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Hate Joji x Reader

A/N Wrote a drabble story, haven’t written fics in a long time so i dunno where this will go but hey. some dark shit in this like abuse and violence so don’t read if this will affect you negatively. yeah, joji and the boys are my faves so had to write something to include joji’s song plastic taste (which you should check out defo!) enjoy! might write more if good feedback!! probs out of character neck me I’m so bad at writing omfg

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“God damnit Jake! Is there any time of day where you can’t have a tantrum?!” I screamed, flinching at the sound of cutlery and ceramic plates crashing to the floor in his clumsy, anger fuelled state. He turned quickly, fiery anger in his eyes. Storming over to me, he got close to my face and growled. The room was dimly lit, sofa covered in beer bottles and smashed glass; weed stung the room like a old friend and cd cases were lazily toppling onto the floor from the broken shelf. The TV buzzed the classic, grainy, black and white as his voice poisoned my thoughts. The only thing that had stayed perfect was the photograph of me, Joji, Max, Chad and Ian on my 21st birthday. That day was amazi-

“Maybe if you weren’t such a brat this wouldn’t of happened! Telling Jane to fuck off for no reason!” He yelled, spit flaking in my face and a vein pulsing in his neck. Tears dribbled from my eyes and I just rubbed my temples. Joji and the boys had never liked Jake, I couldn’t see why until now. The warnings they had gave him and the suspicions they had spilled to me didn’t make sense.
“I did fuck all wrong Jake, you were practically wrapping her around you for fuck sake, were you gonna fuck her Jake, huh?!” I grimaced at the memory of the red head’s hips pretty much grinding against Jake’s; why on Earth was he acting like this?!

I can do this face to face

“You’re a stupid slag, you know that!” He spat violently, avoiding the question entirely. A pang of hurt and disgust hit my stomach like a car smashing against a building. This wasn’t love, this was a stupid mistake in college wrapped around obsession and loneliness. Silent, so fucking silent I still prayed he stepped in with a word of “I didn’t mean that, I love you”.


I looked into his eyes, those green eyes. Just green. The descriptive techniques I used to use to describe his eyes were gone, all the love and thought to boost his confidence and remind him how beautiful he was to me was gone. They were just green.
“Jake I’m going, keep this shit hole I’ll get my shit- staying with some friends now. You’re an asshole and I honestly don’t wish you any luck, you’ve made me feel shit for so long ’m done.” I sighed, pulling out my phone and tapping in some digits. Beep.

But I’ll admit that I’m afraid

“What the fuck do you mean you’re leaving me? You’ll run back- heck you’re not going anywhere!” He gripped my throat tight, refusing to let go. Furiously, I kicked him in the gut, his whiskey stained breath blew in my face and it stung.
“Get the fuck off of me Jake!” I pushed him and he punched me in the face, hard. I leaped at him and we wrestled on the floor, he hovered above me and gripped one of my wrists, my throat in the other.
“You don’t get to leave, this is your fault!” He spat, fury in his eyes with a curtain of greasy, dirty blonde hair. My vision was fogging heavily as I kicked my legs to hopefully pry him off, nope.


The door burst open, a buzz of familiar voices surrounded my head. Jake was pried off of my and I felt my throat in my heart, that was too close. Eventually, my vision was less foggy and I felt two hands hoist me to sit up. I blinked heavily, it had gone so fast it was hard to process what had happened. Drip, blood dripped down from my mouth and nose. I could make out the figures; Chad, Max, Ian and of course, Joji. I must’ve accidently rang him. Silent, it was so silent. I took in my surroundings; alcohol pooled on the floor from the smashed bottle of Jack, TV smashed.

Let this romance go to waste

Jake was unconscious on the floor, his fringe covering his face, knuckles were purple and split from beating the shit out of me. Finally, I looked down at my hands, covered in blood; I caught my reflection in the mirror by the window of our apartment. My nose was bruised with a trail of blood down to my mouth, which was where more blood pooled heavily. Haunting bruises hung around my throat and collarbone and wrists, my eyes were bloodshot.

Eventually, I looked up at the boys, all of which were beyond shock and near tears; Joji was already crying into his hands. Ian gripped my arms and gently pulled me up to stand, which I struggled with.
“____, why did he do this?!” Ian spoke into the cold air. Chad kicked Jake to the corner, spitting on him.
“He’s a sick bastard, why the fuck…” Max clenched his fists. I wobbled, confused with the whole situation.
“Jo…” I muttered, pleading for some sort of comfort from him. He removed his hands from his face and grabbed me, holding me close where I just cried.

Excuse me for my plastic taste

“I…I wanna go home.” I whimpered, my clothes were tattered around me so Ian grabbed a white top, leggings and a pair of black vans and Joji wrapped his grey hoodie around me, pulling me to his side. After a quick hussle, Max and Chad had grabbed my things, including clothing, gaming things, wash things, makeup and a photo album. I clutched my phone and my Totoro plush, given to me by Jo and we quietly got into the Rover outside.

Moments after we got out the car and into Max’s apartment, Chad placed my suitcases and bag on the kitchen counter as Ian and Jo guided me to sit down at the kitchen breakfast counter.
“You need something to eat, you look starvin’.” Jo muttered into my ear, I shook my head and whipped out a cig, lighting it and savouring the vile taste in my mouth. He snatched it from my hands and crushed it in the ash tray, handing me a cup of water.
“Ian go grab the first aid kit, I’ll try'n’ sort out her wounds and shit.” He said in his husk voice, Ian nodded and bounced up the stairs.
“I’ll make up a quick omelette, Max is sorting out rooms-”
“She can sleep in with me, she’ll have a shower after to get rid of the blood and alcohol over her-”
“I’m still here, I’m not a child.” I sighed, rubbing my head from the potential concussion Jake had given me. Two white pills were placed in front of me with my water and Jo nudged me gently. Grimacing, the pills burned my throat and I just gave him a thumbs up and gulped down the water.

Excuse me for my plastic taste

“Come on, eat up.” Joji nudged my shoulder, after minutes of watching me painfully play with my food to look as if I had ate some. I just stared at the ceramic plate, the food looked good but I couldn’t even attempt to make my first bite from the sickening pain in my head and stomach; the guilt, the heartbrokenness and the empty pit in my stomach just made eating seem harder than it should.
“I…I can’t.” I stammered, twisting the fork around between the folds of omelette. I just kept staring at the plate, thoughts of what Jake had done to our plates, the smashing, the cuts, the blood-

I broke, tears pooled out of my puffy eyes and I just cried and cried. My hands held my head off of the counter and I sobbed; finally recalling what had just happened within the last four hours. The taste of guilt riddled my tongue, almost plastic like. The burning of my throat was overthrown by my tears. Echoing, my cries at two in the morning left Joji speechless. I began to claw at my head and my arms, hyperventilation finally stirring. He grabbed my wrists and held them to him, preventing me from being able to do more damage. I kicked and screamed and he held me from behind; hushing into my ear as his head rest on my shoulder as he tried to calm me. Plastic. My screams turned into low sobs and my hands fell limp to my side as my head hung as I cried.
“It’s okay, you’re safe; everything’s going to be fine, you’re safe It’s me, It’s George okay just breathe.” Those were the words mumbled into my ear, calming me down slowly.

Excuse me for my plastic taste

“It’s all gonna be okay.”


Loaded Chicken & Veggie Omelette 


4 large eggs, room temperature

Splash of heavy cream 

1 cup spinach 

½ medium onion, sliced 

½ carton of white or baby Bella mushrooms 

½ cup sharp cheddar cheese 

Cooked chicken 

Salt and pepper 

Sliced tomatoes 

Sliced avocados 

Salt, pepper, basil, and oregano & fresh herbs of your choice 

Butter or olive oil 


In a large skillet, heat a few tbsp of olive oil over medium heat. 

Add in the onions and mushrooms, season with salt and pepper and cook them for a few minutes until they develop color and soften.

Once the vegetables have softened, add in the spinach and cook until the spinach just begins to wilt. 

Remove the vegetables to a clean plate or bowl. 

In the same skillet, add a few tbsp of butter over medium heat. 

Beat your eggs with a splash of cream and any seasonings you desire and add to the skillet, swirling to make sure that eggs touch each part of the pan. 

Let the bottom of the omelette cook for a minute or so. To test, try to lift a corner of the omelette. If it tears, it is not done. If the egg is slowly starting to brown and does not tear upon lifting, it is ready to be filled. 

Spread an even layer of cheese onto the omelette and fill one side with the fillings of your choice. 

Once the filling has been placed onto the omelette, carefully fold the omelette into three parts and finish cooking. 

Removing the omelette to a plate, seam side down. 

Top with the toppings of your choice and serve. 


A Long Way Down (Chapter 2)

Word Count: 1,335

Warnings: None 

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You let out a groan as your back hit the floor again - Bucky’s leg sweeping you off your feet. You had been training with him for a week now and he had been keeping you on your toes - switching up his tactics when he went on the attack. He had been relentless - more so than you had originally thought he was going. The first day, you went to bed with an ice pack and could barely get up for training the following day. Plus, it seemed the more you trained, the more Bucky got frustrated with you. You couldn’t help it if you weren’t a hand to hand combat person - you had managed to keep most people at bay with your powers in one way or another. 

You fought against Bucky’s regime from day one - becoming more and more frustrated as he relentlessly trained you for three to four hours per day. You were exhausted and you needed to do research with Tony and Bruce for the mission. But you had been so stressed out from your training, you were even snapping at Tony. Everyone - especially Tony - had noticed your change in attitude and tried to avoid it at all costs. 

“Up again,” he said from above you. Tilting your head back on the mat, you grimaced at him as he stared down at you. 

“Never let it be said I got off easy,” you responded as you pushed yourself back into a sitting position. Placing your arms on your propped up knees, you stared at the soldier’s back until he faced  you again. “You know,” you said, tapping your foot. “I’m beginning to think that you just don’t want me to win." 

Bucky scoffed at you before turning back to the bench where his sweatshirt was. "If you’re not going to take this serious, then I’m not going to train you." 

"What’s with the attitude?" 

"No attitude from my part - I just figured you’d want to stay alive when Hydra caught up with you." 

Frowning, you pushed yourself up to stand. "Of course I do, but they’re not going to be using hand to hand tactics all the time." 

"They will on you,” he said, tugging his sweatshirt over his head as he turned back to face you. 

“Why me?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest. “I’m just a member of the team, nothing special." 

"You can manipulate metal - why the hell would they use guns on you if you can just take them out of their hands? Plus, think of the force they’d have if you were under their control. Every country has weapons made of metal and steel - you would be their super weapon." 

You had no response for that - you quickly realized when training with Bucky that he didn’t speak - but when he spoke, he meant every word. You had always thought of your power as something that could be used to help people - you never realized that it could be used for far worse purposes if you were captured under someone else’s control.  

You were silent long enough for Bucky to sigh in frustration. "We can finish this tomorrow,” he said as he brushed past you. 

Pursing your lips, you turned your head to watch him leave. “But it’s only been two hours." 

"Think of it as a gift.” He tossed back over his shoulder, not stopping at he walked out the gym doors. 

Sighing deeply, you grabbed your own sweatshirt. It was the longest conversation that you had with Bucky and it had left you more frustrated than before. Pulling on your sweatshirt, you grabbed your water and made your way out of the gym. It was still early and you hadn’t had breakfast. You walked into the kitchen with your stomach grumbling  to find Pietro and Tony there already. 

“Make me food,” you whined to Tony as you sat on a stool next to his. “I’m hangry." 

Pietro grinned at you in amusement as Tony rolled his eyes. "Make your own food, Princess." 

