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Jikook AU - The Nonsense of Destiny 🥀 49/?

“At that moment, I knew I wanted to have sex with him.”

Jungkook as a kid never thought soul bonds were real until he met ‘him’ when he was ten years old. Jeon Jungkook comes from the wealthiest family known in South Korea but has never asked to be an alpha. Never ask to have all of these special traits. Park Jimin who ranked top in national exams as a child, top in dance academy as a teen, and now a successful soloist at the age 23. But has always been looked down on for being an omega. Jimin believed in soul bonds thanks to the stories he would read as a child, but everything changed once he met his other half when he was twelve years old. What happens when they meet again after ten years, leading them to face hope, broken dreams, love, and destiny all over again

Natural Skills of Each Dynamic


-Have their strength and size to easily overpower anyone posing a threat to them.

-Have their alpha voice that’s similar to a growl which releases fear hormones in a emeny bringing them to submit if they have a lower confidence.

-Natural leading skills that can bring them into control of a group.


-Even though they’re not strong as a alpha what they don’t have in strength they have in speed.

-Betas are naturally more social than alphas and omegas allowing them to form groups easily.

-Have the best nose out of the dynamics and can easily tell when the mood has changed even slightly and it helps them locate their pups and mate.


-Have great memories that makes them out to be the most naturally intelligent out of the dynamics.

-Even though they don’t naturally have strength and speed unless worked for they do have great reflexes and gut reactions or a “omega’s intuition” that helps them get by if on their own.

-the best at caring for others and making sure that everyone is happy with how gentle and kind they are.


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Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Jealous/possesive Bucky comforts you, his (not yet) omega that is struggling with the results of a recent mission.

Warnings: language, dirty talk, smut, abo smut


Bucky wasn’t one to get jealous. Steve was his best friends and he spent most of his time on the team— training new recruits, leading missions ecetera. He spent a lot of time outside of the compound too, with Sharon. Sure, Sharon annoyed him— but it wasn’t because Steve loved her with his whole heart, it was because her energy set him off. 

Sam was a good friend too but he wasn’t someone who got jealous of. He would attend Sam’s therapy groups at the VA and go out of his way to meet people— Sam said it would do him good to network. He also had a life outside of the Avengers and he didn’t talk about it often so Bucky had no basis to be jealous of.

Natasha was gorgeous, and she was the definition of Black Widow. She would lure in man after man after woman after man and leave them hanging long after their night was over. It wasn’t something that bothered Bucky. Sure, they were best friends and they had a past together in his Winter Soldier days, but that wasn’t who he was now. He loved Natasha, yes. But as a best friend and a sister.

But you, oh god. You left the compound to spend time with Wanda and he was in the gym, burning off all the frustration that comes with that. You laughed at one of Tony’s jokes, and glasses broke in his hand, making blood pool in his palm and wash into the sink. Whenever you had been scented by Peter, another Omega, he held back his growls and snarls and shut himself in his room until the urge to absolutely ruin the kid had passed. God, you smelled so good to him, and there was nothing in the world he wouldn’t do to make you his. 

He woke up one night, to the screams of you down the hall. It had been another failed mission in Bali that had you crying and screaming and thrashing in your sheets. The smell of your distress seeped into the walls and woke him from a dead sleep— this was the worst one yet and your screams made him rip off his sheets and run to your door.

“Y/N? Y/N, Doll! Open the door, please!” He almost cried, hitting the side of his fist against the door and twisting the knob. Locked.

In response to his cries, a sound not unlike a desperate moan made him almost tear down the door in desperation to get to you. 

“Sweet Omega, please.” He says, resting his forehead against the door and shifting on his feet impatiently. There was the absence of screaming then, and then a tiny whimper that made Bucky’s instincts rear his head. He needed to get to his Omega. Now. 

“Little, ‘Mega please.” He said, trying the door again and finding that the knob twisted easily under his grasp. The metal of the doorknob had been molded to the shape of his fingerprints, and he didn’t have time to wince at it before the too-sweet smell of your distress his nose. It was similar to the smell of over-ripe oranges and lilies, and he almost gagged as he ran into the room, climbing not he bed, taking off his shirt and pulling you into his arms. 

