The Signs As Dinosaurs
  • aries: Ankylosaurus - a non-selective herbivore, the ankylosaurus can be fairly zen, not as chill-less as the t rex obviously. However, she can be moody, short tempered, and impulsive and will not hesitate to fuck a bitch up with her rock-like club located on the anterior end of her tail.
  • taurus: Brachiosaurus - this majestical goddess had some chill. She kept to herself and ate a bunch of shit off of super tall trees. You keep doin' you.
  • gemini: Tyrannosaurus - Energetic and free, you and the T Rex know how to use your head (tho ingl ur probably a hell of a lot smarter than the t rex he hit her head on trees and shit.) However, you both may lack perseverance. Just look at the T Rex, getting distracted from eating people every time someone shoots a fucking flare gun (see every jurassic park ever)
  • cancer: Platyceratops - I don't know much about the platyceratops but I DO know that while cancers are loyal and sweet and communicable and trustworthy, they can get moody and sad. This dinosaur also looks sad.
  • leo: Microraptor - While you're both beautiful, colorful, free birds (literally she had four wings) you both know you're hot shit and undoubtedly "seize" what you strive for.
  • virgo: Triceratops - Look at you little cinnamon rolls. While you both have your numerous strengths such as reliability and preciseness, you share some weaknesses. You're both known for being inconsistent. This dinosaur would fight its own kind for attention idk.
  • libra: Velociraptor - surprisingly intelligent, extremely loyal and hospitable to their own kind, fucking awesome and classy af, though unreliable and inconsistent as proved in jurassic world thanks charlie
  • scorpio: Dromiceiomimus - look at this adorable fucking nerd! Both you and your dromiceimomimus friend are wonderfully intelligent, resourceful, and adaptable. This dinosaur was like "hey fuck it. I'll eat plants. I'll eat animals. I'll eat algae. No one can stop me." This dinosaur was also efficient af and one of the fastest and most unstoppable dinosaurs to date. (may or may not be those long-necked running nerds in jurassic park idk)
  • sagittarius: Hagryphus - you're both unreadable as fuck. No really, only one species of hagrypus has ever been discovered.
  • capricorn: Omeisaurus - you're both chill and are cool doing your own thing, eatin' some plants and shit.
  • aquarius: Pterodactylus - visionary. intelligently independent. noice. 10/10 would recommend if ya'll weren't so aloof and rebellious.
  • pisces: Mosasaur - fucking spiritual and magical and ethereal, exquisite lizard. good shit. you're the king.