im actually crying its me

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I love that game play picture you posted! If you don't mind me asking, what apartment (I think it is an apartment) is that? Also, is any of the furniture cc? The apartment looks so nice! Oh, and last thing, WCIF her pants? Sorry for all of the questions and thanks!

thank you!! it’s the penthouse in the art district :O 

the only cc furniture in this pic, and one of the only pieces of build/buy cc I’ll always keep in my game is this sofa (and the rest of the set) and you can find it right here!

as for the pants you can find them here :) p.s they require city living

hnnnnggg the fact that vicky holmes admits herself that “yeah the family trees are really screwed up” and even said that she didnt want 2 confirm certain relations bc she knew they wouldnt add up and wanted 2 leave it 2 fan interpretation rly makes me want 2 like. actually comprise some of my own completely fanbased family trees, at least 4 thunderclan u know?

i just got to akala so heres what i know about sun and moon from my dash.

-lillie is the best (i already knew this but seeing spoilers has cemented this opinion) and shes not interested in being polite or heterosexual
-gladion… maybe he is related to her? hes angry. people ship him with hau idk why. he doesnt want you to go into his room
-its ya boy
-everyone wants an alolan vulpix and nobody has one
-i want olivia to fuckign kill me
-what the shit is a living dex???
-everyone is gay for that girl with paint on her face who looks like shes from splatoon
-i have seen NOTHING about exeggutor since the game came out what the fuck is that. everyone was memeing it up and then. nothing. wtf. long boy.
-does guzma go back to his dad i think his dad misses him maybe
-lillie has been carrying around like a 2000 pound pokemon like its N O T H I N G
-Team Skull Steals A Street Sign

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Holy crap that West World season finale!