All of his skin was available to your unconscious body, and it nuzzled into him. You nosed his scent gland, and the hair on your body stood up at the sound of his crooning. He crooned as if his entire life depended on it and in a way it did. 

You had followed him around like a lost puppy for the first year he moved into the compound. You refused to leave his side and refused to disappear when you saw the worst parts of him. You scented him and crooned to him as he had waves of anxiety crawl over him. You placed your full body weight on top of him when he no longer felt grounded and needed something to hold on to. You had always been there for him, and it was about damn time that he relayed his dues. 

“Y/N, baby girl. Wake up, you’re safe. You’re safe, my love.” He whispered, scratching the nape of your neck with his flesh hand. It traced down your neck, and dusted over your pulse point, your scent mark, your bonding mark. Over your shoulder and down to your elbow. It grabbed your wrist and pulled your hand to his mouth, kissing each of your knuckles and each of your fingertips. He kissed your palm and rested it over his own bonding point— neither of you had bonded each other yet— you hadn’t even slept together or gone on a first date, but there was an unspoken rule that you belonged to him, and he belonged to you and there was no other way it could be. 

You cried out as your eyes shot open and you shot forward, smacking your head into Bucky’s and crying out once more as the sharp pain rocketed through your system. Your racing heart gave way to the soft purring from Bucky’s bare chest and your eyes shot around the room for any sign of threat that you had dreamt so vividly of. 

When Bucky’s thick, cedar lemon scent flitted over your senses your eyes flickered over to where he was tracing the lines of your neck with the softest touch. His rumbling chest soothed the wild omega inside of you and you found yourself nuzzling his nose into the sweet spot under his jaw. Your scent found its way marking him and he almost moaned at the way your scents combined. 

“Buck?” Your voice was shaking and broken, and he only held your head closer to him. 

“I got you, Omega. I’m not going anywhere.” He said, his voice rumbling its way into your core in a way that had your heart racing in your chest. 

You kissed his scent gland then, an open-mouthed kiss that made his lower tummy stir in the best way. One kiss after another, you began to mark him as yours for everyone to see. Your teeth grazed his skin— not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough that his cock stirred in the soft fabric of his sweatpants. 

“Doll, if you keep going, I won’t be able to stop.” He warned. When you moved to straddle him and guided his hands to your hips he knew your answer. He lunged forward, capturing your soft lips in his own rougher ones and swallowed the surprised gasp that left your lips. 

“You smell real nice, Princess. You gonna be good for me?” He mumbled, biting your neck and relishing in the way your raspy moan filled the air. 

“Yes Alpha, please.” You begged, baring your neck to him. He moaned at the action and rested his teeth against your throat as his hands skirted under your sleep shorts to tease the line of your underwear and graze the soft hair that covered you. 

“So wet for me already, ‘Mega mine.” He growled.

“Always for you, Bucky.” You replied, tangling your fingers in his hair and scratching his scalp. He moaned and pushed himself onto his knees, rolling you over onto your back and resting his weight on top of you. 

“Alpha please.” You sighed as he began kissing down your chest. Your sleep bra was loose, and it showed no resistance when his hands skirted under it to tease the soft flesh of your tits. You moaned loudly when one calloused hand and one metal hand pinched each of your nipples. You arched your back into him in order to get closer and with sharp nips and bites covered the skin under your boobs with small bite marks and bruises. 

“What d’you want, Omega?” 

“You. All of you everywhere.” Your voice was high pitched and desperate as you begged for him. 

“You want my mouth on you? Want me to taste that slick? Your sweet slick that’s just for me? My slick?” He growled as he thought of the way you so often smelled like Peter or Tony. 

“Your slick, Alpha. Always yours.” 

He crooned against the band of your shorts and you gasped as his teeth began to pull them down your legs, inch by inch. It must have not been an attractive angle for your double chin, but god the look in his eyes as he made eye contact with you made you almost cum on the spot. You looked so fucked out already that Bucky purred with pride, and his cock stirred more in his pants, urging to be free. 

