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Sorry if this has been asked already but you guys have any fics where Dan or phil are cheerleaders? I checked the masterlists/mini and I didn't see them. Thanks and your guy's blog is the best!

Found Myself a Cheerleader - Cheerleader!Dan AU since there are not enough of those in the world. Dan’s cheerleading costume hasn’t been ordered for the basketball game so he ends up wearing the girl’s costume, and Phil is pleased to say the least.

Girls / Girls / Boys High School AU. Dan discovers that his thing cheerleaders turns out to be a thing for just one cheerleader.

I Found Myself a Cheerleader (wattpad) - Dan Howell. Everyone that has ever stood on the grounds of Manchester University has heard of him. He’s the head cheerleader, a straight A+ student, has perfect attendance, is loved by all the teachers, and has been named the biggest tease in all of Manchester University. He wears skirts and crop tops every day for one person and one person only. Phil Lester. Y'know, head quarterback. Badass. Tattoos. Most buff fucking guy in all of Manchester University. Completely smitten for Dan Howell.

The Jock and the Cheerleader (omegle log) 

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