Some fan art for magma-krystal ! (How do I link?)

This is from Infamy, a pokemon fanfic that I absolutely love!

This is also the first time I posted art in YEARS!

If this wasn’t obvious enough, this art contains spoilers. DUH.

This took a few hours to make, I am super busy with college in being in my last quarter.

Keep in mind that I am still practicing background art. It sucks for now, but I will hopefully get better.

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Mysterious black dot on Torchic’s butt.

I’m not crazy! It’s definitely a butt mole! Can’t be a butt hole because it’s not in the middle/ on the right side of its body.

#ORAS #Pokemon #AlphaSapphire #OmegaRuby

EDIT: found out that mole determines what gender it is!! Haha Torchics with a mole are MALE


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