Instead of just having you the way he wanted, he found himself taking his time with your whining shaking form. The smell of your sex filled the room as his lifted one of your legs over his shoulders. He kissed your ankle and trailed his lips up your calf to the inside of your knee where he bit down on another scent gland. You keened out and threw your head into the mattress, grasping at sheets to channel your frustration. He did the same to the other leg then, and hooked his arms around your thick, strong thighs, kissing the gland on the insides of your thighs before pressing his nose to the soft fabric of your underwear and inhaling. 

“You smell so good, Omega. I could eat you right up.” He hummed and licked a stripe up your clothed core. A small scream echoed in your throat and you clutched at his newly cropped hair, pulling him closer to you. Instead of pulling back and reprimanding you, he was just as desperate to have his mouth on you so he took his metal arm and tore your underwear from your body. They were ruined by the amount of slick pouring fro your core, and he wasn’t too keep on pulling away from you. 

You moaned at the feeling of the underwear tearing from your hips and could have cried when Bucky dove into you, lapping at the slick coating your inner thighs, core, and clit. God, his tongue was like magic on you. His rough lips added another sensation on top of the sucking and his warm tongue and you thought you were going to actually explode when he entered one metal finger into your hole, pumping in time with each tiny kitten lick of your clit. 

“Bucky. Alpha, oh God.” You cried, tears leaking from your eyes and you ground your hips into his face. He half-heartedly held them down with his flesh arm, but he adored the way you were so physically desperate for him. He added another finger before pulling away and kissing your mound gently and smiling up at you. 

“This good, little Omega? Your alpha treating you good?” His voice rumbled around the room and the timbre of it made your nipples tighten in response. So that they didn’t get too sore as a result of his voice, your fingers came up and clutched your breasts, squeezing and playing. The sight had Bucky almost blowing his knot right then and there. 

“Fuck doll, you’re gonna kill me.” He moaned as he sucked your juices into his mouth. He moaned at your taste on his lips and his nose brushed your clit with every solid lick of your labia, making you shake around him. 

“Alpha…” You moaned loudly. Your power to control electricity was active now, making the lights flicker and the radio turn in and out of focus. Each lick of your core made your fingertips spark, and he was sure each dry strand of hair on his head was sticking up with the static of the air. 

“What is it, Sweetheart?”

“I want—“

“Want what?” He asked, pinching your clit between his metal fingers and making you gasp loudly and desperately for air you found yourself suddenly short of. 

“Your knot. Gimme your knot, Buck. I need. Oh God, Bucky.” You almost sobbed as he sucked on you hard, almost coaxing your to the edge and pulling away just as he felt you fluttering around his metal digits. You cried at the loss of him and were soon silenced by his slick lips on yours. You tasted so good to yourself, and when you let out the most pornographic moan at the taste of the kiss, Bucky just barely was able to pull his cock free from his sweats and push himself in. 

“You’re so tight for me, Omega. You gonna take my thick knot like a good little girl? Gonna swell with my pups? Give me a pack of my own, huh?” He growled as he thrust sharply into you. He was so big, and you were so full and your nails tore the skin of his back as he pulled out almost all the way and pushed back in. The wet sounds of your pussy would have embarrassed you if it were anyone else, but the way Bucky moaned at the sound and rutted harder into you were erotic. It wasn’t long until he began to swell, and wore of praise became slurred together as his vision grew fuzzy. 

He pulled his glistening cock out of you, and before you could whimper at the loss he flipped you over and sat back on his heels, stroking himself as he watched your wrecked body shudder. 

“Omega.” His voice no longer held the warm tone that was so beautifully Bucky. This tone was sharp, and all alpha. You keened into the soft fabric of the duvet and you wiggled your hips while laying on your stomach. While Bucky stroked himself with his metal hand, his flesh hand coasted down your spine, tracing the dips of your spine before rotating and cupping your swollen, drenched sex. 

“Present for your Alpha.” He growled, pulling you up by your cunt to a kneeling position. You squealed at his manhandling of you and rested your chest onto the mattress, arching your back and pushing your hips towards Bucky, who moaned at your submission to him. His cock was aching now, and when you wiggled your ass anxiously he snarled and smacked your ass. The red handprint wasn’t even fully developed before he slammed into you and fell forward. His chest was pressed hard against your back and his mouth was on the back of your neck, pinning you down like you imagined the first Wolfsblood species mated. Breeded. 

