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I have a scenario inn mind, it is long my stay with me, the lost light crew is playing smash or pass but they are not alowed to name one from the crew only bots that are not on the ship (to avoid awkward situations) and the human joins them. Someone ask the human to smash or pass starscream and to everyone's surprise the human says smash, they then starts to ask the human more like shockwave and soundwave. the human looks at everyone in the room before saying smash with a serious face.

It becomes a game to them at this point.  A horribly, horribly fascinating game of just how many people the liaison has ever wanted to have sex with.  They start throwing out more and more increasingly worse suggestions, each time gaping in appalled shock at the borderline enthusiastic responses.


“Sure.  He’s cute.  Nice scowl…”

“Are you serious?  How about Tyrest?”

“I’d have to make him wear a ball gag, but it’s doable.”


“Ooh!  Got it!  Tarantulas!”

“Bondage kink,” the liaison hums around their drink.  Swerve chokes on his energon.


“Definitely smash.  Though I wouldn’t want those saw hands anywhere near my-”


The suggestion catches everyone off guard, not only due to the name in question, but because of the mech standing cross armed and expectantly in the doorway.  The bar goes silent.  “I asked you if you would have sexual relations with Overlord,” Cyclonus repeats, with something almost like a smirk threatening to tug at the corners of his mouth.

The entire gathering turns to face the liaison expectantly, every vent intake held in anticipation.  There is a long, agonizing pause. 

“…Okay, hear me out, what you have to understand is-” the liaison starts, but their explanation is quickly swallowed by the cacophonous mix of shouts, laughter, hoops, hollers, and exclamations of exasperation and absolute incredulity that echo throughout the entire bar.

Obi Wan’s saber, a vision and Kylo Ren. To clear up confusion about this recent theory.

So a few days ago after Star Wars posted this tweet, I came up with a theory on a popular Reylo forum. I noticed my theory about the sabre made it to Tumblr, however, like chinese whispers it has become diluted. So here’s clarification of this theory from the source.

I find it interesting how they drew attention to this particular saber recently and then I remembered where I may have seen it.

Many people have speculated that Kylo Ren is holding Lukes’ lightsaber in the vision Rey has, however it also looks a lot like Obi Wan’s sabre.

We know that Kylo Ren loves his relics, so it makes sense for him to have sought after various relics and different sabres attached to legends.

Pablo Hidalgo has said that the vision is not completely accurate to reality.  And the novel describes Kylo Ren as wrenching a saber out of the ground in this moment.

It is unlikely Lukes because as recent spoilers have suggested. The Knights of Ren are defeated by Luke on Ach To, however they are all still alive and standing here in the sequence.

So what if we are having a mix of the future and past in Reys vision? And what if we are experiencing a cross over between Reys vision when she touches Anakins saber and a vision Kylo also had when he touched Obi Wans saber.

It would explain the murder of “salad bowl head” in order to obtain this saber. Salad Bowl does not appear to be a member of the Knights of Ren.

What if Kylo Ren steals Obi Wans’ saber and just how Rey saw who was connected by blood to Anakins sabre, Kylo ren sees a vision of who is connected by blood to Obi Wans lightsaber the second he touches it?

I dont think Kylo Ren sees an adult Rey here as he walks towards her, he sees rey as a child being abandoned on Jakku.

This would explain why Kylo Ren gets so emotional about a girl being mentioned on Jakku..WHAT GIRL?!?.

Its interesting how in the novel the first thing Rey sees in her vision when she touches Anakins saber is a small boy who many speculate to be a young Ben. Again, symmetry, parallels and mirroring.

Kylo Ren seeing Rey connected directly to Obi Wans lightsaber would be the perfect plot device to explain how she is a Kenobi without it getting to convoluted and messy..the use of beautiful cinematography and editing could work wonders.

Artist: ShizukaNaHana (deviantart)

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Not an ask but seriusly Say Optimus or Megatron are, ah, whale sized, and fell for a human. The said human lives on land, little bit further from the beach, and they have yet to create a human-sona, but they really, really wants to meet the human Just imagine how many times the beach people have to push these beached whales back to the sea. Like "Great beings of sea and storms, why the fuck you keep doing this"





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Im very confused, what is the songbird au? I see so much of it on your blog and it SOUNDS pretty, bc i mean... songbird, those are pretty but like....???

It started with this post in which someone sent in a headcanon about Tarn kidnapping a human for their beautiful voice.  People seem to like the whole Phantom of the Opera aesthetic so it just keeps growing lol!  <3  

A friend of mine on here actually came up with a really good backstory for it earlier and gave me permission to add it here, as this seems like the perfect post for it.

“The human in the songbird au is onboard the Lost Light from takeoff, so there’s a duplicate human on the other LL too. When the DJD attacks and kills all the bots they have no idea about the human on board so the human manages to hide. But when the human thinks that DJD have left (spoiler: they haven’t) they sneak out and cry over their slaughtered friends. They sit in the middle of a room full of corpses and start singing in a sad, quiet voice as a requiem for their fallen friends. Little do the know that Tarn is silently listening to them from the shadows. Such a beautiful song, from such a fragile creature, in a room full of their victims.  The whole scene is positively breathtaking.

Tarn kidnaps them and keeps them aboard the Peaceful Tyranny in a gilded cage, forcing them to sing for him.  But as frightening as Tarn is, he’s nothing compared to Overlord. 

See, the human on the “original” LL witnessed how Pipes was killed by Overlord and forgot to think about their own safety and started to “tell him off”, in a surprisingly calm manner. Overlord was amused and somewhat impressed but killed them as soon as they’re done telling him off. But to his surprise he remembers the reader and wonders if they could have amused him further. He shrugs it off (he kills everything and everyone without a second thought after all). But then he comes across the captured version of the same human, in a birdcage and all that.

The human songbird never met Overlord so they’re just extra confused and scared by his fascination of them.  Later on Necrobot’s planet, right before he abandons the DJD, Overlord decides to mess with them and steals the cage with the human from their ship 

But perhaps Deathsaurus got there before him to take the human (certainly a less dangerous and frightening yandere) which makes Overlord annoyed and vows to find the human and keep them for himself, or if he can’t have them then he’ll kill them.  Killing the same person twice is not an opportunity you get often, after all…”  

I really love the songbird au (guilty of spamming hcs). Big scary robots and tiny pretty encaged human? Aw yiss.

I think that Tarn enjoys dressing the human up. Every dressup makes the human cry. Poor baby. Yah theyre wearing a headdress. It looks… Weird.

Sorry for Tarns hands and the sucking inking. Hope you like this.

@sketchlove15  (Screeching to the high heavens!)  Oh my god!!!  This is beautiful!  LOOK AT ALL THOSE RUFFLES!!!  I’m in love!    <3 <3 <3  Thank you so much!  This was an awesome present to wake up to!  OMG!  I can’t contain my emotions!  XD

Jack and Oswald on LINE! - Sketch from the Pandora Hearchu Booklet!

Oswald: Jack. (7:10)

Time Stamp: (7:11)

Jack: What’s up, Oswald?

Oswald: Lacie (7:23)

Time Stamp: (7:23)

Jack: Yeah?

Oswald: she (7:30)

Time Stamp: (7:31)

Jack: Yes (※´∇`※)☆ 

Oswald: told me to send you this (7:50)

Time Stamp: (8:20)

Jack:  |ω・`) じー...(silently stares)

Oswald: [The picture of Yura going: chuuuuu <3 (This is the sound of puckering up your lips for a kiss, basically).] (9:01)

The text at the very bottom that is all blurry, sorry about that, says: 

\\Absolutely don’t approve/// \\Not even a little bit///