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In the first gif, you can see Emma Stone (left) looking for Andrew Garfield (right). In the second gif, you can see her blowing Andrew a kiss. At first, Andrew waves at her, until he realizes she is blowing him a kiss. So he clasps his hands to catch her kiss. And holds it.

andrew getting overwhelmed by how much he loves neil…like…before he Never saw this feeling coming he thought it was just his mind making up things while he was on his meds. he’s long since accepted that this is real neil is real but sometimes it hits him so hard, that he can have this. he wasn’t able to have cass the way he wanted because of drake ruining it, ruining him…but now he has neil, and he is able to keep having him. 

neil, who loves andrew unconditionally for who he is. neil, who accepts all of his sharp edges and dark thoughts. neil, who knows when to back away and when to stay close. neil, who wants to be with him and feels just the same as he does. neil, who can see the good in him when everyone else couldn’t. this all hits andrew like a wave crashing onto the shore and he feels like he’s drowning, but it’s a welcomed feeling. because it’s safety, and it feels like home. neil is home and before, he had this twisted, broken view of what “love” is from all those traumatic experiences that still eat away at him, both of them did, but this is new and different from anything else and too much and sometimes andrew wonders if he is really worthy of this, of what neil gives him and makes him feel. 

and there are still passing fearful thoughts that what if he loses him, but waking up to fluttering eyelashes against cheeks and the way the morning sunlight rests against his skin while he’s in a peaceful sleep, seeing those looks neil sends his way, full of adoration and warmth, late night trips to the grocery store together wearing eachother’s hoodies and sweats and picking up andrew’s fave sweets to dull the nightmares he just had and is still feeling in trembling fingers and a rapid heartbeat— 

it all makes their forever click into place and andrew knows that this is it. neil is it for him and it will always be that way

Dude, it was embarrassing. What you saw was nothing. You should have seen us in between action and cut. It was just never-ending! You couldn’t pry us apart, Dalton! I started to cry because I was so relieved he was out of the sweatpants because he stank and he was really unpleasant. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to hug him in those awful sweats.

Andrew Lincoln for Entertainment Weekly

The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln on that big Rick-Daryl hug (EW)
Tell me about that big bromance hug, and hugging it out with Norman Reedus. Daryl and Rick, back together again.


“This is American Gods, and we are all obsessed with Melissa McBride. So how much do you love her and why? And do you love her more than me? I don’t think you do.”
                                    - Bryan Fuller asks the cast of The Walking Dead at SDCC 2016

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I'm sorry, but could I request Neil falling asleep on Andrew? If not I totally understand!!! I also wanted to say you're an awesome writer too so

( aw, thank you!! and thank you thank you thank you a billion times for this prompt oh my god yee eee s sss cute andreil yeesssss. )

“What if Sharknado was a real concern?”

“Are you saying a tornado filled with sharks is not already a real concern?”

A hand patted his cheek.

“You’re learning.”

“So stupid.”

“Excuse me? Who’s the one without any imagination, again?”

Neil shoved at Andrew’s shoulder. One eyebrow raised, Andrew nevertheless kept his gaze on the T.V.

The hour wasn’t late, but the easy afternoon stretching ahead of them was rare enough to be exhausting. Neil’s second spring break at Palmetto saw Kevin taking time to fly out to visit Thea while Nicky flew to Germany and Katelyn took Aaron somewhere further south; the rest of the remaining Foxes had no want or reason to protest Andrew and Neil driving out to Columbia for a week alone.

A week.

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Scrumdiddlyumptious! Guess These Candies with the Cast and Friends of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Opening Night!

But what about Andrew/Ichirou/Neil in which Ichirou is a hopeless romantic and basically a giant nerd, Neil is generally clueless and Andrew just likes gifts.

Like when Neil signs for his pro team Ichirou sends him hand made chocolates. Hand made chocolates shaped like exy racquets… Andrew eats them all.

When it starts getting colder he sends them these ridiculous sweaters and hoodies with prints and slogans on them and Andrew’s are slightly too big and Ichirou is so upset about it until Neil chokes on his food over how good Andrew looks.

Neil gets injured in a game and Ichirou is instantly calling private doctors making sure Neil will be look after to his satisfaction and Andrew gets as much access and visitation rights as he desires

Ichirou touching Andrew early on in the piece, only a few months after the contract has being signed and Andrew flinching. It’s subtle but Ichirou keeps his hands firmly behind his back in Andrew’s presence as much as is reasonable and demands his personal do the same

Ichirou buying two tickets to anything either of them mention being intetested in so Neil and Andrew can go together, Neil complains about it but Andrew just shrugs and marks the calender.

The cats are actually gifts too. Ichirou is very very fond of the cats and cites correct animal care as an excuse for stopping by.

