omfg XD


remember the time jin ate a fry off some random man’s plate

My brother bought iced tea with mangoes at the bottom and this is a brief recording of his struggle:

1. *looking wistfully at the near empty bottle* “I’m only drinking this to get to them…”

2. *the bottle is empty, he struggles to get the mangoes to move* “Come on mangoes don’t do this.”

3. *he looks at me helplessly* “They won’t come out.”

4. *3 minutes later he’s still fighting with them* “HOW’D THEY EVEN GET THEM IN HERE.”

5. *he struggles for five more minutes, fishing them out with a fork repeating:* “Come ooooon mangooooes!!!!”

6. *he eats the last mango cube and leaves the room looking triumphant to tell our mother*