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imsebastianstan Tried a new sport today…I guess they call it “squash” Thanks #RobWilkins


Found a video of Edd & Yolov singing “Discord”

anonymous asked:

Do you think Bellarke is going to happen this season?

Hi anon! My answer to this is that we will definitely get some sort of confession. I’m not specifying the type of confession because I believe it’ll differ between Bellamy and Clarke. I personally believe that Bellamy will confess his feelings for Clarke because we already saw how close he got; however, I can’t say the same for Clarke unless a situation comes where she feels like she may truly lose him. What I do think will happen is some sort of acknowledgement that will let them move forward, that is, if the impending apocalypse actually allows it. 

To me, Clarke is not really “in love” with Bellamy. I say this because Clarke and Bellamy haven’t had the time to really define their relationship and there’s been countless obstacles, particularly with Clarke having two love interests. But, at the same time, she is aware that her love for him goes beyond the love you have for your friends. That Bellamy is more than just a companion of sorts - he’s her constant. Someone who is a part of what she feels is home. I believe she’s coming to terms with who Bellamy is to her and right now (I’ll write a meta exploring this in more depth), she knows that she sees him in her future. But she isn’t questioning how he fits into that future. Bellamy is more to her than a potential lover, he is a huge part of why she’s fighting every day. She sees Bellamy and she sees a reason to have hope. She doesn’t know what they may eventually become but whatever it is, she’s fighting for the simple existence of that future.

This season, Clarke has been more adamant about surviving. As I explained in my meta, her faith in their survival is what allows Clarke to push this aside because she believes Bellamy and her have a chance. A chance to figure out what they mean to each other, a chance to live rather than just survive as they’ve done tirelessly. But it’s a chance that will come later for her. A recurring message throughout the season has been prioritising survival above actual living. 

“We won’t just survive, we’ll thrive.”

“First we survive, then we find our humanity again.”

Unlike Bellamy who’s become more wary of time and sees now as the best time to profess his feelings (read @craterhead‘s wonderful meta about Bellamy in 4x06 here), Clarke hasn’t confronted time in that sense as of yet. She cut Bellamy off because she believes that there will be a better time for that. Because Bellamy will live. He will get to say whatever he wanted to say to her because his survival isn’t a question to her. Their future together is a big part of what she’s fighting for. Humanity’s survival isn’t a fight she’s ready to admit she can lose. At least not as of yet. However, if Clarke comes to that situation (it doesn’t feel unlikely) there’s always a possibility she’ll say a few words to Bellamy. About what “special” really means to her; what he means to her.

As for Bellamy, I definitely think that he’ll profess his feelings this season and how Clarke takes it will depend on the situation. Nevertheless, it will be a massive step towards the two progressing their relationship. I believe a kiss is possible but it won’t come in a relaxed situation and neither will their confessions. Hope that answered your question :)

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Also saw people sending you some Good Headcanons and can I just chime in to spread the good word about Adam with brain damage? He canonically has it and it explains not only his hearing loss but his mood swings and losing time too. And think about this... Cabeswater finding those cracks, Cabeswater communicating the way it does as a way of healing the cracks in his skull and his perception of the world... Adam has post-concussion syndrome and a traumatic brain injury I truly believe this.

!!! this is super solid…!