Andrew grabbing the back of Ichirou’s jacket as he’s leaving one day and stating yes or no at him. Ichirou saying yes in a confused voice and having tickets to some opera he’d mentioned shoved in his hands. Three tickets.

“Go curl up with Neil, you’re staying”

carnival hc

okay so this is andreil at a carnival okay like i need this in my life it’s probably already been done but im too lazy to actually look for anyone so here we go

-Andreil at a carnival

-one day during one of their drives which they totally have, neil is driving bc they take turns driving ok? ok

-neil decides he wants to go to a carnival

-cause he’s never really been to a carnival

-andrew probably wouldn’t want to go but neil asks anyways

-neil uses the puppy dog face

-neil totally uses the puppy dog face on andrew ok you can fIGHT ME ON THIS

-and andrew is like goddammit josten keep your eyes on the road or i will make sure you never drive again

-neil just grins at him and shakes his head, deciding to try again later

-so now they’re back at their room preparing to watch a movie which neil so craftily found one including a carnival

-dont ask me what movie bc i dont know im just making shit up ok

-that’s my life is making shit up


-neil comes in with two pints of ice cream and hands one to andrew

-they start the movie and the carnival comes into play

-andrew is like wtf is this a coincidence

-and then neil’s like “so about that carnival trip”

-”dammit josten 257%”

-”oh come on. i’ve never been”

-here comes the puppy dog face

-and andrew says yes of course 

-neil “i just asked” josten

-so they wind up going to a carnival

-it is summer and it is hot and neil is in his stupid jorts

-but andrew

-andrew will have no part in this stupid “summer clothing” business

-he is in his year round all black apparel

-(neil tried to get him to wear something different but you can only ask so much of a man josten)

-so andrew is sweaty and grumpy and really is only there bc candy and neil has to be watched 24/7 like he could die in a ditch somewhere if someone isnt watching

-you think im joking 

-im not

-so andrew immediately finds the candy bc he needs his sugar to deal with this fucking child

-neil drags him to a game booth where you have to knock over the bottles or some shit

-andrew just thinks it’s a shame they weren’t bottles of alcohol

-if they were he would steal one

-or two or like five

-but anyways

-since neil is like a Precision God bc exy he manages to win a prize

-he picks out this big stuffed teddy bear

-and he gives it to andrew bc it’s nearly as tall as andrew and neil is shitting himself with laughter

-andrew takes the bear and looks at it for a second before

-”I like this bear. it knows how to shut the fuck up”

-neil stops laughing but still smiles at andrew

-so now neil’s just walking around with this bigass teddy bear and smol angry person 

-neil decides he wants to ride the ferris wheel bc neil is being a cliche fucker today

-so he drags andrew to the long line and passes the time by talking at him about the upcoming exy games

-wtf neil you’re almost as bad as kevin when it comes to exy


-they finally get on a thing

-and they reach the top

-and it stops and it’s just them. neil, andrew, and the teddy bear

-”yes or no” 

-”i should push you off this right now”

-”you say that but you wont”

-”dont push your luck josten

-”yes or no”



-so they makeout kiss at the top of the ferris wheel

-and they finally get back down

-and neil loses his shit bc he suddenly remembers

-andrew is scared of heights


-”stfu neil i hate you”



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( Y E S. a thousand times yes. somehow Kevin convinces Riko to sign Andrew on. in the midst of juvie, Andrew agrees. and thus: even more pain for all boys and girls. )

In an abandoned locker room one stretch of hallway from an eventful Winter Formal, a racquet swings from the dark and catches Neil in the gut.

Unarmored and unsuspecting, he falls. From the corner of his eye, doubled over and clutching his throbbing stomach as he is, he sees Jean Moreau pause, glance back, and continue out. In his head rings: Kevin has your ticket, Nathaniel. Jean’s III to Kevin’s II burns in his mind’s eye.

Beyond that and what he says is: “Round two? The Ravens are a bunch of overachievers.”

The words are embarrassingly strained, more gasps than speech. Still. He manages. That’s satisfying enough.

“Since you can’t spot an opening on court, I don’t blame you for not being able to tell us apart.” The racquet’s netting taps against his cheek, gentle and insulting. “Come now. Stand up. Are you always this dramatic?”

Neil didn’t stand. He looked up.

He didn’t have to look too far - the man in front of him wasn’t tall to start with, and he leaned forward as if inspecting a particularly nasty piece of roadkill. VI stood out stark and black on his cheek. A lazy smile pulled his mouth up on the edges, but this close (and without the aid of stage make-up or an adoring camera), it wasn’t hard to see how fake the grin was. This close, Neil would say he almost looked familiar.

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I have never loved a darker blue
Than the darkness I have known in you