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A few days later, after the Turtles had met the gargoyles, Aislinn had set out one afternoon for some sight-seeing around Manhattan. After all, she was still a human teenaged girl, and couldn't be cooped up in her house for long. The brunette walks past the clock tower in Midtown, a cool breeze running through her brown hair. She smiled at the setting sun in the sky. Little did she know, the punks who eyed her previously had noticed her. They smirk, tailing her quietly. ~tmnt-its-ninja-time

One by one, the clan all awoke from within their stone shells of sleep, stretching their limbs and wings as well as their jaws with a mighty yawn. Hudson and Bronx went inside the clock tower to watch television, while Goliath went below to the vacant library. Broadway headed for the stove to show Angela how to make a new omelette, while Lexington retreated to his computer and workbench to finish a few of his latest gadgets that his new friend Donatello had inspired him with. Brooklyn, meanwhile, remained out in the fresh air, looking out over the city and thinking of going on patrol to stretch his wings, when he happened to look below and see what looked like a group of men following a young girl.

“Well, gotta start my patrol somewhere.” he said to himself, perching briefly on the edge of the tower before opening his wings and catching the wind with his dive off.



Finished Phase II of Crush today!! Kinda nervous but also very very excited for the final phase 💪🏻

1. + 2. Made myself the most amazing breakfast ever! An omelette with cherry tomatoes, spinach, onions, and smoked Parmesan 😍🍳

3. + 4. I was in a sweets mood today so I made gaingel food cake and ate an arctic zero

5. Straight up smacked myself in the face 0.0003 seconds after this was taken yay face pulls

6. + 7. Typically douchey gym selfies

Tofu omelette with azukis and raw veggies for breakfast! #vegan ☀️💚☀️💚☀️💚 Hello les caniculien(ne)s! Vous tenez le coup (de chaud)? ☀️

Aujourd'hui, une idée de petit-déjeuner salé, riche, et qui vous fera tenir toute la matinée: une brouillade de tofu fumé (bio et sans OGM de chez @SWISSOJA) aux azukis (haricots rouges), et basilic, accompagnée de légumes crus, de bonnes huiles pressées à froid, et d'un filet de jus de citron pressé! ☀️

On oublie souvent (même si je vous le rappelle à l'occasion), que le petit-déjeuner est LE repas le plus important de la journée, qu'il devrait être le plus riche et le plus copieux, et qu'idéalement, il devrait être composé de protéines et de bon gras, ainsi que de crudités (toujours des crudités!). ☀️

C'est donc ce que l'on trouve dans cette assiette. Les protéines sont amenées par le tofu et les haricots (sans parler des nutriments tels que le fer). Le bon gras vient des huiles pressées à froid, ici de l'huile d'olive, de macadamia, et de caméline (oméga 3 youpila!), ainsi que des noix de cajou et de pécan hachées, parsemées sur les légumes. Et pour finir donc, les crudités, du concombre, des endives, et du choux-fleur, tous crus, tous frais, accompagnés d'huile, jus de citron pressé, basilic séché, sel, et poivre. ☀️

Sur la page Facebook, la recette de la brouillade de base, que l'on peut enrichir selon ses envies, ici par les haricots rouges, le basilic, beaucoup d'ail et d'oignon, et du curcuma! :) ☀️

Bon appétit et restez hydratés!!!! Plouf ☀️

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The #breakfast of a lazy, extremely sick #fitchick 😷 Egg white omelette with low fat mozzarella and some #protein #oats (#glutenfree oats, @cellucor cinnamon swirl protein, walden farms pancake syrup, and a tbsp of peanut butter) with a carton of orange juice on the side 👍 Normally I don’t eat such big/macro dense meals but I know I won’t be leaving my bed much today so I gotta get some food in me while I can 💀 The #macros for this meal (including the OJ) are 685 calories, 62 protein, 77 carb, and 14 fat 😁 Now off to take some more meds and hope this goes away soon 😩 Have a great #4thofjuly #fitfam ❤️💥🎉 #foodporn #iifym #flexibledieting #gains #igfit #instafit #inspiration #motivation #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #backontrack #bodybuilding #lifestyle #sick #eatclean #cleaneating #celiac #cellucor #nutrition #recovery #rest

i could write a review of this game, but so many other people have written exactly what i would say. so, i’ll just leave a recipe for a breakfast omelette:

you will need:
3 eggs
a tablespoon of milk
4 bacon strips
1 potato
¼ red onion
salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayanne pepper(a dash of each)
cooking oil

Start off by dicing your potato and onion into little bits, then dropping that into a medium skillet with some oil. cook over a med-high flame, stirring frequently so that the potatos don’t burn. salt lightly. takes about 15 minutes to cook. when done, the outside should be alittle crunchy, the inside moist. onions will blacken, thats fine. remove from heat and set aside to dry in some paper towels or coffee filters.
Next, start the bacon, just plop that in a skillet and cook it for 3 minutes, flip, cook for 2 more minutes then add to your potatos.
While the potatoes are cooking, you can start to prepare your eggs. just crack all 3 into a cup, add the milk and seasonings you want. mix it up so its a uniform yellow. get a medium skillet warmed up.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! the fire MUST NOT be too high or YOU WILL BURN THE OMELETTE! it needs to be a low flame. heat up the skillet, grease it with cooking SPRAY or butter, then drop in the egg mixture. if you didn’t stir it enough you will see an egg yolk in your pan. If you do, just make scrambled eggs.

If you did it right, the eggs should cook slowly. As they start to become solid on the bottom of the pan(but still runny enough to move around the pan, it will be 2 layers), add a layer of cheese over HALF of the omelette(not too much, you will add more later and the grease from the cheese will RUIN the flip). add the bacon and potatos over the cheese, then add more cheese. Once the eggs are almost completly solid, take a spatulla and start to lift up the edges around the side that is empty, this will be the side you FLIP onto the other. once you can move most of the empty side, you will put the spatulla under the middle of the empty side and GENTLY slide it all the way to the middle of the omelette. then you will lift slowly and try to create a half circle by folding one half over the other. turn off the heat and transfer it to a plate.

If done right, you just made an amazing breakfast THAT WILL GET YOU LAID! Dont ever underestimate a home cooked meal. it will get you in bed with someone 99 out of 100 times.

Use this power responsibly.


260 Hours on Mount and Blade Warband