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The outsider becoming extremely interested and fascinated by human behaviour.

The outsider becoming infatuated with Corvo and his emotions and wanting to influence them.

The outsider growing extremely protective of Corvo while watching him fight and gets worried if he ever gets injured.

Corvo seeking out shrines and runes even if he has no need for any supernatural powers and just goes to them to see the outsider and be in his presences.

Corvo kissing his mark in hopes the outsider will see or feel that he is thinking of him.

The outsider appearing beside Corvo while he sleeps and laying beside there all night, listening to him breath and carefully removing his messy, unbrushed hair from his stubbly jaw.

Corvo getting angry and protective when he hears overseers or random citizens talking down or against the outsider.

The outsider greeting Corvo with nothing but a kiss when he appears at a shrine when he removes his mask.

Them both just holding each other in the dim glow of the whale oil lamps, not speaking, only gently stroking and kissing each others faces, necks and hands.

Them making the most of the rare and short time they spend physically together.

The outsider growing concerned when Corvo gets ill, worried it might be fatal and knows there wouldn’t be anything be could do.
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Corvo ignoring the fact he’s getting old and weak and his time with the outsider is slowly coming to end. The outsider being reminded every day that Corvo is mortal and he could suddenly disappear from his arms.
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Corvo saying his goodbyes to the outsider in his dreams, gently wiping away his tears as the outsider kisses the mark on his hand one final time.
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The outsider spending hours sitting at Corvo’s grave, talking to it like he was still there, reminding him of all the fascinating things he did.
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When you go for throwbacks but it literally throws you back and you’re once again in love.


Soldier 76 Wallpapers

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I just love how Ro stands on Tommy’s and Gus’ heads when they’re spying on Deb and their new “nanny”.


Give me your hand. Don’t be afraid, Nasir. It feels good, right? Like silk.

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Did you like Adam before SW?

Hello anon - Um… tbqh I don’t really like Adam all that much generally (in an fangirling attraction sense - although I do think he’s a fantastic actor and perfect for the role). I do however majorly go for the character of Kylo Ren

I mean.. 

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But generally speaking I tend not to stray too far from the fence most of the time, if you catch my drift.

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I miiiight color this this weekend but for now here’s the lines! I really cannot draw Tommy and the perspectives all wonky eheh.

I based this on a scene from the first episode of Cubix, though upon checking I realized I’d gotten the arms reversed ^^“ Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

 It’s a tough universe, but there’s no excuse for being an asshole.
   Unless you’re funny with it. Then it’s kinda totally fine

playable characters of the borderlands series ☆

me before listening to WYD: