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i held my breath as Mr. Clean’s face leaned into mine, his bright blue orbs seemingly staring into the dark depths of my soul. he whispered with a smile, just barely hovering over my lips. “use magic eraser to get out those tough stains” my body shuddered in pleasure. 

Don't fuck with the LOLOL server
  • Saeyoung: Yoosung, why don't you play outside?
  • Yoosung: Why don't you burn in hell??

Sooo i started this a while ago, to try and find what Mauld’s Celestial Form could look like, and since then i got other ideas, but i decided to just suck it up and finish that one, since it was a challenge ! Ill probs sketch out other ideas i have, and try to reillustrate one (if i find a different one i like more) o/
(the staff is definitely the thing most up to change, but i really wanted to just finish this, so i didn’t take the time to properly design sth that suits Mauld 100% :,^) )


let’s give thanks series (ep. 1) ↴
             🙏   -  happy mark tuan.