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Things that still bother me: The Six Thatchers

There are many things that still bother me about Season 4 but this has got to be one of the biggest when it comes to the plot.

Now I used to be in the Tin Hat club and this is one of the major reasons why.  However the way at which both BBC and the Writers have treated the fans SO despicably with the attempts at erasure, dismissiveness and gaslighting, has all been heavy indicators that no, there is no Lost Special coming.  And yes, the writers really do not give two wits about their audience.

Well if Season 4 really did happen, and everything in that season -actually- occurred…

Then what the heck is up with The Six Thatchers!?

The Six Thatchers is not only a title of a case that Sherlock and John ALREADY DID and was already written about on John Watson’s blog, but the entire blasted thing i basically repeated in the show… and neither John or Sherlock comment on this!? WTF!?

So John blogs about this case that he and Sherlock did…

In this case, there was a series of break-ins, where thatcher busts were being stolen.

There were SIX thatcher busts being stolen, exactly the same number as the thatcher busts being stolen in the show.

Not only that, but these six busts were being broken open.

And Lo-and-behold, an object with someone’s initials on it is hidden inside of the last bust. Same as in the blasted show.

The entirety of The Six Thatchers is basically a complete repeat of a case that sherlock and John ALREADY DID and john already wrote about.

Sherlock is supposedly this highly intelligent and observant individual. You would think that he would notice that a case he ALREADY DID was happening all over again and, oh I don’t know, comment on this!? But no, he doesn’t even bat an eye.

Just like the glowing skull, there is absolutely no explanation given for any of this.

Are the writers just really THAT LAZY and do an ENTIRE REPEAT of an entire case of a show!? 

Why even?  And then give NO explanation as to WHY this case was repeated… and everyone in the episode just goes along as if it is NORMAL.  John or sherlock should have said or indicated SOMETHING, but it is like they have this huge void of suddenly somehow forgetting that the case had already happened.

Like it does not even exist.

An entire repeat of a case from the blog in the show and you just don’t care!? This is like the pinnacle of lazy writing.

Complete case repeat. No explanation as to how or why.

WTF Mofftiss!?

What. The. F*ck.


When you said your last goodbye I died a little bit inside. I lay in tears in bed all night, alone without you by my side. You brought out the best of me, a part of me I’ve never seen. You took my soul and wiped it clean. Our love was made for movie screens.