His teeth ghosted over your bonding mark and he nipped it lightly, hard enough to scent you and mark you but not enough to actually bond you. You clenched tightly around him and he groaned, sinking his teeth into the meat of your shoulder and breaking the skin. You screamed in pleasure and pain, and let out a guttural moan when you heard him when he keened into your shoulder as he felt his knot begin to catch on you. 

“‘M close, Omega.” He groaned, relishing in the sounds his thighs made against yours. The skin slapping was so primal and it just urged him further and harder. 

“Me too, Alpha, me too.” You gasped. He was almost fully stuck in you and you were just so close. It wasn’t until his flesh hand snuck in underneath your body and circled around your clit that you fell into euphoric pleasure and saw stars. Your screams were muffled by the blanket underneath you, and you whimpered slightly when Bucky bit down harder on your shoulder as his knot exploded inside of you.

His hot cum painted your walls, and his heavy knot filled you in a way you never could have imagined— and god, had you imagined.

His hot tongue soothed the bite mark he made and he kissed the side of your neck sweetly, pulling you up with him as he rolled over, pulled the covers over both of you and adjusted the both of you so that you were both as comfortable as possible while knotted. His hands, gentle now, traced your sides and your thighs. He crooned against you to calm you down, and when you came down from your high, you hummed in response and buried yourself deeper into the covers. His cock was softening and it would be long until he would be able to disconnect from you. However, the warmth he provided for you, and the comfort he circled you with made you almost horribly sad at the idea of him leaving. 

You were his, and he was yours. 

“Stay.” You whispered, intertwining his fingers with yours. 

“Always, Omega. Always.”

“And Bucky?”

“Yes, my Sweet?”

“If you steal the blankets I’m going to put my cold feet on you.”

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Alpha!Todoroki x Omega!Izuku headcanons? Pls? Can be anything. Fluff, angst, domestic, etc. Your choice ^^

-Todoroki is so proud of how strong and bold his omega is and will not mind setting anyone who ridicules Izuku on how unomegalike he is on fire. 

- This alpha will be the one who worries about how Izuku takes heat suppressants and how they could possibly effect his chances at having pups in the future, but respects him taking them all the same. 

-Izuku loves to take care of Todoroki and will more often then not make lunch for the both of them after class.

-Todoroki likes passive aggressively rubbing in all of the other alpha’s faces he got the best omega in class by scenting him in front of them. 

-Todoroki tries avoiding Izuku during his ruts because he would hate to do anything that would make the omega uncomfortable. 

-Also Izuku’s mating mark is very obvious like no other alpha could confuse that cinnamon roll to be innocent as he appears. 

-Izuku’s nest had plenty of jackets and shirt from Todoroki for his nest (that the alpha gave to Izuku as courting gifts). 

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Preschool headcannons?

Omegaverse: Preschool headcanons

-Omegas playing house together with plastic food and “tea” in the plastic kitchens preschools always have that they serve to the teachers or alphas/betas. 

-Betas playing with toys the moment they’re dropped off, and looking with confusion at crying omegas and alphas throwing temper tantrums for getting left at the daycare. 

-Alphas competing against each other by climbing up into trees and refusing to come down because it’s their home now they found it so it’s theirs. 

-Pups forming their first packs with wrestling matches between alphas on who’s the true alpha of the group. That the teachers usually have to put both in time-out for. 

-Betas racing against each other on the playground seeing who’s the fastest of the fast. Then there’s always one who runs into a omega that leads to tears and angry alphas, ending in young dramatic moments. 

-Omegas all sitting together reading picture books and coloring in coloring books with the occasional beta to join them. 

-Betas raised in a beta/beta family making accidental rude comments that their omega/alpha friend smells weird. 

-Young Alphas fighting over the attention of their favorite omega teacher that brings the omega instructor to doing their best in managing giving them equal attention. 

