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Time Transcending

Ichabod Crane x Reader

Word Count: 1,521

Warnings: none 

Summary: What are you, Ichabod’s past lover from the 18th century, doing here in modern time Sleepy Hollow?  

A/N: A big thank you to @bovaria for helping me with this and looking it over for me when I finished and another thank you to both @elyshakate and @bovaria for continually encouraging me to do this :) Love you girls loads!! :* Feedback would be very helpful in deciding if I should do a part 2 or not!!

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Prompt: Sirius raising Harry

“No, no, no! Harry! The hel–What are you doing?” Sirius exclaimed, his eyes bulging at the sight of his godson’s bare ass darting confidently down the hall as pudgy, unsteady legs carried him directly into Sirius’s bedroom. Moments before, as soon as Sirius set the eighteen month old on the floor after giving him dinner, Harry decided to shed all of his clothes. A damp diaper lay forgotten on the kitchen floor along with tiny pants and a pea and carrot smeared t-shirt. 

It was too late. The toddler was already peeing on the floor, giggling like a complete lunatic as Sirius rounded the corner, his long, black hair sticking to his face despite the chilly winter weather. 

“Harry James Potter!” Sirius shrieked a little too angrily for speaking to a small child. Harry’s eyes popped open, his lower lip jutted out, and tears welled in his eyes from Sirius’s reprimanding tone. “I mean. No, it’s not… It’s not nice to pee on the floor, Harry. You keep your diaper on. If you want to use the potty, you just ask.” 

He sighed, though did his best to keep a level head as he picked up the toddler, urine dripping down chubby legs and all over Sirius’s denim pants. He held the child at arm’s length and brought him into the bathroom, but not before grabbing the two-way mirror he shared with Remus.

“MOONY!” he shouted, trying to get his mate’s attention while simultaneously filling the tub with water; not too hot, not too cold. A moment later, the familiar face of his friend appeared in the handy-device given to them both by Harry’s late father. Just four months ago, James was alive and well. Just four months ago, things were entirely different. He plopped the toddler in the tub and handed him an enchanted rubber duck, allowing the boy to giggle and splash as the thing quacked and swam in the shallow pool. 

“You beckoned?” Remus’s voice asked, causing Harry to glance up, smiling brightly.

“Moon!” he shrieked. Sirius faced the mirror towards the boy for a moment, allowing Remus to wave before Harry was again distracted by the duck.

“Why the devil isn’t this thing potty-trained yet?” Sirius complained. Gods, he loved Harry. He truly, deeply did. The moment his best mate announced the arrival of his son, Sirius fell in love with the wrinkled, strange little human. But taking care of toddlers on his own, full time was never the job he signed up for. Still, because he was deeply loyal to James, he had to try his absolute best. James wasn’t here to raise this child and that was never Harry’s fault. Sirius just wanted to give him the life Lily and James would have wanted for him.

“Harry isn’t a thing, Sirius,” Remus reminded him, though a look of amusement splashed across his tired face. He knew Sirius was just exhausted and stressed. Despite not being the fatherly-type, Sirius wouldn’t trade this incredibly difficult job of raising his deceased best friend’s child for the world. It was his duty. “He’s not even two yet, Pads. It’ll come in time. Just be patient.”

“Patient? He pissed in my bedroom and then dripped all over my new jeans,” Sirius complained, though there was no real venom in his tone.

“At least it wasn’t the other,” Remus replied, holding back a laugh at the idea of baby Harry peeing, let alone going number two on Sirius (which, for the record, had happened at least twice since inheriting James’s most prized possession). 

“I don’t even want to think about that,” Sirius replied in horror. Harry reached forward, hands seeking out the duck, and fell forward suddenly, his head smashing against the side of the tub. A second later and he was screaming at the top of his lungs. “Dammit. Gotta go. Talk soon.”

Sirius put the mirror down and scooped up his godson, hushing him as he kissed his head better.


“YOU DID IT!” Sirius screamed at the top of his lungs several months later. For the first time, Harry managed to pee on the potty all by himself. This was absolutely cause for over-celebration. In true Sirius fashion, he scooped up the toddler right off the potty and danced him around in a circle. “Good job, Harry! You did it!”

