for every situation and watching you drop a random meme in the group always makes my day. You never fail to make me smile and I’m so thankful to know you 
  • @strangehorcrux okay the first thing I wanna say is that I don’t think I’ve said this to you before but you literally remind me of Nancy so much??? I don’t even know why but my association between you and her is so strong! You’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and I hope to be like you someday. You’re so funny and I love talking to you, I’m so grateful to be your friend 
  • @eggogorgon Blake can I just say I’m constantly in shock of how you’re always able to get news so fast?? Like literally the second something happens you’re the first to know about it and just?? Where are you getting all this omfg like every time I hear a rumor or something I’ll just think to myself “Well Blake hasn’t said anything about it so it’s probably not legit” 
  • @justice-for-benny I know we haven’t talked in such a long time, but you were one of the first stranger things blogs I followed and you’re such a badass and positive person and you light up my life every time i see you on my dash 
  • @richiegayzier You’re one of my favorite blogs and I honestly really wish I talked to you more because you seem like such a cool and amazing person 
  • @bichaelwheeler you’re literally one of my number one all time favorite blogs and I’m literally so starstruck of you I don’t even know what to say okay 
  • @thecastlebyers you were kne of the first stranger things blogs I found and I love your blog beyond words!! 
  • @m11kee Literally I can’t even put into words how much I love your blog and I wish mine was even a fraction of as good as yours, never change!!! 
  • @dazzlingtiredeyes you’re such a cool blog and I honestly don’t know what to say other than I love your blog and I think you’re awesome and I just really want you to know that 
  • @jewishstanuris I know we’ve had our differences, but you are such a mature, smart, and cool person and your ability to speak your mind never fails to impress me. You’re a strong person and a complete badass, never forget that 
  • @rosy-el I love your writing so much??? You’re one of my favorite fic authors and literally whenever someone asks for fic refs you’re one of the first people I mention 
  • @sstrangerthaneleven I literally have a GIANT friend crush on you and you’re literally my writing inspiration. If I was even a fraction of as good of a writer as you I would be honored. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through your ao3 and read every single thing on there because every fic is a literal work of art and I can’t put into words how star struck I am of you 
  • @finnxwheeler I found your blog when you wrote Whiskey and Broken Hearts and as you know I LOVE that fic so much and I love your blog and I wish I could put into works my emotions but really they’re nothing more than incoherent screaming 
  • @the-strangest-th11ngs can I just say you seem like a super cool person and every time I see you in my notifs I get excited and I just hope you know that!! 

Okay I’m going to stop here because I’ve been doing this for about two hours now, but let me just say that I could honestly write a whole essay for every single person on this list, and there are SO MANY MORE people that aren’t on here and I swear I’m not forgetting about you!! I’m just way too exhausted to continue but I just hope every single person in this fandom knows I love them all unconditionally and I love this fandom with all my heart and I think we all need a little love to shine through