"But Tony,” you whined even louder resting your head on your friends shoulder. “You promised me breakfast." 

Tony scoffed as he glanced down at you. "I promised no such thing." 

"Yes, you did!” You said as you sat back up. “Two days ago, when we were watching movies.  You said you’d make me breakfast if I didn’t complain about the training schedule. And I haven’t.” You ended, holding up a finger to silence Tony’s comeback. 

“You can’t hold a drunken conversation against me." 

"Yes, I can.” You grinned at him, crossing your arms over your chest. “You weren’t that drunk anyway." 

"Sorry darling, I have to do some work on the suit." 

You pouted at him as Pietro interrupted you. "I’ll make you breakfast." 

You and Tony whipped your heads to where he stood, almost forgetting he was there. Your face broke out in a wide grin before sticking your tongue out at Tony. "See? Pietro is a lot nicer than you." 

Tony picked up his coffee mug before shaking his head at Pietro. "You’ve done it now,” he said to him. “Now, you’ll never get her to stop annoying you." 

"Love you too, Tony.” You smirked at him before he gave you a brotherly kiss on the forehead before walking out. “Now,” you said turning to Pietro. “What can you make?”
Pietro grinned at you before making your way over to the fridge. “I make some killer omelettes." 

Rubbing your hands together, you stood up to help but Pietro shushed you back into the stool. "I’ll take care of it,” he said to you as you propped your head up on your arm. 

Watching him in wonder, you saw Pietro zip through the preparation process - cutting up some vegetables to go with the omelette before pouring it all into the pan. Once the ingredients were poured in, he leaned against the counter and grinned at you. “Can’t rush perfection,” he said as you chuckled. “So, how’s the training?" 

"Rough,” you grimaced as he laughed again. “Hey, it’s not funny!" 

Pietro shook his head as he crossed his arms over his chest. "I don’t envy you, that’s for sure. Bucky’s tough - I can’t imagine him as a trainer." 

"You have no idea. I’m sore in places I didn’t know existed." 

"You know, you can always take the upper hand by manipulating his arm." 

You screwed your face up at the thought. "Nah, if I win, I want to win fair and square." 

Pietro shrugged before turning back to the stove. "Just a thought,” he said over his shoulder before perfectly folding the omelette. The smell wafted over to you and your stomach growled. 

Wrapping your arms around your stomach, you laughed when Pietro shot you a look. “I told you, I’m hungry!" 

"I think you said ‘hangry’ earlier,” he responded as he grabbed a plate for the omelette. 

“Well, I was. But now that you’re making me food, I’m less angry, more hungry." 

"You’re something all right." 

"You sound like Tony,” you grinned cheekily at the silver haired main. 

“Whoa,” Pietro said, holding his hands up as he turned towards you. “I am many things, but Tony Stark I am not." 

You shrugged one shoulder as he turned back to the stove. "Not a bad thing, I mean, I do like Tony." 

"I hope not in the way I’m thinking,” Pietro responded as he slid the omelette onto the plate and turned off the stove. “Because that would be disappointing." 

You made a gagging face as he brought the plate over and grabbed you a fork and napkin. "Hardly,” you said as his grin grew. “Mostly because I don’t think Tony is all that cute." 

Your eyes widened as you realized what you said just as Pietro grinned cockily at you. Sitting down across from you, he pushed the fork and napkin over to you. 

"Food’s ready, beautiful." 

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Stuffed Omelette .. آومليت محشو

This dish contains:

  • 2 eggs
  • Yellow and red cherry tomatoes
  • Feta cheese
  • Slice cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Arugula
  • Chopped parsley
  • Salt and Paper, and Thyme

First beat your eggs, fry them

Second saute your cherry tomatoes in olive oil and thyme

Third add your sautéed cherry tomatoes, feta cheese in the middle of the omelette.

Finally fold each side of the omelette and hold it with slice cheese until it melt’s.

