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I think they were asking what subjects or majors you would see the labels you have studying in school !!

thank you !!! since there wasn’t any labels specifically mentioned, i just did a few different ones. but really, any label could do any major if you want them to !! it all depends on your character’s personal interests, which may or may not reflect their label !! i found it difficult to do it for labels based on personality, as opposed to interests. such as the vixen, the connard, etc !! i honestly feel as though any label could very well be interested in completing any major, if the interest is there !! if you have any questions about why i chose the major’s i did for a particular label, feel free to ask !!! i understand that some of the reasoning might not be as easily understood without an explanation !! all of the following majors were found from the following websites:  this, this, this, this. i also found a lot of major’s that i couldn’t fit into each of the labels, so if anyone wants a full masterlist of college major’s, let me know !! 

  • the academic — education, bilingual education, early childhood education, elementary school teaching, high school teaching, middle school teaching, teacher assistant, teaching english as a second language
  • the activist — history, journalism, peace/conflict studies, political science, women/gender studies, philosophy, non-profit management, speech and rhetorical studies, ethnic/cultural minority and group studies, human rights, 
  • the artisan — dance, ballet, fine/studio art, graphic design, interior design, music, arts management, english/writing, architecture, construction management, visual studies, arts and entertainment management, photography, performing arts, 
  • the anthomaniac ( + animal lovers ) — environmental science, forest management, biology, fisheries and wildlife, marine science, pre-veterinary medicine, parks, recreation and leisure studies, animal science, oceanography, 
  • the astrophile — astronomy, astronomy and astrophysics, atmospheric sciences and meteorology, space systems operations, physics, planetary astronomy and science, astrophysics. 
  • the athlete — sport management, exercise science, nutrition science, rehabilitation and therapy, sports medicine, health and physical fitness, physical education teaching and coaching, sports communication.
  • the bellwether — apparel/textile design, fashion design, fashion merchandising, business, marketing, fashion modelling, fashion and fabric consultation, theater design and stagecraft, design and visual communications, costume design. 
  • the benevolent — allied health, nursing, emergency management, public health, psychology, midwifery, rehabilitation and therapy, social work, long term care administration.
  • the bibliomaniac — english/writing, education, history, journalism, language studies, children and youth library services, library and information sciences.
  • the dirtbag ( + hoyden ) — automotive technology, automotive engineering technology, vehicle maintenance and repair technologies, automotive-body technology.
  • the ecclesiastic —  religious studies, religious education, bible studies, religion and the humanities, christian studies. 
  • the epicure — culinary arts, food science, nutritional science, food chemistry, foods, nutrition and wellness studies, restaurant and food services management, restaurant and culinary management, hotel, motel and restaurant management. 
  • the fervour/quixotic — romance languages dual major, romance languages and the literature, 
  • the guardian — public health, criminology, emergency management, legal studies, crimonology, law enforcement investigation and interviewing, police science, criminal justice, social work.
  • the gregarious — hospitality management, marketing and sales, business administration and management, psychology, human resources, public relations management, physical therapy, general management, 
  • the hacker — video game design, web design/digital media, computer science, software engineering, computer programming, computer systems analysis. 
  • the magnate — business/finance, hospitality management, economics, international relations, business management administration, accounting, investment and securities, human resources, international business, sales and marketing, 
  • the muso — music management and merchandising, conducting, music teacher education, music theory and composition, music performance, music theory, jazz studies. 
  • the netizen — video game design, web design/digital media, computer science, film/broadcast, game and interactive media design, computer graphics, graphic design, robotics technology. 
  • the phoenix — legal studies, social work, youth services, student counselling, psychology, criminology, counseling psychology, human services, premedicine, sociology, community psychology.
  • the savant ( + maths ) — mathematics, accounting, biology, chemistry, materials science, imaging science, computer science, energy science, marine science, applied science.
  • the thespian — film/broadcast, cinema and media studies, film production, film studies, performing arts, drama and dance teacher education, musical theatre, theatre art, acting.
  • the traveler — recreation and tourism management, international studies, language studies, international relations, geography, geographical studies, global studies, international business, tourism and travel management. 
  • the writer — creative writing, american/british/canadian literature, english, english composition, general literature, languages, classics, library and information science, comparative literature.  
Roommates || Suga || Part 3

Request: A whole bunch of y’all - thank you in advanced!

Summary: Part 3 of Roommates. With your final year almost finished, you never thought that your relationship with your roommate would have been brought to shambles. At least you had the Music Composition Major from down the hall to distract you. 

Word Count: 2,314 (talk about a comeback huh? It’s under the cut)

A/N: First; I’m so sorry I’ve been AWOL on you - school is hectic and I have waaaay more responsibilities than I initially anticipated (ive turned into propaganda h e l p) so I’m so sorry for that. Second; this is, perhaps, my favourite scenario series to write and I don’t know why. Third; this might be the last part, I don’t know, let’s see how everything plays out. TL;DR - I’m sorry I’ve been out, I love Roommates and this may be the end.

