Having a YouTube channel with Tom Headcanon

Head Canon: having a YouTube channel with Tom
Warnings:none that I know of
A/N: I decided to post the Head Canon to my YouTuber!Tom series instead of part 2 hope that’s alright!


-Videos consist of 80% Spiderman puns

-you guys have signature Spider-Man and Ironman chairs you guys sit in for videos like Q&As and reacting videos

-your channel is called “The Spectacular y/n&Tom”

-trying British candy (and Tom judging you for not liking most of them the whole video)

-trying candy from y/c and Tom like most of it

-having Harry as your camera man whenever he’s available


-you’ve both have gotten amazing things happen to you since a young age so your subscribers always can’t wait for the next story

-pranks 24/7

-but once Tom made you cry and you gave him the cold shoulder for 3 days so you guys stopped for like 2 months

-but only 2 months because Tom and you love pranks

-Harrison featured in 50%+ of your videos

-separate vlogs when you’re away from each other

-when you and Tom took a break you still stay vlogging because you’re both dedicated af and stay committed

-but you guys surprise your followers when you end your break;))
“Hey guys, there’s someone I want you to see
“Ello mates! You you alright?”

-social media goes WILD

-you guys continued to tease your subscribers in your videos when Tom wouldn’t show anyone his hair

-food challenges the time

-but fair share of workout Videos too

-occasionally you guys get some of your movie costars in some videos

-but you guys don’t invite RDJ anymore or Mackie because they hog the camera

-Zendaya and Jacob love getting in videos and they always get ideas of starting their own

-make up tutorials with Laura (harrier) when you guys get breaks

-set tours

-flat tours

-room tours

-everything tours

-omegle trolling when you run out of ideas

-collabs with other YouTubers

-you especially like collabing with other couple channels

-you made a diss track against Tom with RiceGum as a joke because he is so unproblematic and this is the only way he would ever get one

-Tom loves it and thinks it hilarious



-fans spot hickies on your neck in a video and breaks the Internet

-Tom and you BOTH crying in the try not to cry challenge

-and laughing in the try not to laugh challenge

-Tom makes you edit the videos because he sucks™

-boyfriend does my makeup challenge

-girlfriend does my makeup challenge

-Tom just giving you compliments the whole video

-but also making fun of you

-you guys color coordinate your outfits because you’re That Couple™

-your intro is a parody of the original Spider-Man theme song

-Tom vlogs the whole day that he has planned to propose to you

-but he doesn’t actually plan on videotaping your proposal

-but you’re in public with the whole smhc gang so everyone starts videotaping the minute Tom gets on his knees

-you break the internet pt.3

-”my bachelorette party!”

-”my bachelor party!”

-comment sections:
~please have babies
~no fair I wanted to marry Tom
~I wanted to marry y/n

-you have Harry videotape the whole wedding

-you break the internet pt.4

-you guys make it to the YouTube 2017 rewind

-you love your subscribers so much and make sure they know and give them lots of giveaways

-you get the silver and gold play buttons and are making your way quickly to the diamond

-you’re overall proud of yourselves and each other with how your channel turned out

switch-up-snowfox  asked:

you know i remember one picture from omegle that was a guy with a nazi soldier uniform and swastika laden flags all in the background and another guy who had an israel flag in the background and was doing the hand wringing that one overly exaggerated jewish caricature is always doing and both looked like they were having the time of their lives.

This one?

The Nazi is actually a re-enactor called Hooptyman, so they were probably laughing so hard because they found each other whilst trolling Omegle, which is totally hilarious, ha.

reefbite  asked:

could you do yoosung+mc+seven dating hcs relating to dates?? like what their first date would be like, their favorite date activities, etc??

*backflips into this ask*
I really really hope you mean the three of them dating beCAUSE
Those two are literally my two favorite characters like? This? Is? A? Blessing?

