Breakfast in Korean

Please note: This is about a typical western breakfast to talk to your Korean friends rather than being about Korean breakfast cuisine.

아침밥 breakfast (아침 means morning and 밥 means food/meal)

토스트 toast

우유 milk

쥬스 juice

오렌지 쥬스 orange juice


커피 coffee

계란 egg


버터 butter

베이컨 bacon

소시지 sausage

오믈렛 omelette

팬 케이크 pancakes

먹다 to eat

마시다 to drink

맛있다 to be delicious

맛없다 to not be delicious

Reigen and Saitama used to be salarymen and and following that anon from the other day,I thought further about this….what if:

- They were BFF(…..or maybe going out?someone needs to find a ship name involving salt and eggs. Omelette? )

- Reigen’s knowledges in psychology/debates/argumentation came from the injustice and shit Saitama received unfairly at the job and his desire to help out.

- Reigen’s stand on being a good person came from Saitama’s influence.

- Saitama falling further into depression and Reigen being powerless to stop it until Saitama gets fired.

- Reigen blaming himself for the situation and how Saitama may have fallen so low because Reigen wasn’t considering his feelings enough and thought about his own.

- Reigen and Saitama start talking again because he keeps hearing about how he’s a “fake” hero and thinks it’s true and wants to support him, since that’s basically where he is too?

- Saitama and Reigen exchanging letters and occasional calls after that, Saitama telling him he never blamed him and that he was only looking for something worthwhile to live for after everything went to shit.

- Saitama mentionning Genos and how things are getting better and that Reigen was right when he said it would all the time.

- Reigen: ohhhhh i got a student too.
Saitama: Woah ya didn’t tell me ya got a boyfriend.
Reigen: ????¿¿¿ What???
Saitama: What?
-sees Mob-
Saitama: oh…you….meant…a litteral student.