-Omegas practicing their nest making skills in the “comfort corner” where they all organize pillows, blankets, and toys. Half of it from the preschool the other half made up of what they brought from home. Then during nap time that’s where they all sleep, even the betas and alphas. 


There’s been a good few Hannigram ABO fics out there as of late and one of the tropes that I am loving is when omegas have a gold ring around their pupils where alphas have red. So this drawing is for those fics. Especially This Dark Heart by Damonfreak89 which is fast becoming my fav ABO fic ever. I’d provide the link but I’m on my iPad and I don’t have a computer :-/

Omegaverse Beach Headcannons

-Alphas getting all protective and possessive of their mates who enjoy wearing revealing cute bathing suits

- A pack where omegas are taking care of the delicious barbeque together as the sun starts to set while the alphas and betas try to bury each other in the sand.

-Betas always winning in swimming competitions since it’s a battle of speed not strength that leave alphas in the ‘shallow’ waters.

-Surfers tending to be omegas since they have the best reflexes and gaining decent strength from swimming through it.

-A beta or alpha bringing pretty seashells to the one that they’re courting to impress them.

-Packs playing intense games of volleyball with alphas as the ones that spike the hardest, betas who are the quickest to hit a ball going outside of boundaries, then omegas at the  front who have the best reaction time to smack it over the net.

-Omegas having fun making sandcastles to only get ticked off when a beta or alpha accidently walks through it leading the beta/alpha to profusely apologize.

-Mates becoming more closely bonded to each other after taking walks around twilight on the seaside from deep talks that seem to always happen there.

Omegaverse Headcanons: All courting/mated Couple Pairings

I’ve already posted some beta/beta and omega/omega headcanons so I think I’ll just put them all together for future reference. (And I don’t know how to make master lists RIP)

Long Post!


-Alphas will give occasional gifts that they think an omega might like such as nesting materials or cute stuff, but they mainly like to focus on showing off their strength and abilities at leadership or dominance in their pack.

-Will become the most territorial or possessive of the omega they’re courting from other alphas or betas.

-The alpha is expected to ask the alpha parent or beta parent of the omega to become mates with them.

-Omegas are expected to accept all gifts a alpha gives them especially if the alpha is in a higher position then them whether it be in school or life in general.

-Omegas will bake for the alpha they’re being courted by or give practical gifts such as scarves and hats that they knitted themselves in return to show that they enjoy being courted by the alpha.

-Alphas are the only ones who can get away with asking an omega out right away without the gift giving or confession process to just ask out the omega right away to become mates with them.


-In a alpha/beta courtship alphas are more likely to bring gifts that relate to what a beta likes or what their hobby is such as books if the beta is into reading or art supplies if they’re into that as well.

-A beta will give gifts such as sports supplies to the usually sporty/athletic alpha or camping/hunting gear since those things are usually associated with alphas.

-Sometimes this gift exchange leads to the both of them giving sport gifts to each other that may or may not lead to the insulting experience of being regifted something they gave to the other.

-Alphas are less territorial over the beta they are courting unless a other beta or alpha tries to outright court or make a move on them where the beta becomes nervous on how to handle the situation.

-Betas are always caught off guard when a alpha wants to court them because it’s not the “traditional” pairing.

-Alphas get a bit more nervous about courting a beta since they’re usually more bold and able to reject them on the spot unlike an omega usually would.


-Betas will often times give gifts to a omega as they would give to another beta when it comes to flowers and they would oftentimes give white lilies and roses to speak in the language of flowers that they want to be worthy of their innocent love.

-It takes a braver beta to want to court a omega not that they aren’t common depending on how betas are put out to be in a area, but omegas are more likely to reject a beta than a alpha.

-omegas who aren’t a fan of more big, brash, and dominant alphas or have had bad experiences with alphas usually go for betas since they’re more relaxed.

-A beta will still be expected to meet with the alpha/beta parent of the omega to become the omega’s mate if the omega’s parents is a alpha/omega pair then the omega will be more likely to be with the beta during this to speak of how worthy they are themself.

-Betas are very if not more so possessive/territorial of their omega around other alphas since they know an alpha is more likely to take away an omega from a beta than another alpha.

-Omegas usually make more things for betas than baking or making them food since alphas are known to not usually cook while betas are sometimes known to.


