So I love how there’s pretty much always that pairing trope where Person A is this happy-go-lucky, dorky, head in the clouds type person, and they are paired with Person B that rolls their eyes and smirks, and they’re all suave or sophisticated, and they’re basically the anchor that keeps Person A grounded in reality

And then you look at Cecil and Carlos and you realize

They’re BOTH dorks. They BOTH have their heads in the clouds and they’re BOTH happy silly goofy goofballs. There IS no suave, sophisticated one of the two, they’re both absolute dorks


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Dub part 8

The musings of a very obsessed Muse fan

Very long Muse rant incoming, I attended my first gig ever yesterday and I have tons of things to let out with lots of insignificant details (maybe). IF YOU’RE INTERESTED, ENJOY!!

So, I was very lucky and I got a spot right at the barrier, on Chris’s side. There were 3 opening bands (I recommend you check out Birth of Joy, they’re quite cool) and the organization was okay, certainly better than what I’ve heard in the past years (nevermind the fact that the first band started performing before we actually got at the stage, oops). I met some amazing musers (shout out to @alimuse and @sit-the-fuck-down for being awesome human beans) and we formed our little group, which was pretty helpful given the circumstances. And the waiting begun!… It really was over faster than I’d have thought :)) Honestly, the wait was more tedious right before we entered the gig area. Between the last opening band and Muse there was an hour long break (they prepared the stage for Muse) and even that passed rather quickly, except for the last 15 minutes in which they teased us like hell (they would stop the background music and turn the lights off, only to restart the music after we’ve had our share of screams). Also, during the preparations for Muse I teared up when they brought Dom’s drum kit on the stage and when they tested one of Matt’s guitars, but shh :’))

Then, at one point, after we got hyped like crazy……. DRILL SERGEANT STARTED PLAYING.


When they came on stage, I thought I’d stare at them in shock, or cry, or not believe my eyes. Well, none of these happened; I just screamed in excitement and looked at every one of them (okay, maybe I was trying to convince myself that they’re real), but… I don’t know, I think my brain couldn’t understand what was happening (or it understood perfectly without me making a conscious effort), because it didn’t feel like I was watching characters on a stage, or weird in any way… It felt just how it was supposed to feel, like I belonged there, like it wasn’t the first time… It felt like home :))

And now let me comment on every song in particular, BECAUSE I CAN.

It all started with Psycho, of course, and the crowd went wild. Matt started laughing at some point while singing and I choose to believe that he was excited by our reactions - I don’t think they expected much from us to be honest (from what I heard, the crowd wasn’t as good in 2007, maybe that’s why they took so long to come back here). Never hoped I’d ever hear Matt say “BUNĂ SEARA BUCUREȘTI!!”

Afterwards, Matt did the usual guitar tease and crowd dialogue… For Plug in Baby :DDDD Hearing it live exceeded any expectations I could have had (and Matt let us sing the chorus and we obliged yaaaaay).

Then Matt and Chris had their “duel” during the Interlude and Chris took the spotlights with the unreal Hysteria bassline :’) screaming the chorus = AWESOME EXPERIENCE.

THEN RESISTANCE STARTED AHHHHH and here is when I noticed that there actually was communication between Muse and the crowd ❤❤❤

And now… Silence… Darkness… Matt changed his guitar… “Prepare for an old song now, from our second album” (I actually understood him wow)… Excitement intensifies… A bit of guitar teasing… AND CITIZEN FUCKING ERASED STARTED AND I COMPLETELY LOST MY SHIT!!!!!!! 3 days prior to the gig I kept listening to CE and I thought everytime that I would DIE if they played it at the gig… AND THEY DID AND I HONESTLY NEVER SCREAMED HARDER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! IT WAS FUCKING PERFECT OKAY! Especially the way he caressed the piano :((((

The scene changed a bit (the visuals and the stage itself were brilliant, they had those cube thingies and they moved them around in between songs) and Matt started some insane guitar teasing and we got hyped for SMBH!! Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect falsetto, perfect drums, perfect backing vocals (I looked like a lunatic trying to sing both lines during the chorus BUT THERE’S NO OTHER WAY).

