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fluffy omegaverse h/cs with alpha!dabi and his fem!omega s/o, yes?

Omegaverse fluff and Dabi! (◕‿  ◕✿) Nice! Thanks for sending this in! I hope you like it! (•)


  • Has a lot of fun buying you new blankets and pillows and stuffed animals for your nest
  • But he’ll only admit it when he’s sleepy and thinks you’re already sleeping
  • Scents the new things for you before he hands them over
  • But only after he’s had his fun teasing you about being needy
  • He teases you about being needy for him and for his scent a lot, but it’s never mean-spirited
  • It takes some getting used to, but you eventually realise it’s how he tells you that you’re important to him
  • You don’t even have to buy your own shirts after being his mate for a while
  • Because he’ll buy himself a shirt, wear it once and then give it to you after it’s been washed and scented
  • Has maxed out his credit card because he was buying things for you and he doesn’t care because it’s billed to his dad
  • Dabi is very in tune with your heats, so he makes sure to always be around you when he knows it’s coming
  • He takes it as the highest form of praise when you grab him by the wrist and drag him to your nest for cuddles
  • Likes to sit behind you and hold you in his arms while you do some reading or play some games in your nest
  • He likes to hide from his responsibilities in life in your nest
  • Dabi has the habit of resting his chin on your shoulder to breathe in your scent when he’s sitting behind you
  • The kind of alpha who doesn’t really express his feelings on his face or with his words, but the way he firmly hooks his arm around yours when you’re out together is enough for you to understand
  • He doesn’t smile much, but there’s a softness to the almost smile on his face whenever you tell him you love him

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If ibuki had a twin what do you think they would look like


you didn’t specify identical and fraternal, so I chose fraternal for a number of reasons. If it was identical, all I had to do was copy and paste and where’s the fun in that?

another reason, in real life, I actually have fraternal twins as cousins! :) though i barely talk to them now

So!! IF Ibuki had a fraternal twin, he’d have a girl twin by the name of Shiina. 
(I have a friend in Japan with that name and I wanted a name that had “Sh” in it)

Shiina loves Dad Todoroki a TAD bit more than Papa Midoriya.  She’s not afraid to speak her mind. Shiina tries to act very confident but she’s actually quite shy. Her favorite hero is Bakugou (lol) She has a little bit of an inferiority complex since Ibuki is like, the perfect good child. 

She takes pride in her gray eyes but wishes she had Papa Midoriya’s freckles. (When she gets older, she uses makeup to fake them lol)

Her quirk is gravitational pull. Think Grandma inko’s quirk, but a lot more stronger. 

Thank you for looking! If you’d like to see Ibuki and more Tododeku, please look here: (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Just BornPokemonGO! Wedding Teen!Ibuki Fem!Ibuki w/Coco Ibuki and PapaTeamwork Ibuki&Shouyou RECORDING T!Ibuki&Friends SUPERMAN?! TrickorTreat )


Jikook AU - The Nonsense of Destiny 🥀 43/?

“At that moment, I knew I wanted to have sex with him.”

Jungkook as a kid never thought soul bonds were real until he met ‘him’ when he was ten years old. Jeon Jungkook comes from the wealthiest family known in South Korea but has never asked to be an alpha. Never ask to have all of these special traits. Park Jimin who ranked top in national exams as a child, top in dance academy as a teen, and now a successful soloist at the age 23. But has always been looked down on for being an omega. Jimin believed in soul bonds thanks to the stories he would read as a child, but everything changed once he met his other half when he was twelve years old. What happens when they meet again after ten years, leading them to face hope, broken dreams, love, and destiny all over again

- in the last text it suppose to say *I’m not like your fuckin best friend* -

Omegaverse with omega blue bby because i’m weak

  • Eveyone is alpha except, of course, Lance and Pidge. 
  • So, you know, there’s too many alpha hormones going on in the castle and sometimes is just to much. Even Pidge, who hasn’t presented yet, is sometimes overwhelmed.
  • They think Lance is a beta.
  • Allura may be their Princess but Shiro is the official leader of the pack. This causes lots of trouble between them. Allura and Shiro respects each other, but when they disagree, is fucking hell in the ship.
  • Keith is really in touch with his instincs. Which is bad and good at the same time. Is perfecto for battle, but it also causes a lot of drifts between him and his teammates. He can’t help but try to fight Shiro’s commands, but the older alpha always wins and obliges him to submit.
  • Hunk is crazy strong, and Shiro is thankfull the paladin has a peaceful nature because there’s no way he could make him submit. If Hunk wanted it, he could be the alpha leader. But that’s not what his heart desire. Instead of using his ‘alpha-ness’ to lead, he uses it to break the fights between Shiro and Allura when they get to bad or to face enemies in order to protect others. 
  • Coran, even though he’s an alpha, submits easily to his princess and the paladins. Not really caring about things like fighting over control. No, he’s happy where he is. Taking care of everyone else.
  • Pidge doesn’t have her own scent yet, so Shiro has to nuzzle her like a pup to leave his own scent on her and make her smell like pack. 