Enjoy it with toast and green salad =)

هذا الطبق يحتوي على:

  • بيضتين
  • طماطم صغيرة ملونة
  • جبنة فيتا
  • شرائح جبن
  • زيت زيتون
  • اوراق الزعتر .. ملح و فلفل
  • جرجير
  • بقدونس مفروم

اولا تضرب البيضتين جيدا و تقلى

ثانيا تحمر الطماطم في زيت الزيتون مع رشة من اوراق الزعتر

ثالثا نضيف الطماطم المقلية مع جبنة فيتا في منتصف الاومليت

اخيرا تلف الجهتين من الاومليت و تمسك بشريحة جبن حتى تصبح سائلة و يتماسك طرفي الاومليت

تقدم مع التوست و سلطة خضراء مشكلة من انواع الخس و الجرجير

و بالعافية =)

Making Ramly Burger

Are you ready for this? I ask because if you’re still in that “eating healthy resolution” phase, you might want to skip this. Actually, if you’re a burger purist, you also might want to skip this because we’re going to talk about not just any old burger - we’re going to talk about the Ramly burger.

Imagine this: two thin yet juicy patties sandwiching a slice of processed cheese. Now imagine it smothered with a deluge of Worcestershire sauce, a shake of Maggi seasoning, and a healthy dollop of margarine. Margarine, please, never butter. This then gets placed in a thin layer of omelette and folded in such a way that it seals all the condiments. A few slices of tomatoes, shredded cabbage usually (emphasizing the word “usually”, since some forego it altogether) crowns this creation before it’s transferred between a split bun that’s been slathered with margarine and toasted on the flat top.

Takes on recreating this burger attempts to get it to pay homage to its burger roots by adding things like caramelized onion, arugula, coleslaw, cheese not of the processed kind, buttersacrilege! Its rudimentary components are its charms. It’s quick to make. It’s messy, it’s calorie laden. It looks pretty ugly but tastes damn delicious. Hey, if you’re going to do something wrong, you might as well do it right. Then you contemplate upon it, and never do it again. That’s how we learn, baby. So let’s get started.

RAMLY BURGER (serves 2, but will allow 4 for the faint hearted):

[ 2 burger buns + 4 homemade or store-bought beef or chicken patties (if you’re making your own, make sure the patties are no more than ½ inch thick) + 2 slices of processed cheese + 2-4 eggs + 1-2 tablespoons margarine + ½ teaspoon Maggi curry seasoning powder + 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce + 4 slices of tomatoes + a small handful of shredded cabbage + mayonnaise and ketchup to taste ]

Beat the eggs and season with a little salt.

Heat 1 teaspoon of margarine in a skillet and cook the burger patties to your preference. Put a slice of cheese on top of a patty and stack another on top. Repeat with the other patties. Set aside.

Turn the heat to medium high and heat another teaspoon of margarine. Add half of the beaten egg and spread thinly. Place one patty stack in the middle and put half a tablespoon each of Worcestershire sauce and ketchup, ¼ teaspoon of curry seasoning powder, and ½ teaspoon of margarine. Wrap the patty stack with the egg to make a nice pocket. Keep warm.

Split and spread the buns with margarine and toast it on the same skillet. Place the patty-egg pocket between the buns and top with 2-3 slices of tomato and some cabbage (I didn’t have any). Drizzle with mayonnaise and ketchup. Serve immediately.


Super-easy omelette for one

So, I’ve been eating this a lot lately because there was a great deal on eggs at my local supermarket, and it takes so little energy to make.

