We already thought Relaxing Bear Omelettes (Rilakkuma Omurice) were ridiculously cute, but we may have briefly lost consciousness at the the sight of this mind-blowingly kawaii Corgi rice omelette. His body is made of plain white rice and rice mixed with ketchup. His ears have been decorated with two little slices of ham and his eyes are probably oval pieces of seaweed

“And the nose…well the nose looks like a jellybean, or maybe a chocolate covered peanut. Neither one is generally considered to go well with omuraisu, but with all the sweetness radiating from the adorable design, we doubt one little piece of candy is going to make that big a difference.”

We may not recover from the sight of this edible corgi until we find a real life corgi to pet. Until then we’ll be walking on air.

[via RocketNews24]