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Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live - Omeletteville

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♪ ♫ Bring it on into Omeletteville!! ♫ ♪

(Justin Timberlake on SNL in 2003, remember?)

on october 11th, 2003, SNL introduced the “omeletteville” sketch with guest star justin timberlake. and it fucking exploded. critics and people goddamn loved omeletteville. SNL themselves loved it - and the positive reaction it had - that they’ve done six sequels to the sketch, most also featuring justin timberlake, though some featuring jimmy fallon. all justin does during the sketch is bust some dance moves and exaggerates his features and voice a little, sometimes repeating omelette versions of popular songs, humiliating chris parnell and his opposing business, until they decide to team up. it’s one of the worst SNL sketches i’ve ever seen. it’s one of the worst comedy sketches i’ve ever seen. and it was massively popular. “you’ve gotta see this SNL sketch with justin timberlake”, and justin timberlake dances around a little in a suit. people are howling. it will likely get another it sometime in 2014, or at least 2015. justin timberlake in an omelette costume will be kicking you in the ribs forever, and chris parnell, devoid of any usual comic energy, will stand slightly to the side, while you wait for the joke

bring it on down to omeletteville