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Will Lovelace ever have chicks? Because I'm imaging Tony freaking out when she suddenly lays some eggs after a vet booty call. Though I imagine he'd create the best man made incubator the world has ever seen.

Well, the thing about owls is that one is really enough for any superhero team, and also Lovelace is kind of loud and dumb. So she always makes a BIG DEAL about laying her eggs, which makes it easy for Clint and Bucky to find them, and then it’s Special Omelette Morning in the Avengers’ kitchen. 

Tony allows it because, while he thinks chicks would be fun, you know what’s more fun? Still having Pepper as a girlfriend. 

ACV and Juju

I don’t really see why everyone is so worried about the ACV knowing about Juju considering what happened the last time Juju was broken. And that was before you evolved! Though I guess that not everyone saw it. I had to scroll down a lot to see it myself.

On a completely different note, who wants an omelette!?



“………………………………………………… What’s an omelette???”

-Everyone in the room gasps-


DAY 13:

Breakfast - Banana pre-workout (kettle bells workout was a killer) and then some oats made with coconut milk with some warmed peanut butter, chia seeds and raspberries.

Lunch - Spinach omelette (2 eggs, 1/3 cup coconut milk and ½ cup chopped spinach) filled with spinach and mushrooms.

Snack - I had an apple and gave a dairy free yoghurt a go and OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO GOOD! Going to buy a load tomorrow as I enjoyed it more than normal yoghurts and figured it’s a good way to fit some calories into my diet :)!

Dinner - Home made quorn lasagne with a ton of salad. If anyone wants the recipe gimme a shout as many of you do anyway! Made a lovely balsamic, chilli and honey dressing for the salad for the dressing too!

P.S. I love it when me and the Boyf can eat together as he doesn’t mind quorn mince ☺️

Brunch is served

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hey sorry did i wake you? no nothings wrong listen i just called because i was making a midnight omelette and i dropped an egg and it looks just like Ben Franklin. it’s fucking weird dude you gotta check it out. the doors unlocked just let yourself in when you get here


Imagine a theme park kinda like Disney but instead of a Disney theme it’s a Broadway theme. There could be a Phantom of the Opera haunted boat ride, a Carousel carousel, a Wicked indoor ride, a Rock of Ages Roller Coaster, The Secret Garden walkthrough garden maze. The parade would have floats featuring different shows. Themed restaurants would include a real life Lulu’s Pies from Waitress, a RENT Santa Fe restaurant, Mrs. Lovett’s Pie shop, a Something Rotten omelette stand… The possibilities are endless!



Spanish Omelette, made with Chicken, Sweet Potato & Red Peppers.  Oregano and Parsley were the added herbs.

Served with a Spinach & Tomato Salad, drenched in Lime Juice.

I shared with my husband! That entire pan wasn’t for me :)