~Admin MP

  • First date:
  • Seven had asked MC to go on a date with him and Yoosung
  • And MC was like “…do you mean Yoosung will be there for like…moral support…? Or…??”
  • “…No. Its’ with both of us. Like…all three of us are going on a date…together.” 
  • He had avoided MC’s eyes
  • But MC fucking slammed their hands down on the table in front of them and was like
  • “YES!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’D BE GREAT!!!! (same MC)”
  • Seven was surprised by the enthusiasm (and volume) of their response but was like “okay?? yes?? nice??”
  • He told Yoosung
  • It went like this
  • Yoosung: i wasn’t expecting us to get this far and now im having a panic attack in the boys restroom
  • So…they were all a little…nervous
  • But Seven promised them both it would be lit af
  • He decided that a great place to go for a first ot3 date was laser tag
  • Apparently he forgot how competitive the three of them were?
  • It was mostly MC hiding behind things and shooting them while Yoosung complained about how different shooting those was from video games
  • For some reason Seven was scarily accurate? (we all know why)
  • Yoosung and MC ganged up on him and kept shooting him while he whined about hOW IT WASN’T FAIR
  • Afterwards, MC and Yoosung lost for cheating 
  • (Seven was smug af until Yoosung stole his glasses and Seven chased him around the parking lot to get them back)
  • After that, they went to get ice cream and MC’s fell on the ground, but Yoosung and Seven shared theirs with them
  • Seven kept stealing licks of Yoosung’s too and Yoosung got fed up and just smashed the ice cream into Seven’s face
  • Seven rubbed it on Yoosung’s face back 
  • MC was really into these two dorks??

Favorite date activities:

  • Video games, of course
  • They just like to all three get together and be comfortable and cuddle and play games
  • Another good date activity is mini golfing 
  • Yoosung is really really good? 
  • Seven always hits his ball in the water
  • Ice cream is, of course, always a win, even if it usually ends up all over all three of them
  • They binge watch Harry Potter and Yoosung complains about all of the book to movie inaccuracies 
  • (Seven falls asleep during Goblet of Fire)
  • They decide that MC is Harry, Seven is Ron and Yoosung is Hermione 
  • Another thing they love to do is go on omegle and troll people like the dorks they are
  • Seven pretends that he’s down to roleplay and starts out serious then gets more and more ridiculous while Yoosung and MC cackle in the background

  • First kiss:
  • MC kisses Yoosung one morning randomly after a movie marathon
  • The two of them freeze and stare at each other but then Yoosung beams, as bright as the sun filtering in from the window, and leans down for another kiss
  • Seven kisses MC a few hours later while Yoosung naps on their laps and they lazily play the X-Box
  • (Granted, he does it so he can win the game they’re playing, but he’s not against underhanded tactics)
  • When MC sees Yoosung and Seven kiss casually later they’re like ????
  • And Yoosung turns red
  • “Well, we’ve been dating for a bit…But we’ve been trying to get you to date us too.”
  • “I thought I already was?” MC replied, sputtering a little.
  • Seven squacked, indignant
  • “So I could’ve been getting kisses from both of you this WHOLE TIME?”

Okay, I was gonna run a normal blog today, but seeing as people are still being fooled I feel like I cannot do that.

So I am very sure the attack started on tumblr. Some people have been caught faking for attention causing other to panic. So the anons weren’t fake, people were mimicking others. Because tumblr LOVES sending anon hate (it has always been a problem, not just now). Tumblr isn’t all “fine and dandy”, some people might argue, but please, do not make tumblr out to be a perfect place, because it is not. This was horrible for a lot of innocent bystanders who believed people actually were getting attacked, and I feel bad for them all for having to be pulled into this. 

No one died either, (if I’m wrong tell me so). 

But along the way tumblr started blaming 4chan for the hate, and that’s when 4chan realized “OH GOSH LOOK WHAT THEY ARE DOING WE’RE GONNA BE A PART OF THAT!”, and they have been following the #affectedbyhate tag on tumblr for lulz, to see what they could do to provoke tumblr. (Yes some anon hate was probably sent by them as well, but they were not alone, tumblr was the main source of that).

