omfg college


omfg that promo makes me think of like dean in college always bowing out of scrabble and just observing and cas is like “why do you never play games with us?” and dean says it’s bc he knows he’s going to lose so he doesn’t want to bother he just wants to have fun, but then slowly he starts backseat playing with cas and cas is like holy shit he’s really good and when the group finally does get dean to play he fucking slaughters them he’s like over 100 points ahead of all of them and they’re like “i thought you said you fucking lose all the time?”

and dean’s like “yeah, to my mom” 

then later cas plays mary and ends up over 200 points behind and returns with a tale to tell of the woman who was able to successfully use both q’s she got saddled with and whip his ass

hannigram college student au is what i need because like: 

 - will sleeps in until like 2 pm because he studies from 3 pm to like 3 am

- will waking up late to class so he wears hannibal’s sweaters to class because they fit just a bit bigger and are v comfortable

- will going to hannibal’s swim meets because obviously his bby would be best swimmer while wearing hannibal’s letterman jacket because will is so whipped

- will sneaking in lost pups into their dorm room but hannibal telling him that their room is too small for them so they cant house an animal but lets will keep him for a couple of days 

- will massaging hannibal’s shoulders as he studies in their room

- will convincing hannibal to go eat denny’s with him because its the only place open 24hrs and they ran out of ingredients for hannibal to cook and he’s v hungry

 - hannibal hates the meal plan system because the food is gross so he has his own little stove in the dorms (even though you’re not supposed to) and will doesnt say anything (the cook from the college mysteriously goes missing)

- hannibal throwing out all of will’s instant ramen or like microwavable food because how dare you eat that?

- hannibal leaving coffee in the morning for will because he always pulls allnighters 

- hannibal making that mushroom tea because he hates the smell of weed but still wants to be hip with the kids and get high

- hannibal getting into heated debates with his professors and will hears him rant about it when they’re alone in their dorms (hannibal starts to make some dinner plans with said professors)

- hannibal’s notes are like colour coordinated and like highlighted with tabs and shit while will’s are written all over the place in black ink and he cant even read his own writing

- hannibal graduating before will and he’s like valedictorian and shit and he mentions will in his speech and makes will cry

- other students start to make complaints to the resident assistant because will and hannibal finished finals and they need to de-stress themselves in the most physical way possible

BTS as college students: Jimin

• always shows up to class bundeled up & warm.
• will offer you his coat if he sees you forgot yours.
• drags you to the cafe after classes even if you insist you’re not hungry.
• instead of studying in the library he just excitedly whispers about his day.
• always follows around the mint-haired sleepy boy.
• will forgive your bad attitude in the morning bc he knows how hard it is to be up super early.
• blushes & covers his face when he’s asked to read or to answer a question.
• no matter how early his class starts or how late it ends, he always has a bright smile on his face.
• genuinely enjoys every class he is taking.
• laughs the hardest during jokes that send angry looks your way.
• he doesn’t seem to notice as he laughs harder.
• often forgets to do assignments so you have to remind him constantly.
• he repays you by buying you those cute pens & notebooks at the bookstore.
• always has a drink ready for you before class.
• falls asleep often during lectures.
• he just skipped class to follow Yoongi to the lounge.
• always forgets his books at home so he has to share with you.
• of course you don’t mind but now every girl in class is jealous.
• you try to reassure everyone he only cares for the mint boy.
• at the mention of Yoongi he leaves class early.
• he takes exams & quizzes seriously, wanting to make everyone proud.
• overall just a really sweet & genuine person trying his best to balance his education with his love for Yoongi just like a lot all of you.

Suga Rap Monster J-Hope V Jungkook Jimin

BTS As Your Best Friends


So I was taking a test in my old lecture today and my teacher now knows about my tumblr but I’m not allowed to talk because I’m taking my test. She says, “A student came up to me saying they met someone they want to date on tumblr, is this a thing?” Everyone in this class said, “No! Tumblr is for memes and other funny pictures and sometimes to rant.” I’m just confused because like are they unaware that they’re literally on the biggest lesbian dating site of the world? Like let’s be real, half of y'all are talking to or dating someone from here, half of you have met someone from here, my God. It’s like they’re only accessible to .01% of tumblr and it’s not even the good side.

If you are reading this right now and you are "studying" but actually on tumblr because you're either procrastinating, or needing a break and trying to forget the plethora of homework you have. Take a deep breath. come on do it with me. Inhale on a count of 4, hold for 8, and exhale on a count of 7. Do it with me 2 more times. Feel better? Now set a timer for 10 minutes, do your thing on tumblr and get back to another 30 minutes of studying, then repeat ;) Wishing my fellow university students good luck <3

art student! Michael needed to design a costume for his upcoming project for his theater class and after constantly drawing and crumpling up paper tossing it over his head, he was at a loss. He had no idea what to design or even begin to think of a theme. Putting his head in his hands, he let out a sigh. Then suddenly a light bulb shined! He took out the biggest parchment paper he could find and started sketching the outline of the body in his blue pencil and designed an outfit in colored ones then filled them in with markers. After three hours of non-stop drawing, he admired his work of art with a bright smile and ran out of his dorm and headed to yours ready to show you what he wanted you to wear.

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