-Going through heats together and making a huge nest for the both of them with what they usually nest with.

-Wearing collars with their mate’s name on it that have the other’s scent on it is common for omegas instead of having a mating mark.

-Omegas exchanging stuffed animals and pillows from nests when they’re unable to see each other every day so they at least have each other’s scent to keep them happy.

-A special way omegas look to court a other omega is by wrapping the one they love’s neck in a white scarf symbolizing how they want to keep their neck pure of a alpha or beta’s mark and would rather wrap them in their scent instead.

-Omega/omega couples being much more cuddly than the average relationship since they make up for a lack of a mating mark with mixing their scents together much more.

-The more dominant omega is usually the slightly more possessive one who is labeled as a the tabby because of how they hiss at other betas and alphas who get close to their mate.

-Omega mates would definitely be the biggest percentage of people who adopt parentless pups.


-Betas start relationships through courting just like alphas and omegas would as well, but the gifts would be different such as perfumes/colognes and flowers. Mainly due to how sensitive the sense of smell a beta’s nose is, so to get just the right perfume or right flower’s scent is one of the greatest compliments a beta could get because it’s a sign the one trying to court them really pays attention to them on a deeper level.

-Beta mates are usually equally protective and caring of each other since and have higher levels of trust in their partner being able to take care of themselves. That doesn’t mean either one won’t become angered if their mate gets hurt or someone else starts hitting on them.

-Betas usually meet their mate later on in life in college or after because there’s more of a expectation for betas to focus on school and entering the workforce than finding who they’re going to become mated to. Meeting their future mate at work is usually the most common.

-Beta mates usually have the least fights or troubles in their relationship compared to other pairs. It’s just hard for most betas to get that upset over things, and they can both relate to each other more easily than a omega and alpha could or different dynamic couple.

-Dinner dates are pretty common for betas since smell is connected to taste, so a way that betas show their love is taking their mate to a lovely place to eat.

-Both betas in the relationship will also give their mate a bonding mark and their scents will mingle as well. It’s not big as a alpha’s would be, but still quite prominent.


-Alphas who like other alphas will usually give the other small things like buying them snacks or drinks. Along with things that correlate with the other alpha’s interests similar to how a alpha would court a beta.

-An alpha with a mated mark of another alpha would definitely turn the heads of a few people either from surprise at the unusual sight or distaste.

-Alphas are not territorial of their alpha mates around others knowing that their alpha mate would have the complete ability to ignore and push aside the one trying to hit on them.

-Alpha mates having to resist spending time together during their ruts because they know they can’t resist those urges if it’s their mate.

-Alphas would probably wear each other’s clothes often to scent the other when they’re unable to do it themselves.

-Alpha mates are the second most likely paring to adopt pups and them both being the most protective of each one of them and the omega pup having to deal with bringing a alpha/beta mate to be intimidated by both of them.

Omegaverse Altean shance au where Lance is an omega prince and Shiro is his Alpha manservant/bodyguard since childhood and they fall in love but they have to keep it a secret because someone like Shiro to fall in love with a royal like Lance is forbidden and punishable by death

The only one who knows of their for forbidden love is a trustworthy gardener, a quiet omega the same age as Lance, by the name of Keith

When Lance is of age his parents bring by suitors to attempt to court him but Lance refuses all of them, they’re not his Alpha, they never will be his Alpha, they’re not his Shiro

After a long string of Lance rejecting Alphas they get caught kissing in the hallway and Shiro is brought before the King and Queen and he’s set to be executed the next day

That night Lance smuggles Shiro into his bedchambers and they spend the night together and give each other the bonding mark to secure their relationship, even though it’s doomed. Shiro stays the night with him, even though Lance knows he’ll be punished for it, he doesn’t care his mate is getting killed.

Shiro is killed in a public execution and Lance is forced to watch it happen and when it does Lance feels it all through his mark because they’re connected now, and he cant help but scream out in pain because his heart hurts and his entire body feels like its on fire his mate is dead and he doesn’t have anything else to live for

Keith is allowed through the crowed and manages to pull Lance aside and is able to get him back to the palace and takes him to his bedchambers and stays with Lance as he sobs until there’s nothing left inside of him. His sheets smell like Shiro and it hurts.