Anyway, TUMBLR, was fighting against the anon hate by sending love to people. We made support groups on Tinychat (I was a part of this room), but as soon as the link was put into the tumblr tag, Channers raided. These Channers were just trolls, because all they ever could talk about was Allahu Akbar, Sonic and Hitler, so they were just messing around for the lulz, to stir up some drama on tumblr. We were driven off Tinychat, and I’ve been keeping an eye on the chat ever since under a false alias.

Then Tumblr started using Omegle. Yes Tumblr was in fact the first people to use Omegle in this. Tumblr promoted #affectedbyhate to be the Go-to-tag on Omegle if you needed someone to talk to or needed help. Do you not think the trolls saw this? (And I am saying trolls, because by then a lot of different people had joined in to troll tumblr, there wasn’t just channers, there were both 9gaggers and redditors among the people trying to troll tumblr, because we were making ourself quite an easy target. 

So people started encountering “trolls” that were telling people how worthless they were on Omegle, and of course tumblr acted and went around to look for these horrible trolls. 

I am not sure how or when it happened, but all of a sudden Tumblr were convinced Channers were using Omegle to give out information about the “raid”. (And posting about it in the tag so every troll saw it). People started acting like “spies” while the trolls knew (because everything was shared in the tag everyone was watching at that point, tumblr users could see it, channers could see it, everyone who wanted could see it). So do you not believe the trolls KNEW tumblr was playing “spy”? Yes they did. They are not stupid, they knew exactly what to do to cause panic and hysteria on tumblr. 

They started “leaking” information, so that tumblr would flip over whatever was “leaked” from them, and tumblr ate it whole and raw for them to laugh at in private. 

(I’m just going to say that no “hackers” would use Omegle to give out information, they were talking about “emails” in the chats, but why not send information over email instead of omegle? Think about that. AND they would in fact be using proxy servers, hidden forums and IRC to communicate. Nothing publicly, unless they wanted tumblr to see.)

From this, we gained a lot of “scare-propaganda”. 

They were gonna Hack Jensen, they were gonna cause a blood bath, they were gonna do the 4chan thing, spam gore in the tags, they were gonna DDos <- The last which some poor people believed would take tumblr down forever, but that is a misunderstanding because it only takes tumblr down for a couple of hours at most.

All information gained over omegle is and was false and then they started pointing out blogs to harass, so it wouldn’t die down, as believe it, the trolls were getting bored. So lists were given out so we would “SPAM” our own people. They weren’t planning to attack anyone who they “leaked”, but if anyone where it was just collateral damage in this big mess, but they didn’t care of course, it’s for the lulz after all.

I am 100% sure there isn’t going to be any “attack”, the most they will do is spam gore, and that isn’t so bad if you think about all the other things they COULD have done. 

Right now most of the trolls have gotten bored, and has gone to actually post gore around, but that’s again fear-propaganda, it’s to keep us scared. Most of us seem to have awakened and realized this is just a load of crap, but some are still “spying” and making blogs uncomfortable. 

If you are a SPY and is posting who is going to be targeted on tumblr in the tag, you are just as bad as the trolls. You are actually giving people who still want this go continue a name to harass. YOU ARE A PROBLEM. 

Keep the damned name for yourself and pay attention to their blog, maybe write them a message “How are you doing?” do not tell anyone they are targets. DOING THAT MAKES YOU A HORRIBLE PERSON CAUSING PANIC. 

All I ask is for people to forget about Omegle, start running normal blogs, ignore that there ever was an attack, and support people who need it. If you are getting hate or is scared about it, TURN OFF YOUR ASK BOX, because it is not that hard. I’ve been told many times “it’s not that easy to turn off the ask box”, but my reply to that is “Is an ask more important than a life, TURN OFF YOUR ASK,"