omfg at time's face


Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out


6x20: The Song in Your Heart
What’s wrong? Wishing they’d had something with a bit more… leather?

100 times captain swan made me cry: #47


…I think I’ll get a tattoo.


The Flash AU: In which, Iris is struck by lightning in a freak storm and develops superhuman strength and cat-like reflexes. With the help of Dr. Harrison Wells, Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, she uses her powers to keep the people of Central City safe. However the authorities and the police refuse to see her persona, Cottonmouth as anything other than a menace to society. A huge problem for Iris as both her father and Barry Allen-the man she’s had a crush on since childhood-are both working for the police department. Never-the-less, Iris continues to use her powers to fight crime and help others affected by the freak storm.

i got this glorious MTMTE ephiphany/headcanon text at 1am from @idontshootthemessenger the other day… it’s amazing lolol

“so we found out that the fools energon is like a placebo right? and we also know that at one point, Trailbreaker took a swig of that shit and it tasted awful. so do you think that when Optimus and Ratchet were coming up with the fools energon thing, OP and him were just like ‘yeah make it as disgusting as possible’ just to fuck with Megatron further lmao”



how to win carats’ hearts: a three-step guide by joshua hong

Happy birthday~~!! O(≧∇≦)O

(((*GASP* 24/08/2015 was the day I started this askblog?? It’s ALREADY been a whole year??? omfg I can’t believe I actually managed to keep this for so long! I thought I would give up in a month oTL
The main reason I created this blog (other than the fact I LOVE these four dorks, of course) was because I wanted to practice drawing with a tablet and the asks would FORCE me to stop lazing around….. AND IT WORKED! It’s thanks to this ask blog that I was able to gain enough confidence to create an ARTBLOG !!! SO THANK YOU! It’s thanks to everyone’s support, reblogs, likes, caring messages that I’m becoming a better artist today.
Thank you~~)))


taehyung teasing the puppy