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Human!Drift, Rodimus, Swerve, and Perceptor reaction to meeting a Cybertronian!s/o and falling for them (Like the wheeljack ask you did a while back)

(here is the link to that other ask) I meant to do all 4 of them im so sorry but i got carried away with drift and had to stop *cri*

Drift was actually… not in a good place at the time he met you. In high school, things just got (more) difficult for him. He still didn’t fit in anywhere and he wasn’t really sure how to make it so that he could. His grades were decent, but the only thing he really excelled at was anything that involved physical activity. 

It was a sweltering day when you two crossed paths. When he was walking home from school, he’d turned to cross into a shaded alleyway to avoid the sun and the swarms of popular kids that always pushed him around. Cars occasionally went by as he walked, and part of him thought that one of them could hit him and he’d be alright with it. 

One car stopped dead in front of him and people got out shouting at him, and Drift didn’t even budge. He’s been through it all before. Stand still and take the beating. You can’t outrun a vehicle. One boy smacked his phone out of his hand and it went clattering to the dusty ground. The revving of an engine fired up in the distance, but Drift knew that it wasn’t the same car. He expected to have more visitors soon, joining the ones already having a great time with him. A different kid shoved him from behind and he heard his own neck crack as he shot forward. The first boy sent a swift punch to his stomach when Drift finally caught his balance again, making him cough and gasp for air while the howling of a high-performance engine got nearer and nearer. 

The boy grabbed Drift’s jaw like a vice. “Tell me what you’re gonna do about it.” 

Drift’s stomach twisted both in pain and in anticipation. 

“I said tell me.”

“I won’t have to.” Tears stung Drift’s eyes as he reeled back and cracked his fist against the side of the boy’s head, making nearly direct contact with his ear. The boy drew back in rage, hardly shoving Drift away and groaning in pain the whole time Drift stood there, completely stunned at his own action. He turned his back on his attacker, just in time to catch the other boy’s palm flat against his throat. Drift’s hand was throbbing but he could barely feel it over the choking pain that enveloped his entire body as he crumpled to the ground. 

He couldn’t breathe. He was losing consciousness. He was slipping. The last thing he remembered seeing was the shadowy figures of the two boys looming over him, ready to jump him. Then, dust. Clouds of dust. The squealing of tires spinning out. A loud tch tsche tsche tsche ksh sounded from beside him, and he was being lifted off of the ground by what felt like two large metal hands wrapped around his body. Ambulance, probably. But he had no idea how it could have gotten here so fast. It was his last thought before completely succumbing to the pain in his body.

And time went by.

It was funny, now that Drift thought about it. Months later, after learning about who you are and what you’re here for, he realized that he could relate to a gigantic alien robot better than he could relate to anyone he has ever met. And he cared about you more than anyone, too. Drift didn’t really want to admit it out loud, but he knew what the feelings were even when they first showed up. Sure, he was falling for you. You saved him in every sense of the word and expected nothing in return, how could he not love you? He had someone, and… well, he had someone. That meant more to him than pretty much anything else. He constantly asked himself how he could not be smitten from that point on.

It was a quiet night and Drift wasn’t doing much of anything. You had transformed and driven you both down by the river, which Drift revealed was one of his favourite places to go to get away from everything that bothered him. You both hadn’t said very much and that was just fine, just enjoying the peaceful company that the other brought. It wasn’t until he stopped skipping stones across the water and instead stood very still that seemed to (finally) get your full attention.

“You okay?” You asked him. 

Drift sighed and dropped down to a squat. 


“I like you,” he admitted, and was fully prepared for you to be upset by that fact– because of course, what kind of a relationship was that supposed to entail.

“I… like you too.” Another admission. 

Drift thought he’d push his boundaries. He’s already come this far. “I love you.”

Brightly glowing eyes settled on Drift’s where he now knelt on the ground. “I do not understand. I cannot compute the concept of love,” you replied in a rather monotonous voice and expressionless face, and as tears formed in Drift’s eyes and his shoulders sank with a noticeable sadness, you chuckled. 

“I’m just kidding. I love you too, Drift.”


imsebastianstan Tried a new sport today…I guess they call it “squash” Thanks #RobWilkins

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yes! because alison didnt even want sarah in clone club at first. cosima on the other hand gave her a warm welcome and immediately recognised that they’re going to need sarah especially with beth gone. so these two got off on the right foot

my favourite thing about the “early clone club” is just how readily cosima accepted sarah and defended her. alison was losing her shit on sarah in her basement, “this one’s some kind of low life grifter how do we know she didn’t push her?” / “you don’t rate answers” and yet cosima through the whole thing was trying to defuse the whole situation and defending sarah at the same time, in her general attitude towards sarah and by how she says “i wanted to float that whole clone thing a lot softer.”

so yeah basically if you look right from the very beginning, it’s very clear why (one of) sarah’s primary motivators becomes cosima throughout the series. because cosima accepted her and defended her right off the bat. just based off pre-canon knowledge and sarah’s attitude in general, we can bet that she didn’t have very many people in her life that accepted her that easily. which explains the lengths (that are often usually pretty extreme) that sarah goes through to help cosima find a cure and get well.