                                     —(more under cut )— 

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Hiya! May I ask for fluffy headcanons for Alpha!Todoroki with a short pregnant omega fem! s/o? I'm super excited to see your blog grow and I wish you a lot of luck, I love all of your posts already! Have a nice day! <3

Awww thank you so much babydoll! You’re so sweet! ~ (´ ω `♡)

And of course you can! I have to say, I had so much fun writing this! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! (⌒‿⌒)

SFW! Alpha Todoroki Shouto x (Female)(Omega)(Pregnant)(Short) S/O Headcanons! Yay!

  • *Nothing sexual mentioned!
  • *Does contain language!








~ ( Okay, I’m sorry, back to PERTINENT CONTENT) ~

  • First off, Todoroki is not a puny guy. He is up to 6 feet now that he’s fully grown, and he has worked hard to make sure that his body is in the best possible condition.
  • I mean, it has to be. The love of his life is carrying his pups.
  • He has to be ready to take on a mother-fucking army. 
  • Which he will gladly do if he feels that you are in any danger. 
  • You’ve decided to just stay at home most of the time, because if you’re going out, then Todoroki is coming with you, and he is ready to obliterate anyone who tries to cross his (or your) path. 
  • And this isn’t just alpha instincts either. Oh, no. 
  • He loves you more than life itself, and on top of that - you’re so goddamn cute.
  • You’re so small, and fiesty, and he just can’t deal.
  • He is just so much taller than you, and you’re so precious when you look up at him with that sweet little smile, and it’s just unfair.
  • I mean, you’ve been together for a while now, but he still blushes like a high schooler when you do something adorable.
  • Which is everything you do. 
  • And now that you’re carrying his pups, it’s even worse
  • You’re all swollen up, toddling around, and unable to do hardly anything by yourself. 
  • It mesmerizes him.
  • You’re like a lovingly wrapped up package of everything that’s good in the world, and you’re all his
  • And while your delicate state of being does make him act like a certifiable crazy person, it also makes him enormously happy.
  • You need him for everything, and whatever you ask of him immediately becomes his top-priority mission.

“Hey baby? When you get a minute would you mind changing this lightbulb for me? I would get a ladder but I don’t want to - “


“I got it honey, I got it! You just go put your feet up. After I change this do you want some dinner? I can make you something!”

“Oh! You’re so sweet baby, thank you,”

*Goes to put box of lightbulbs back*

“I actually wouldn’t mind some spaghetti if that’s okay with-“

*Comes back*



  • Needles to say, you are a little concerned about him.
  • But he assures you that he has never felt more in his element. 
  • THIS. This is what he was meant to do.
  • To be your alpha, your husband, and the father of your pups. 
  • You’ve known Shouto for a long time, and he isn’t a particularly talkative man, but he can go on about you and the pups for hours.
  • He can’t wait for them to be born (though he is going to miss your cute round form waddling around the house).
  • He hasn’t even seen them and he already wants to fill you up with more
  • He knows that you are going to be the most amazing mother there is, and he is bursting at the seams with excitement about it.
  • And you know he is going to be the most patient, gentle, and loving father.
  • He has so many things he wants all of you to do together as a family.
  • He has basically planned out the baby’s first 5 years of life. 
  • You dare not tease him for it though, not even in a joking way.
  • You know how he never had that kind of love and attention growing up, and how important it is to him that your children do
  • But whether you are carrying his pups or not, he is keeping his cherished omega as happy, healthy, and protected as possible. 

    I hope you liked it Anon! Thank you again for such a fun request! \(^ヮ^)/


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I kinda love AU’s this time… um Dr. time?, And yes Omegaverse :D there are surgeons, hospital Director, some residents, and anesthesiologists etc but i’m too tired to write who’s what.

Pidge is pretty young but, she’s a genius after all, I’m still trying on anatomy, excuse the mistakes

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I present to you: Band AU!!!