Now we chilled with some Isolated System and we marvelled at how fast the time passed, we thought that they took this break rather early. Dom came on stage to accompany us :3

Aaand we also got The Handler ❤❤❤❤ incredible song, really, and coupled with the puppeteer’s hand visual effect… Couldn’t believe my eyes (and my ears at the solo I mean wowowowowow it’s even better live).

The Munich Jam live changed my life. Period.


Silence… DEAD INSIDE!!! Matt gave everything at this song, he sang the last part in such a full voice :D

Clap, clap clap, clap, clapclapclap, HOOOOLD YOU IN MY AAAARMS!! Matt walked around the stage during the “Our hopes etc” part (MATT LET US SING AGAIN YUSSSSS) and I got to see his meerkat face up close :3

TIROTIROTIROTIROTIROTIROTIROTIRO :((((((((( When I heard the bass I didn’t even realise what the heck was happening, like WOW TIRO ARE YOU SERIOUS???? And Matt let us sing AGAIN bless his soul we sang our lungs out during this gig :))

THE.GLOBALIST. Matt whistling. THE FUCKING MIDDLE PART WHICH IS LITERALLY THE BEST LIVE THING EVER AND I WON’T ACCEPT ANYTHING ELSE. And the piano oh my god I pretty much lost it again, it was my dream to hear this song live ❤ I noticed that not many people recognized it (at least in my area). Also, a friend from my little group said that it’s very early to play this song and I agreed… Now, after seeing the setlist and realising that it’s the 15th song, I was surprised again by how fast time flew :’)

DRONES YAAAAS (it was another little break)

UPRISING EVEN MORE YAAAAS!! We all got very into it, especially Matt at the fat cats having a heart attack and all that, maybe he tried to tell something to us. I got to see his sweaty meerkat face again woo :))

MERCY AND MY OTHER DREAM CAME TRUE THEY THREW CONFETTI AT THE CHORUS AND I MANAGED TO COLLECT A HUGE PILE (It really was a lot, it snowed confetti). Oh, and again, screaming the chorus with no worries was something I wanted to do since I first heard the song :’)

Chris with a harmonica holy moly :(((( Even though I knew that it was the end, I was so happy and excited for Knights, it truly is the best crowd engaging song (I couldn’t wait to jump and go crazy on it!!!!), and boooy were we engaged. The Romanian crowd made me very proud at this song, at some point Matt even started jumping with us :3

The end seemed pretty rushed, they said their goodbyes, “Cheers!!”, threw the picks and the drumsticks (didn’t get any :)) ) and got off the stage. We later found out that they were actually in a rush, they left for the airport right after. DESPITE THIS, the show itself wasn’t rushed, they were so professional and they gave their best to entertain us, they have my full admiration and respect for their performance, it was just what you’d expect from the best band ever :))

Some general impressions: Matt is definitely a meerkat (with an angelic voice), Dom had such a fluffy platinum blond hair and he smiled that smile of his which could light up an entire city (HE’S THE CUTEST RAY OF SUNSHINE EVER BUT HE’S ALSO A BEAST ON THE DRUMS LIKE HOLY MOLY I DIDN’T ACTUALLY REALISE THIS UNTIL I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES), Chris seemed a bit upset? Stressed? Serious? But he still enjoyed himself very much on certain basslines (and some lucky girl got his harmonica). Per total, I truly believe they enjoyed themselves, they smiled their silly smiles at each other (which was unbelievably cute), the crowd was good, there was great communication, MAYBE THEY’LL COME HERE MORE OFTEN THIS WAY LIKE COME ON GUYS, WE’RE GREAT! GIVE US SOME MORE LOVE! :))


I believe this is all. I don’t even care that we got almost no rarities, because it was PERFECT. TRULY. PERFECT. Literally the best night of my life and I wouldn’t have wished for anything more!! I thought that I’d get even more depressed while writing this (after last night’s hype, the “darkshines” hit me pretty strongly), but instead I’m so satisfied, happy, BLISSFUL. I. AM. BLISSFUL. Thank you Muse for being the most amazing thing to ever exist on this planet. Thank you a billion times. Now I’m convinced that I’ll forever love, admire and cherish you ❤