You’ll need:

  • Eggs (as many as you’re hungry. I usually use 3)
  • Chopped onion (I use frozen pre-chopped ones)
  • Butter
  • veggie/meaty things you like in omelette/have energy to make
  • parsley
  • salt+pepper
  • hard cheese (cheddar etc)

How to:

  1. Melt a knob of butter in a large frying pan, then add onions and other flavourings. Stuff that needs frying off of fillings should go in now too (bacon, mushrooms etc). I often add some frozen sweetcorn to defrost.
  2. Turn the heat off. Crack your eggs in the pan and muddle them so they’re mixed up and combined with your fillings.
  3. If you’re adding cooked fillings, do that now.
  4. Turn the heat back on low. As the eggs cook, add cheese. I usually grate some cheddar straight on top in the pan.
  5. Once the eggs are just done, turn the heat off again. You can fold the omelette over all posh-like, scramble your eggs a bit or just slide it onto a plate as-is

Voila! Delicious eggy-cheesy goodness! If you’re so inclined you could put this on top of toast or accompany with salad.

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Mini prompt : Penance rumbelle do domestics together, breakfast, laundry, whatever. They just share a cute moment of "yeah I could see my life being this all the time"

Fluff and Penance don’t really go together, but I tried!

Something was burning.

Gold’s eyes flew open, instinctively reaching to the side where Belle had been nestled when they had fallen asleep.  The bed was cold, and he threw back the covers and scrabbled around for his pants, tugging them on and reaching for his cane.  He made his way downstairs as quickly as he could, bare feet slapping on the wooden treads and the early morning chill making him shiver.  The burning smell was stronger as he turned towards the kitchen, and there was a crash and a muffled curse.

“Shit!” he heard Belle hiss, and he breathed a little easier.  She was unhurt.

She came into view as he entered the kitchen, struggling with a smoking pan as she tried to fill the sink with hot water and dish detergent. It appeared that the house, at least, was not on fire, but the breakfast most certainly was.

“What are you doing?”

She jumped at his voice, pale legs bare beneath the deep blue silk of his discarded shirt, her dark curls swinging, and blushed a little as she looked from him to the blackened frying pan and back again.

“Oh,” she said awkwardly.  “I was trying to make breakfast.”

“Ah.”  He strolled across to her and peered in the pan.  “Charcoal and burnt stuff.  My absolute favourite.  How did you know?”  

“Shut up!”  She swatted him, sticking out her tongue as he grinned.  “I got distracted.”  

She waved her hand at the kitchen table, where a book lay face-down, its pages tented, and his grin widened.

“Well, let’s see what we have left,” he suggested, and took the pan from her, turning off the hot water as he dropped it into the sink.  There was an angry hiss as the pan was submerged in water and rainbow-coloured bubbles, and Belle sighed despondently.  He moved past her to open the fridge, brushing her nose affectionately as he did so and leaving a blob of soap suds on her.

“Omelettes,” he announced, getting out the eggs, and she looked a little happier.

He fried sliced mushrooms and set them aside, whisking eggs in a bowl as Belle grated some cheese.  The oil in the pan was smoking as he poured in the eggs, and it spat at him a little, making him wince as the hot fat speckled his skin.

“I should have dressed,” he grumbled, and heard her soft laughter.

“I’m not complaining,” she said slyly, and slipped her arms around his waist, resting her head against his back and making him grin.  She began kissing him, soft warm lips against the cool of his skin, as light as feathers, and he remembered how she had felt to kiss in the dark of the night.  How delicious she tasted.

“This is not helping my concentration,” he said sternly.  “Why don’t you get out some plates?”

She pulled away, her fingers pinching his rear and making him jump, and he heard her getting out plates and cutlery as he added mushrooms and cheese and folded the omelette over, grinning to himself.  Making breakfast for Belle was definitely something he could get used to.

+sherlolly: The Admirer: Part 28

This took forever, and I am sorry! Thank you to everyone who’s been following this and waiting so patiently. I nearly went overboard with my Mycroft affections in this one, but managed to rein it in. :) Again, I apologise for the wait and I can only hope this chapter is worth the wait. xx 

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The Admirer: Part 28


“So, how are you today?”
It was lunchtime for Molly at the university hospital and she was seated at lunch in one of the hospital cafes with her friend, now confidante, Ayumi. She picked at her omelette, smearing its ketchup-drawn smiley face into a whirlpool of red. It looked rather nostalgically like a murder scene and it made Molly smirk for a moment.

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