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Nate and Hunter admitted in one of their Tattletail videos that they used to jump down whole flights of stairs as kids, so what if they still do that and Andy is total mom like "No YoU dUmBaSsEs, YoU'lL gEt HuRt!" And just keeps rushing around trying to stop them because he cares about his bois

Omfg yes he is definitely the Mom Friend™ lmao

And he reserves the right to say ‘I told you so’ if one of them gets hurt but also he’d be totally mother henning all over them lol


Hwang Minhyun believes in Kim Jonghyun as Leader

JR (Jonghyun) for 5 years has taken all burdens from the 5 Nu’est members onto his own shoulders. He was only 16 then in 2012, the youngest leader ever to debut. Imagine being a kid with all that responsibility. Yet he wants them to succeed even more than himself.

About 3 years ago at a Japan concert, he read out a letter to the members, and broke down crying saying he has failed as Nu’est leader.

Unfortunately, he still thinks he has failed, so for Minhyun (who has always tried to make JR see he is the best leader) to say he believes in Jonghyun in front of everyone means SO MUCH.

I cannot explain in words how emotional this made me. I pray Nu’est rise after Produce101.

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This is Joshua, our church boy, casually pinching minghao’s nipple live on V APP ……………………………………………………………………..

Cute Yugyeom moments in GOT7′s Hard Carry Ep.3 that made me squeak out loud!