POKEDDEXY Day 10: Favourite Grass Type

I did it… took me most of the night but I did it (as well as doing some other stuff). And I’m fairly pleased. Guess I don’t suck that much then?

This one was so hard. Grass is my favourite of all the various types of Pokémon. I had a difficult time choosing who to draw—If I could then I would’ve drawn them all! In the end I settled for Torterra and Turtwig (some of the other grass types will be appearing later, including my all time favourite Grass type Pokémon).

Also, I probably spent the most time roughing this one out whereas all the others I drew with out much planning or sketching… Again this is most likely because Grass type Pokémon are my favourites and I wanted to do it justice. Heh. Let me know what you think. Look out for the little narrative too.

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