omfg alois


The maids in the Earl Trancy’s manor all wear the same outfits as Hannah.

Alois was constantly reminded of his abuse simply by looking at her. 

I would suspect that Claude dressed her like this, perhaps on purpose to ensure distance between her and Alois, though I can’t say that with full confidence. 

Regardless I’m just kind of reeling right now omfg. 

loverboyalois-blog  asked:

*Stumbles in drunkenly* Mallooo ~ ohhh aren't you looking -lovely- tonight! *Falls on top of the musician* Ah, but your hair is -everywhere-. *Sweeps Malo's hair behind ears* -There- we go ~

A-Alois…?! What are you doing?! Ergh, get off me!

*Grabs Alois’ shoulders, shoving him off* Stop touching me, people will get the wrong idea!

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"So. . " Ciel drawled. [I'm sorrynotsorry~]

{Omfg don’t be sorry}

{♔} Alois still couldn’t believe that this thing even happened. For Ciel Phantomhive to go after him and even have sexwith him-good sex at that, mind you- was quite different and unbelievable. Though, he knew he had to say something after all this.

“You aren’t as small as I thought you’d be,” the blonde snickered while giving the younger a wink.