And it’s also an Omegaverse AU! Surprise!!!

You know me, I can’t let it only a normal Band AU so I added a nice little touch to it.(*≧∀≦*)

In this AU, Tweek (Omega) is a member of the rock band called “The Blondies”. Yes, hence the name, all four members are blonds. Craig (Beta) is the security guard of their band and their relationship is…kinda complicated LOL.

Can you guess the rest members of the band and their biological roles??? ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Natural Skills of Each Dynamic


-Have their strength and size to easily overpower anyone posing a threat to them.

-Have their alpha voice that’s similar to a growl which releases fear hormones in a emeny bringing them to submit if they have a lower confidence.

-Natural leading skills that can bring them into control of a group.


-Even though they’re not strong as a alpha what they don’t have in strength they have in speed.

-Betas are naturally more social than alphas and omegas allowing them to form groups easily.

-Have the best nose out of the dynamics and can easily tell when the mood has changed even slightly and it helps them locate their pups and mate.


-Have great memories that makes them out to be the most naturally intelligent out of the dynamics.

-Even though they don’t naturally have strength and speed unless worked for they do have great reflexes and gut reactions or a “omega’s intuition” that helps them get by if on their own.

-the best at caring for others and making sure that everyone is happy with how gentle and kind they are.

 Well i’m late but it’s finally here, ha.

Also, i read the other posts i made in the omegaverse au tag and i’m sorry for the little mistakes there. i thought i got rid of them :/  well whatever~ hope you like this part guys

Part 1
Part 2
Part 4

Part 5

Bonus :v

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Carnival Omegaverse Headcannons

-Alphas acting tough by going on scary rollercoasters to prove their bravery to their mates while absolutley terrified themselves.

-Betas and Alphas confessing that they want to become mates with the one they’re courting at the top of a huge ferris wheel that shows a beautiful view of the whole carnival.

-Omegas getting won gifts at games by their mates who got it after spending nearly all their money.

-A beta couple finding a crying omega child who had lost their parent and helping them calm down with their naturally relaxing pheromones they put out and then leading them to a very panicked alpha who couldn’t be happier to find their pup.

-Cute omegas working at the stall that sells all the classic carnival sweets attracting betas and alphas who can’t tell if the lovely scents are coming from them or the stall itself.

-A pack of teens that have one omega who is determined to ride all of the scariest rides leaving the rest of the pack nervous and protective. Making sure that they all go on the rides as well not letting any strangers sit next to the thrill seeker omega.

-A alpha who leads their mate into a funhouse to only end up losing their way inside and refusing to tell their confused mate on why they smell fear on them.

-Two alphas nearly getting in a fist fight over one cutting the other in line for a limited deal on tickets, leaving their annoyed omegas to pull them away from it going to far.

-Psychic omega hand reader and future telling booths being a classic at carnivals.

-Loud charismatic betas working at game booths that never fail to attract people of all kinds to give a go at winning a cheaply made plush.  

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Hello~ I was wondering if I could request headcanons/scenario (whichever your more comfortable with) of Alpha!Izuku pining after an Omega that's quiet and doesn't seem to stand out much but she's super nice and sweet to him?

Why of course you can my dearest! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ I am always more than happy to write about our precious little love muffin, Midoriya! I do want to say, I might have gotten a little carried away with the fluff on this one. So I apologize in advance if its more feels-oriented than you had bargained for! If so, please shoot me another request and I’ll write one with some more spice for you! I hope that maybe you’ll still enjoy this piece though! (*^‿^*)

99% SFW! Alpha Midoriya Izuku x (Shy)(Female)(Omega) S/O Scenario! Yay!

* Assuming all characters are 18+ and consenting!

~ (even though no sexy-times are had) ~

* Contains highly concentrated amounts of fluff, feels, and LOVE!

* Includes the following sexual themes: … I mean, sex is mentioned like… twice, maybe? So… I guess- none? Maybe “mild mentions of vanilla love making?” ┐(‘~` )┌ 

