Hanamaru Pippi English Lyrics

I’ve been sitting on this translation for almost a year now haha

Hanamaru Pippi’s lyrics caught the ear of many people in Japan–many had fun coming up with their own widely-varying interpretations of the song. Lyricist Asaki is actually quite well known for her undecipherable lyrics; I came across a lot of comments like, “It’s Asaki so just give up (on trying to understand the song).” So the song contains an absurd number of double meanings and oddities.

Also see the translation notes at the end!

Hanamaru Pippis are Just for Good Little Kids
Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko Dake
Artist: AOP, Lyrics: Asaki, Composition/Arrangement: 96

hirari hirari mo suki no uchi to
Drifting through the cracks

かけこみ すべりこみ うっとり
kakekomi   suberikomi   uttori
In a rush, just in time–In a trance

これぞカミカゼ[2] 沿う太陽
kore zo kamikaze   sou taiyou
This is a kamikaze; the sun rides along

虫の息 ひと知れず
mushi no iki  hito shirezu
A dying breath, unknown to the world

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The Patrician stopped and prodded at one of the drawings.

“There’s a piece of yellow paper stuck to this one,” he said, suspiciously. He pulled at it. It came away from the drawing with a faint sucking noise, and then stuck to his fingers. On the note, in Leonard’s crabby backward script, were the words: “krow ot smees sihT :omeM”.

“Oh, I’m rather pleased with that,” said Leonard. “I call it my ‘Handy-note-scribbling-piece-of-paper-with-glue-that-comes-unstuck-when-you-want’.”

The Patrician played with it for a while.

“What’s the glue made of?”

“Boiled slugs.”

The Patrician pulled the paper off one hand. It stuck to the other hand.


Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms 

I love how Vetinari is always smooth and together except when he’s with Leonard and has no idea what to expect

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