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AX Wacom Demo

Ahh h-hey everyone!! I’m very nervous to share this here, but I wanted to mention that I was invited by Wacom to do a demo at their AX booth which is in the Entertainment Hall. ;; I’ll be… hopefully demo-ing some colouring techniques.

I’m really scared about it since I’m not very used to drawing in front of people, but I’m going to do my best…. ;;; if you want to stop by for a little bit and see it, I’m drawing from 12-12:45-ish on July 1st.


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anonymous asked:

Hiii hope you're doing well 😊 if u can do a BTS reaction when they kiss their s/o more passionately than usual and she got weak in the knees, & a messing blush.. Ect..😳 (they are her 1th Bf). Thanks

Since iv been promising and not keeping it, I made this extra long for each member, I hope everyone will forgive me and btw this request was really cute.

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

Jin was making breakfast this morning, you could smell his pancakes in the whole apartment, he was so soothing to look at. His broad shoulders in a white loose shirt, he was such a prince where he stood making his love some food. You sneaked behind him and gave him a hug, he turned around to face you “how beautiful you look this morning…but not as beautiful as me” you gasped “hey!” you yelled play fighting him, Jin simply picked you up and sat you down on the table.

You were staring into his eyes and you could feel the tension of romance. He took some of you hair behind you ear “you are always more beautiful y/n, and especially when you get those pink cheeks when I kiss you” you chuckled at his comment “I DON’T BLUSH” Jin leaned in closer and closer until you felt your heartbeat go a hundred times faster,  his lips so perfectly pink and so gentle on yours. His kiss was like a dream, it was deep and longer than usual, you felt your body give up in his grip. Oh could you never escape this amazing dream.

“See I told you that you blush” you hit him playfully “I just have a cold, that`s why they turn like that, almost like an allergy thing” he laughed at your excuse. “Oh just admit is y/n, this prince gets you knees weak and I can tell I would need that to happend pretty soon” you blushed of his sudden words, until it went over when you both heard the pancaked were burning.

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

He had just picked you up to go to a amusement park. It was a sunny day, perfect weather for some fun. He bought you candy and ice cream and you would eat all day, of course he had to buy more ice cream since he kept loosing them on the ground. You loved this weird trait about him, how he either lost or broke something no matter what he was touching. After a long day you two decided to end end the day by going where you two had first met, by the tree where both of your initials were.

You leaned against the tree feeling the fresh air. You couldn’t stop to notice Namjoon staring at you “what are you looking at?” he shrugged his shoulders and stood beside you “you know there is no one but us in the park right now…maybe we could, you know” he leaned in closer, you blushed at his sudden action, you couldn’t move as his lips was just so perfect and plum. He was fast at getting his hands on your hips, feeling every curve and line of your body as he kissed you deeply, playing with your tongue.

“Namjoon” you said and pulled back “we cant do this” you said as you looked down the ground. He chuckled and gave you a hug “its okay, it was just us. Pluss since youre mine I want to show you off, how awesome and amazing you are. Im allowed to do that as your bf right?” he said with a big smirk as you started blushing even more, he kissed the top of your head and it was truly a day to remember.

Min Yoongi/Suga:

Yoongi have had such a bad day, the only thing that helped him through this day was small texts he got from you telling him you loved him and you knew he would do well. He had bee so distant these few weeks, he felt bad for it. Bad that he didn’t tell you how much you meant to him, or showed his love to you through music or a simple loving gesture. His anger was boiling inside of him “how can I be so stupid, y/n loves me. Even when I act like a complete jerk, how on earth did I get so lucky”. He had to do something to show you that he truly loved you and always would.

You were watching tv, all set up with a blanket, snacks and a sugary drink. You didn’t hear the door opened but when you saw Yoongi you began to smile and stood up . He walked closer to you and before without even saying a word he kissed you, a deep kiss, a longing kiss. You felt his tongue exploring your mouth, his hands on your hips, his heavy breath when he stopped kissing you and his forehead resting on yours before staring deep into your eyes and he whispered “I love you”.

You smiled shyly at his sudden gesture and was almost too shy to look at him in the eyes. He kissed your cheek before smiling cheeky at your blushing face “y/n…Are you blushing?” you turned around not wanting him too see more of your red face “oh how embarrassing you mumbled to yourself as you felt a hand turn you around once again to face his cheeky smile. He put his thumb on your lip, slightly parting it so he could kiss you again “you`re cute when you blush y/n, I might need to hold you more tight the next time, just in case you get weak in your knees again” he said and gave you one last kiss on your forehead.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

“nae pi ttam nunmul, nae majimak chumeul, da gajyeoga ga” Was all you heard before getting mesmerized by the way his body moved to the music, his effortless moves and the passion in his eyes. The song ended, his body breathing heavily, he used his arm to dry away the sweat from his face. You loved watching him doing what he loved the most, dancing was truly an art. He turned around, facing you with a big smile as you gave him an applause for his outstanding performance. “How was it?” he asked as he opened a bottle of water to cool down “it was so amazing, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you at all. You are so talented Hoseok”.

