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chey that feel tho if lexa's death was just a bad dream and clarke wakes up panicked in the middle of their post-sex nap (and then this paves the way for Oracle clarke who can see into the future bc Lexa kicks titus' whole entire ass out the window)

GOSH clarke waking up and panicking and startling lexa awake because she’s like? ripping the covers back and running her hands over lexa’s sternum, like with visions of black blood all over her hands and lexa’s chest, but only finding smooth tan skin, and lexa finally just catching clarke’s hands in both of hers and holding them still and sitting up (”no lexa, you need to lie down, the wound–” “there’s no wound, clarke.” ) and easing clarke into like. calming down. letting her see that she’s okay, she isn’t hurt, speaking in a soft voice to soothe her until clarke quits shaking. 

imagine adam in his later years getting sick and tired of all this antichrist business like 

‘damn it i cant go anywhere without demons recognizing me and shit and the bowing makes me slightly uncomfortable’

or random 'coincidences’ happen all the time

like he’s searching for a house and its all perfect inexpensive and stuff but the house number is 666 and he just sighs and looks for a different house because there is no way the antichrist is gonna live in house number 666 that is just ridiculous 

I have a feeling Aziraphale and Crowley would be that couple where if one of them is in a totally different room in the house and does something embarrassing like leaning back too far in a chair or doing a stupid laugh the other one makes sure to give a good slow clap from the other room.