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Maybe Tenten accidentally mentions infront of everyone how uptight Neji can be, and how he's a huge dork/genius. But instead of taking it in a positive way, because he is a super smart dork, Neji takes this to heart and shows up unexpectedly outside Tenten's house with a leather jacket and cool sunglasses on, even though its night out. Because he wants the girl he admires to think he's 'cool'.

hannigram college student au is what i need because like: 

 - will sleeps in until like 2 pm because he studies from 3 pm to like 3 am

- will waking up late to class so he wears hannibal’s sweaters to class because they fit just a bit bigger and are v comfortable

- will going to hannibal’s swim meets because obviously his bby would be best swimmer while wearing hannibal’s letterman jacket because will is so whipped

- will sneaking in lost pups into their dorm room but hannibal telling him that their room is too small for them so they cant house an animal but lets will keep him for a couple of days 

- will massaging hannibal’s shoulders as he studies in their room

- will convincing hannibal to go eat denny’s with him because its the only place open 24hrs and they ran out of ingredients for hannibal to cook and he’s v hungry

 - hannibal hates the meal plan system because the food is gross so he has his own little stove in the dorms (even though you’re not supposed to) and will doesnt say anything (the cook from the college mysteriously goes missing)

- hannibal throwing out all of will’s instant ramen or like microwavable food because how dare you eat that?

- hannibal leaving coffee in the morning for will because he always pulls allnighters 

- hannibal making that mushroom tea because he hates the smell of weed but still wants to be hip with the kids and get high

- hannibal getting into heated debates with his professors and will hears him rant about it when they’re alone in their dorms (hannibal starts to make some dinner plans with said professors)

- hannibal’s notes are like colour coordinated and like highlighted with tabs and shit while will’s are written all over the place in black ink and he cant even read his own writing

- hannibal graduating before will and he’s like valedictorian and shit and he mentions will in his speech and makes will cry

- other students start to make complaints to the resident assistant because will and hannibal finished finals and they need to de-stress themselves in the most physical way possible

BTS as college students: Jimin

• always shows up to class bundeled up & warm.
• will offer you his coat if he sees you forgot yours.
• drags you to the cafe after classes even if you insist you’re not hungry.
• instead of studying in the library he just excitedly whispers about his day.
• always follows around the mint-haired sleepy boy.
• will forgive your bad attitude in the morning bc he knows how hard it is to be up super early.
• blushes & covers his face when he’s asked to read or to answer a question.
• no matter how early his class starts or how late it ends, he always has a bright smile on his face.
• genuinely enjoys every class he is taking.
• laughs the hardest during jokes that send angry looks your way.
• he doesn’t seem to notice as he laughs harder.
• often forgets to do assignments so you have to remind him constantly.
• he repays you by buying you those cute pens & notebooks at the bookstore.
• always has a drink ready for you before class.
• falls asleep often during lectures.
• he just skipped class to follow Yoongi to the lounge.
• always forgets his books at home so he has to share with you.
• of course you don’t mind but now every girl in class is jealous.
• you try to reassure everyone he only cares for the mint boy.
• at the mention of Yoongi he leaves class early.
• he takes exams & quizzes seriously, wanting to make everyone proud.
• overall just a really sweet & genuine person trying his best to balance his education with his love for Yoongi just like a lot all of you.

Suga Rap Monster J-Hope V Jungkook Jimin

BTS As Your Best Friends


“His eyebrows were beyond stupid. They needed so much work I could hardly focus. Besides, I knew all the information he was telling us.”

She had sketched him, making sure to capture the teacher’s likeness very well. She had drawn him with proper eyebrows as well.

“Seriously, Miles. You should have taken notes.”

“Impossible.” He scowled. “You can’t possibly have known enough about that taking notes on his eyebrows would have been more useful. And I didn’t intend to miss class. I was needed at my work. Which is far more important than a silly little general education class.”

He peered at the page.

“And I’m sure you’re exaggerating. No one’s eyebrows take up this much of their face. I suppose his nose does have that odd bump in the middle, though.”





Fanart for A Date With the Drum Major

Kinda fancied much on Anna’s marching band uniform. Also added a few extra details on Elsa’s drum major uniform if you noticed (the extra white sash beneath the first one, and additional trims, also giving it some blue outlines). The old one’s here.

Plus, making Anna look like a short, flatchested dork is my thing. Is she really in college omfg I made her look like a kid

frickfrack you two

I love many fanfic authors and want to give them all fanarts but why life whyyyyyyyyyyy

P.S. arendelledrummajor, IDK if Tumblr eats my messages, but do you receive them? XD