omfg bo

TF2 Self-Insert Fanfiction
  • Your Self-Insert Fic: And then Sniper touched my hair nicely.
  • 'Oi like your hair,' he said.
  • I blushed. 'But it's so frizzy!' I said. I'd always been so self-conscious about it until now.
  • 'Oi love it anyway,' he insisted, snuggling me closer.
  • My Self-Insert Fic: This crazy old man smells like piss and BO. OMFG, I think he's gonna scalp me.
  • 'Get your fucking hands off me you creepy-ass hobo.'
  • 'But Oi like your hair.'
  • 'I will end you,' I tell him.
  • I'm crying.



Anonymous said: What do you think of k[urotsuk]i?

There is a story by Sepulveda that’s super famous in Italy that’s called “Story of a seagull and the cat that taught her to fly” and that’s literally everything I can think about whenever anyone talks about k[urotsuk]i, I’ll be honest with you anon

(useless precisations about context are in the captions)