Overall Lance is in a really bad place afterwards, he feels numb all the time. Most of his time is spent in his bedchambers or in the gardens with Keith.

Keith has found an Alpha of his own, a new chef in the kitchen by the name of Hunk. Lance enjoys hearing stories about the two of them, if he can’t have a happy ending, he wants to hear theirs, it makes him feel better.

Eventually the King and Queen bring up finding Lance an Alpha again, but Lance shuts them down every time, saying “I had an Alpha, you killed him.”

The Queen finds a nice Alpha from a far away kingdom by the name of Kolivan. He’s a single Alpha with a year old daughter from an Omega who passed away during birth. He needs an Omega mostly for show, as well as to give his daughter another parent in her life.

Lance meets with him a few times, making it clear that he was and still is bonded to Shiro, dead or not. Kolivan is very respectful, agreeing to a marriage of show only.

Its a social alliance between their two kingdoms, inside their palace they have separate quarters, the only times they see each other are during meals or doing things together with Kolivan’s- now their daughter

When they officially move Lance takes Keith and Hunk with him, he originally says it’s so he can have a sense of home where he’s moving, but really it’s because Keith and Lance have grown close as friends, and he’s grown attached to Hunk as well.

Lance co-raises Kolivan’s daughter as if she’s his own, Kolivan is gone often for business, so he’s left alone with her. 

He tells her stories about a Prince and his servant, in love since childhood, only this one has a happy ending. She loves hearing them, and doesn’t know that they’re based off Lance’s life until she’s older.

One night before bed she tells Lance that she wants a love like that. Lance brushes her hair back and kisses her forehead. “If it happens, I’ll make sure you have your happy ending.”

When she learns of Lance’s past she realizes he was the prince in the stories all along, but her Father is not the Alpha, Lance had a whole life that was taken away from him, she’s grateful she had Lance as a parental figure, but is heartbroken of what he went through. It’s a near miracle that he ended up with an Alpha as respectful to him as Kolivan. An Alpha who didn’t force anything, didn’t try anything other than be Lance’s friend, and raise her together.

And MAYBE she ends up falling in love with Keith and Hunks child, even though they’re not royal like she is.

Lance threatens Kolivan with his entire kingdom to let their child have the happy ending he never got. He agrees, as he watched his daughter grow up he also heard all the stories about the prince and his Alpha. Lance was broken when he met him, and he never was fully happy again, he doesn’t want that for his daughter. It’s awful Lance never got his happy ending, he’ll make sure their daughter gets it. 

For generations after Lance passes away his story is spread down and his family makes sure a tragedy like that never happens again.

Omegaverse Feral Headcannons


-Alphas usually become feral from their mate releasing a mass of fear hormones that can cause the alpha to get a surge of adrenaline, testosterone, and oxytocin which is the very hormone concoction to make a alpha stronger and much more recklessly protective  

-If a unbonded alpha finds a threatened unbonded omega the alpha may experience a semi-feral attitude, but if the alpha deeply cares for the omega then they will go full on feral.

-Alphas can also become feral even when their mate isn’t close but they know they’re in danger and develop the great urge to go and find them no matter the cost.

-Feral alphas have a tendency to become bigger from tensing up their muscles in this state and will easily bare their naturally sharper teeth as well.


-A feral beta is rather uncommon because they release far less hormones than a omega.

-Since betas mate with other betas normally they know that their mate is usually strong enough to take care of themself they’re naturally less protective

-But if a beta mates with a omega then they become more likely to go feral but not as much as a alpha would.

-When a beta’s omega mate would even start to release fear hormones they would use their natural speed to get them out of their fast as possible before they could even go semi-feral.


-Omegas mainly go feral when their pups are in danger or threatened.

-A feral omega can be just as dangerous as a feral alpha because their thinking process is tad more calculated leaving the attacker or their pups in a deadly spot.

-the hormone boost they recieve causes a omega to have as much strength as a beta.

-Can only be calmed down once they know their pup is safe, or when someone close to them can help calm them down.