~ (you get the idea) ~


  • Looking at Midoriya, your first thought probably wouldn’t be “alpha.”
  • He’s a very strong and determined young man, but he has such a gentle temperament about him, something very uncommon in alphas.
  • He has the well-being of everyone in mind, and does everything he can to show those around him their full and limitless potential. 
  • But there is this person he just can’t seem to reach.
  • A girl.
  • She refuses to give herself any merit for her accomplishments, and always politely avoids talking about herself.
  • He wants to show her how phenomenal she is. Not just as a student or a hero, but as a person
  • She ignites within him a depth of emotion, the likes of which, he has never experienced before (and knows he never will again).
  • But somehow, she’s always just out of his grasp.
  • You… You are that girl.
  • At first it’s just the draw of a kindred spirit that lures him in, the unwavering connection he feels to you.
  • You are like he was. Shy, timid, and unbearably disappointed in yourself for no real reason at all. A state of self-consciousness brought about merely because you are you, causing you to think of yourself as inferior to everyone else. 
  • Despite these feelings, you always wear such a bright smile. The kind of smile that makes other people want to smile right along with you, even if they don’t know why.
  • A richness of compassion radiates from your eyes, full of undying hope for others, but lacking in self-worth.
  • You are a friend to all, expect yourself.
  • Not say that you are social butterfly by any means. You prefer to watch from the sidelines, offering a bounty of encouragement to everyone you meet. 
  • All those who know you can agree, your kindness truly knows no bounds. It only grows and grows with every passing with day.
  • Much like Midoriya’s longing for you.
  • You haven’t known one another that long, but he is already completely and utterly spellbound
  • He he has never felt this way before, about a girl, or anyone for that matter. No one has ever made him feel so… alpha.
  • Like clock-work, his biological alpha-settings kick in within a few days of him realizing his affections for you.
  • All of the sudden, he can discern your scent from a mile away. 
  • He can run faster if he thinks you’re in danger.
  • He can fight harder if he knows you’re watching. 
  • And most notably, he can imagine your smiling face as he kisses you.
  • Your hum of contentment when he holds you. 
  • Your contagious laughter as he tickles you. 
  • Your heavy breaths as he teases you. 
  • Your feverish mewls as he makes love to you. 
  • Your voice calling out to him, “Alpha.”
  • You were the one. The one he wanted. The one he needed. The one he would make his omega
  • Until that day comes, his eyes are permanently fixed on your every move.
  • Though he will hurriedly turn away should you try to catch his glance.
  • He doesn’t want you to think he’s ogling you. Though there is no denying, you really are irresistible in that uniform, his watchful gaze primarily hovers over you for protection.
  • Thankfully, the two of you are already close friends, so he has a good excuse to be with, or near you, about 90% of the time. 
  • The remaining 10% of that time he sleeps, bathes, and tries to satiate his burning sexual desires to ensure he isn’t acting like a beast when he’s around you.
  • Some nights, if he can’t sleep or is worried about you, he’ll sneak over to your house and guard you under your bedroom window.
  • It’s not as creepy as it sounds, okay?
  • He has the purest of intentions.
  • He isn’t “peeping in on you” in hopes of “seeing some action.”
  • He’s leaning silently against the outer walls of your home, trying to quiet the throbbing of his heart within his chest, the heart that so terribly longs to hold you in his arms. To simply be there. Should you want him, or need him, or be in danger. 
  • He promises to always be there for you.
  • In ways that stretch far beyond the boundaries of friendship.
  • He just needs to figure out the right time to tell you that.
  • To tell you that he wants to be more than friends. 
  • That he wants to be something serious.
  • That he wants to be your alpha.
  • That he loves you… and that no one else in the world can be his omega.
  • Except for you.

I hope you liked it Anon! My apologies, again, if it was too fluffy, or wasn’t quite what you had in mind! Even so, I hope that maybe it was what you had in mind, and that it made you smile! (* ^ ω ^)

    Lots of love my darling angels!


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Alpha!Todoroki x Omega!Izuku headcanons? Pls? Can be anything. Fluff, angst, domestic, etc. Your choice ^^

-Todoroki is so proud of how strong and bold his omega is and will not mind setting anyone who ridicules Izuku on how unomegalike he is on fire. 

- This alpha will be the one who worries about how Izuku takes heat suppressants and how they could possibly effect his chances at having pups in the future, but respects him taking them all the same. 

-Izuku loves to take care of Todoroki and will more often then not make lunch for the both of them after class.

-Todoroki likes passive aggressively rubbing in all of the other alpha’s faces he got the best omega in class by scenting him in front of them. 

-Todoroki tries avoiding Izuku during his ruts because he would hate to do anything that would make the omega uncomfortable. 

-Also Izuku’s mating mark is very obvious like no other alpha could confuse that cinnamon roll to be innocent as he appears. 

-Izuku’s nest had plenty of jackets and shirt from Todoroki for his nest (that the alpha gave to Izuku as courting gifts).