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Actual Conversation With my Mum
  • Me: Dan and Phil have the cutest friendship ever! Like they live together, make videos together, go on trips together! Can I live with my best friend when I'm 20 or something?
  • Mum: Who are they again?
  • Me: My favourite youtubers
  • Mum: So Dan is Phil's boyfriend and vice versa?
  • Me: N-No...? Maybe... Not like it's confirmed, they might, but it's just a ship for now
  • Mum: Do you actually think that they're "just friends" and that they're not dating? C'mon! They're sweeter than me and your father on our wedding day!
  • Me: I'm not really certain unless they say it...
  • Mum: Then I have a gullible child. Sad truth.
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