Harry grinned widely, clapping his hands in celebration of himself before he peed again, this time all over Sirius’s shirt. In absolute horror, he nearly dropped the tiny child, but managed to keep his wits about him. Potty-training was going as expected and Sirius had been peed on more times than he could count.

That night, Sirius threw a party in honor of Harry’s first successful potty use. 


“Sirius?” Harry asked at five years old. Fortunately, the boy was long-since completely potty trained and any pee-related incidents were a thing of the past. Sirius glanced up from his spot on the couch where he’d been completing a crossword. 

“Yeah?” he asked.

“How come doesn’t Remus live in my house?” he asked. Sirius squinted slightly, wondering what the hell that was supposed to mean.

“I don’t know, Harry. He has his own house that he lives in,” Sirius replied, hoping that would be all the answer a five year old would need to such  a question.

“But he likes it at our house better,” Harry insisted. Sirius smiled softly and shrugged.

“Because you’re here. And I’m here. He likes being around us,” Sirius replied simply.

“He should live with us,” he said. Sirius nodded, agreeing. After James passed and Sirius learned Harry would live with him as he was godfather, Remus insisted on living alone and helping where and when he could. But even more so than Sirius, Remus never thought himself capable of fathering a child because of his condition. He insisted it would be safer to live away from Harry. But Harry was getting older and he was exceptionally observant and bright, just like his mother. Maybe Remus would see that now and give in, agreeing to live with the two at last. Merlin knew that Sirius still needed help understanding the way a child’s mind worked and Remus had always been more patient.

“You know, that sounds like a fantastic idea, Harry. We’ll ask him next time he comes over,” Sirius replied.

“Good. I want Moony to live with us,” Harry said happily, turning back to his coloring.

“Me too.”


“You sure you got everything?” Sirius asked as he, Harry, and Remus stood at Platform 9 ¾ when Harry was eleven years old, ready to board the train for the first time.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Harry replied, though he looked absolutely terrified. Though he knew of his infamous history, it still made the pre-teen uncomfortable to stand amongst crowds of witches and wizards who knew just what happened to his parents and how he’d defeated the Dark Lord before he was even potty trained. They all stared, eyes gawking at his forehead in search of the famous scar. 

“It’ll be fine,” Sirius assured. “Hey, hold on.” 

Reaching into his back pocket, Sirius extracted the Marauders Map and handed it to his godson. Remus gave him a look, one that wasn’t all together approving but not entirely disapproving, either.

“Tap this with your wand and say ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good.’ But not until you’re at the castle and learn to use that thing a bit,” Sirius added, feeling a slight shift in Remus’s demeanor beside him. “Some magical things will happen. When you’re done, say ‘Mischief Managed.’” 

Harry glanced up at him skeptically.

“What is it?” he asked just as the train blew the whistle for last call.

“You’ll see. Moony, your father, and I put it together,” he said, leaving out Peter. Sirius would never forgive the bastard for what he’d done and it wasn’t atypical for Sirius to completely forget to mention him in stories of their time at Hogwarts altogether. 

“You’d better board the train,” Remus urged, giving Harry a quick hug. Harry gripped Remus tight and buried his face against his shirt. “You will be fine. We’re just an owl away. You will have the best time of your life here.”

Harry bravely stepped back, nodding as he did his best to appear brave. He turned to Sirius, flinging his arm around him. 

“You will. We did,” Sirius assured, hugging his godson tight and fighting off the most ridiculous urge to cry. “Now go before you miss the train.”

Harry nodded. “Love you,” he said quietly to the pair. Sirius ruffled his hair and smiled.

“Love you too, kiddo. Now go,” he said, giving Harry a gentle push. He watched his godson board the train, not averting his eyes even as the Hogwarts Express took off into the distance.

“You did well,” Remus said quietly. “Raising him. He couldn’t have turned out better. James would be proud.”

Sirius glanced down, smiling sadly. 

“Reckon James still would have done better. And I had loads of help from you.”

Remus shook his head slightly. 

“James didn’t know what he was doing, either. None of us did. But that boy adores you, Sirius.”

Sirius rubbed his eye and sighed, turning away at last. He didn’t reply to Remus’s sentiment, allowing the cheesy words to sink in, secretly glad for Remus’s approval.

“Let’s go home.”