He walked slowly towards you, breathing heavily as he slowly pressed you against the wall and his lips met yours. His body was so hot against your, his hands tightly secured on your body, making you wanting more of him. Your hands roamed his hair as your tongues were to busy wrestling each other for pleasure. His hand went under your shirt feeling every inch before he stopped the kiss and gave you a dirty smile, you stared at him breathing heavily. Your knees failing to keep you up, he held you and was sure no to let go.

You quickly gathered your senses “..ah…” was the only thing that came out of your mouth “maybe I should go, I mean I have planned to meet up with a friend and cant keep them waiting” you smiled shy and walked towards the door, when suddenly Hoseok jumped in front of you, pinched your cheeks and said in a baby voice “Is my little y/n blushing?! OMFG WHY IS MY BOO SO CUTE!!!”

Park Jimin/Jimin:

The stars were shining bright above you as you sat and watched the beautiful night sky. Tonight would be a magical night, a night to remember that you had yet to discover. He was looking at you, more in love than he could ever be, you were such a beauty in his eyes “y/n” he said as you kept looking at the sky and only let out a simple “hm?” he smiled “you know what would make this night more perfect than it already is?”. You turned to him, curious what this could be “what is it Jimin?” Your eyes were shining in the starlit sky and you knew something magical was about to happen.

he put his hand under your cheek and gently lifted it up, his eyes slowly closing as he lips met yours and your heart felt like it was about to pop out of your chest. He was so calm, warm and gentle, you knew you were in safe arms as his lips were soft and his tongue making you feel like your were in heaven. His fingers twirling your hair as he let you explore and feel his deep love for you.

He ended it with a short soft kiss on your lips before smiling and held you in his arms. Both heart`s were beating as fast as lightning, both faces red from this magical experience “you know…” he started “we are a perfect match” you smiled “why” you asked softly as you leaned your head on his shoulder “because we both look like roses when blushing” he kissed your hand then forehead before whispering softly “you are the one”.

Kim Taehyung/V :

“TAKE THIS TAE!!!!” You punched him with the pillow, feathers all over the place. “ OH NO YOU DIDN’T!” he yelled as he returned the favor. Both was giggling at all the fun you two had, earlier today you had been watching anime, eating snacks and just run around your apartment like a couple of idiots but he was your idiot and you couldn’t be more happy to have him by your side. You cherished these moments when it was you two having fun and just enjoying being with each other.

He hit you one more time causing you to fall backwards and him on top of you, he stared you deeply into your eyes carefully leaning closer and closer to your lips, his eyes closed and his tongue started gentle dancing with yours like a gentle valse with small twist and turns. His left hand gently caressing your cheek as you felt that there was only you two left on earth, like you were in heaven. You put your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss, you had never done this before but you didn’t want this new excited feeling go away.

He broke the kiss and smiled at you, you looked shyly away from him. “y/n” he said softly, you looked at him, his eyes sparkling and full with wonder and love, you smiled softly back at him before asking “what?”, he chuckled “you´re cute when you blush y/n, the way your cheeks go all red and when you look away from me. I really love you” you smiled, his lips met yours once again and you could feel your heart beat faster when the dance started once again.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

You felt the warm sunlight on your skin coming through the drapes. His arms was tight around you as your head was resting on his chest, this way you could hear his heartbeat when he slept. It made you calm knowing he was there to hold you, you giggled at the thought of you being in his arms, you have always been so shy but this was perfect. “Just me and him…alone all day” you started to giggle at your own though, he woke up noticing your giggles “you alright?” he asked “everything is just fine” you smiled.

You sat up stretching your arms “ready to start a new day?” you asked, Jungkook sat up too “well..” you looked at him “well?” before you knew it he laid you back so he could be on top, his eyes starring into yours his lips so perfect, his skin so smooth and soft. His were locked at your lips, what else could he do but kiss those soft wonderful lips but, this was no ordinary kiss. His kiss was so deep and meaningful, he didn’t need words to explain what he felt for you and how much he loved you.

You both smiled and before you knew your cheeks turned red. You closed your eyes in embarrassment and covered your eyes with your hands. He smiled and gently removed your hands so he could see those beautiful eyes. He chuckled at your reaction “I make your heart flutter don’t I?” he asked with a sweet smile across his face, you caressed his cheek “always” you said before he once more kissed you, this time it would last all day.