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…I think I’ll get a tattoo.


The Flash AU: In which, Iris is struck by lightning in a freak storm and develops superhuman strength and cat-like reflexes. With the help of Dr. Harrison Wells, Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, she uses her powers to keep the people of Central City safe. However the authorities and the police refuse to see her persona, Cottonmouth as anything other than a menace to society. A huge problem for Iris as both her father and Barry Allen-the man she’s had a crush on since childhood-are both working for the police department. Never-the-less, Iris continues to use her powers to fight crime and help others affected by the freak storm.


TOM HIDDLESTON: ONE COOL CAT - Shortlist Magazine - Photographs by Charlie Gray

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“People with antisocial personality disorder exhibit a lack of conscience, even towards friends and family members. Their destructive behavior surfaces in childhood adolescence, beginning in excessive lying, fighting, stealing, violence, or manipulation.

They basically don’t care about any negative consequences of their actions, and because they lack the capacity for empathy, they don’t give a dang about you, or anyone else.” (x)

2016: the year of infinite giving zero shits about anything

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Hablas español??

Ahahaha noo…I understand it more than I can speak it. I was being taught english and spanish at the same time when I was younger but the person who was teaching me spanish bailed and my mom only spoke to me in English.

It’s weird watching old home videos because smol Leslie was speaking spanish left and right like where did she go? She gone.