omfg aleks

so ive been meaning to write a bunch of fluffy drabbles about alina, darkles, and baby aleks but since im lazy i’m just gonna dump my headcanons here (special shoutout to @zoyalina for like half of these):

  • darkles legit cannot change a diaper if his life depended on it
  • they decide to call baby aleks “junior” to avoid name confusion (except when he does something naughty in which case alina always calls him by his full name: “ALEKSANDER ALEKSDROVICH MOROZOVA WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING????” and literally BOTH of them look up)
  • junior likes to drool all over to darkles fanciest clothes
  • alina tells junior ravkan fairy tales before bed but he never ends up sleeping because he keeps asking for more stories
  • darkles switches tactics tells junior about the impending fall of their imperialist overlords by proletariat insurrection with the possible byproduct of another authoritarian puppet state marginally worse than their capitalist counterparts and succeeds in boring both junior and alina to sleep
  • junior discovers his ability to summon shadows and instantly creates a sentient shadow friend named “puff” who alina accidentally steps on and kills, causing junior to cry for like three days until they hold a funeral in puff’s honor  (RIP PUFF FAITHFUL SHADOW SERVANT)
  • darkles tries to cheer up junior by literally creating a giant army of little shadow soldiers for him to conquer new worlds play with; alina is NOT amused
  • nikolai is literally junior’s favourite person which drives darkles INSANELY JEALOUS
  • “why does he like that prince so much? what does he have that I dont? i give him presents, I make him laugh.”  “omfg aleks it’s 4:30 in the morning gO THE FUCK TO SLEEP”