omfg dumbass

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Not an ask but seriusly Say Optimus or Megatron are, ah, whale sized, and fell for a human. The said human lives on land, little bit further from the beach, and they have yet to create a human-sona, but they really, really wants to meet the human Just imagine how many times the beach people have to push these beached whales back to the sea. Like "Great beings of sea and storms, why the fuck you keep doing this"



Can that dumbass fucking ‘omfg veganism is actually???? worse for the environment??? wow stupid vegans lmao!!!1!!’ post that has been debunked approximately 234,589,034 times finally die?

Okay, so we all know about the soulmate tattoo prompt, where if your soulmate writes something on their hands, arms, etc… you also get it, too, right? But just think about the tattoo having the mind of its own and only appears when it’s the right time to find your soulmate? Like suddenly, out of nowhere, “Get on your bike and go to the park” appears on your arm. And then just imagine the tattoo being piss bc you keep looking for the wrong person, like “OMFG, not him, you dumbass, the one to the left!!” “Wait, no, it’s not him!! Stoppp!!!” And how happy it is when you finally found them, like “ITS HIM, GET HIM” “Jeez, took you long enough!”

Ok but can we just talk about the pregnancy test being for Emma, and how Brandon RUINED A RELATIONSHIP OVER TAMPONS?

“It’s not your fault Mat and I broke up” yes the fuck it is. This dude is all “but you’re my sister!” yet he went to *her boyfriend* first and caused all this shit omfg. Brandon’s such a dumbass.

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I just recently followed you and I'm dying over your banter with your mutuals over Jeon Jungkook. I think my favorite one, so far that I read, is the one where you called them Baboons sort of lol I was smart to follow you haha

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omfg am i a dumbass brick after looking at your sasuke!hair sketches it just hit me after all 10 fucking years of reading naruto that sasuke got rid of his middle part was i just subconsciously imagining that huge forehead all this time what the fuck thank you for this revelation you are god

on my list of physical things i hate about sasuke, his forehead is number one

followed by his knees

when people see jim kirk as a womanizer and/or someone who doesn’t respect women

when reboot writers fuck up jim’s personality big time

when vulcan gets blown up

when writers think its a brilliant idea to kill kirk off in generations

when you see your science officer the first thing in the morning after having your coffee


What the rest were really thinking on this part
  • Tae: hello
  • Coolio: wassup
  • Tae: wassup turn up
  • Bts: omg taehyung stfu u dumbass omfg ur so dumb just plz